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100 000 Free PBX to the public company offers complete 3CX IP PBX for Windows, without limits of functionality and time of use. . Company 3CX, developer of software-based IP PBX for Windows, today announced the free distribution of 100,000 copies of the telephone system. Advantage of this offer may be organizations and businesses who want to own see the benefits of IP PBX over traditional hardware PBX. 3CX PBX – Office is a complete software-based IP PBX that replaces traditional hardware PBX.

The system frees businesses from problematical phone wiring and solves the problems associated with supporting the operation of hardware PBX. Due to the 3CX Phone System is based on an open standard SIP, it can be used in the network any operator providing services to Internet telephony VOIP using the protocol SIP, the gateway to any telephone or VOIP. The proposed software is easily integrated into most commercial networks, as well as running the operating system Windows, without requiring the user knowledge Linux. ‘Technology-based IP PBX is not only supports the latest communication features but also has the ability to trouble-free scalability and reliability that are needed for any enterprise. Our free phone system will allow businesses and organizations familiar with the technology and personally make sure that the transition to IP PBX should be a natural choice for any company “- said Nick Galea, CEO 3CX. Key features of 3CX Phone System for Windows * does not need a special phone wiring – phones use computer network configuration * Configuration and easily accessible via the Internet * Software Office IP PBX is much cheaper hardware PBX / PABX * staff businesses can move from office to office without having to switch to telephone wiring or configuration changes based IP PBX * the option of choosing hardware SIP-phones, there is no dependence on the specific equipment manufacturer * has the opportunity to make telephone calls using the PSTN through a gateway VOIP; * reduced cost of telephone calls through the use of any service SIP VOIP or territorial networks WAN. How to get a free version of product available on the Internet portal. FREE version is a fully featured IP PBX, has no time limits, and Technical support is available on our 3CX.

A detailed review of the system are on. About 3CX 3CX – a privately owned company with a management team with years of experience in developing and selling software network infrastructures.

PCB and Microchips

Consider some possibilities of how to transform cheap phones from China. Mobile phone soap water in the bathroom is definitely not recommended if you are, of course, not the owner of the phone nokia e73 tv or Ericsson 250 and 310 – liquid easily take place in a mobile unit that always let you down in a fundamental repair. certainly almost all depends on the group, and the specific modifications, and, most importantly, on the circumstances. Allowed to consume alcohol. But not correct to use it, because due to the rapid evaporation of the mobile device may be whitish plaque and stains – what clearly does not gloss over the mobile phone. We should also consider such substance as a fuel or diesel fuel. Under no circumstances should eat them! Once on the cell phone casing, these drugs are eating away at the time of delicate plastic.

On a variety of solvents as a means of laundering for the mobile device can forget for ever. Trifling brining. In most cases, sends a little grease and dirt, dust in the crevices. If you have a model with removable panels, the right to remove them, soap and clean thoroughly under running water. General – after they have thoroughly dried, so that excess fluid is absorbed by the PCB and microchips means of communication. If the casing is removed is unrealistic, then take a small piece wool and a bit wet it with soapy water. First, turn off the recommended means of communication and pull the drive power.

Panda Software

In principle, this malicious activity to date is almost finished. But to hope that your smartphone simply pass a fate is not too correctly. Much more logical to get antivirus program, good choice there, because their range is not inferior variety of computer doctors. The most popular program is the development of two laboratories – Kaspersky and una. But the market there are other players, such as Trend Micro or F-Secure. McAfee is also introduced its mobile antivirus. This is a multi-platform program designed to work in all mobile operating systems. The number possibilities for the package includes not only direct detection of viruses, but also a firewall along with anti-spam filter.

The complex will provide not only filtering and mail security for Bluetooth-connections, but also protects you from IM-viruses. But most reliable is considered Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile. Application is also designed to work in most mobile operating systems and provides users with comprehensive protection with the help of periodic scanning and continuous monitoring by the resident antivirus monitor. In addition, in the best traditions of the Kaspersky Lab is also equipped mobile antivirus antispam. Another wrestler's health computers, Panda Software, mark the launch of its mobile version.

While that is a beta version, running Symbian Series 60, but in the future and will complete the program. This new security tool provides immediate protection smartphone from viruses, Trojans, worms and other threats by scanning your system's internal memory, memory cards and the whole system. The final version of the product will perform automatic updates, and each the user can get full technical support, including sos Virus to analyze suspicious files. And finally, the last most significant decision was recently presented by the Finnish company F-Secure. New F-Secure product is designed to work with devices running the operating system Symbian. After installation, the application automatically starts to track network activity and scan all downloaded files into the unit. The current situation with mobile malware to some extent resembles the state of the computer industry ten years ago – plus some elementary prudence "computer hygiene" very rich avoid infection without any antivirus. Today, however, without a specialized anti-virus software to computer users is not enough. And if the story really develops in a spiral, you should expect a similar situation and from the smartphone, and much faster.

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