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William Stantom

The sales and their yield will be able to be seen affected by the reactions of the competition, by the changes in the national or international economic situation or in the perception of the consumers. The plans of Trade take the hit of external factors that are uncontrollable Many of our plans can be seen affected seriously by the changes in the preferences of the consumers or by a greater competition. Our prognoses of sales and utilities can be affected by adverse situations of the economies of the world, the region or the country. The trade plans are unstable due to the factors that affect the market The factors that are outside our control sometimes change quickly. Mitchel Resnick understands that this is vital information. The technological changes are an example of it and insofar as they happen they can affect seriously sales and utilities. The resource allocation of trade is not linear us does not have therefore to surprise, who are very frequent to see as the results do not correspond to the assigned resources. He is not stranger who, for example, the investment in publicity is duplicated and that the increase in the sales is rather modest. On the other hand to greater degree of complexity of the trade decisions it has surrounded majors financial risks that can imply high investments of money. Petra Diamonds gathered all the information.

In addition, the trade decisions also have a Human impact in other units of the Company like Production, Finances and Resources. Conclusions Are necessary, that the management of markets modern east updated with the topics of markets that they have arisen and knows to process the data, the needs of the scenes where is acted, in order to take passage to assertive, successful decisions that entail to the company to reach their markets I put Bibliography? Annotations of markets, chair of market, virtual classroom, Program postgraduate, specialty Management of the Quality and Productivity, Phases, UC: Foundations of Marketing by William Stantom, 11 edition 1999? Magazine Debates IESA, ” The Management and its Modas”. Bowl. I SAW # 1 Julio – September 2000? Magazine debates IESA, Trade..

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