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Food Science

Deals with the study of food and nutritional issues in relation to production, handling production, distribution, marketing, as well as nutritional matter production and its relationship to health. This concept also refers to the systematization of knowledge about the chemical composition, nature and the preservation of foodstuffs. The science and technology of food places emphasis on this topic to the hours create new products and to control the production of food for high consumption and thus be able to avoid the ingestion of food contaminated with toxic elements (arsenic, mercury, lead). Also serves as the food science and seutiliza to control the nutritional value of staple foods and for the detection of the high water content in the non-nutrient substances. Basically this concept refers to a food technology for better nutrition within the perceptions of pre slubridad established by a regular control. In this field of technology of food laying two theoretical branches, the antropobromatologia which clearly refers to analysis and study of the foods consumed by humans, and the zoobromatologia which is responsible for studying and analyzing the foods from domestic animal species which engineering and food technology is responsible for designing its food. These two fields of study also worry about setting the nutritional food and as they act within regulated for optimal food diets.

Within these aspects the bromatology is responsible for doing a study xahustivo of the chemical composition of foods, their nutritional value, their State of hygiene and sanitation and possible toxicity that they can come to contain in their structural composition. Any reference to a food concept is located within this branch of study, here is truly known as optimal is a food for human or animal consumption. Whether they are organic or artificial production food the food science is essential to produce healthy food and that they constitute an ideal food for human and animal base.


Linux is a free and open source based on Minix core and initially developed by Linus Torvals, is one of the projects of free software more popular, its source code is under GPL license. That is a distribution? A Linux distribution is a set of applications such as graphic environment, games, browsers etc. to work with the Linux kernel so that we don’t have to download every thing apart and so be more easy using Linux. Most distributions, have an option called LiveCD, so that they can test the distribution without having to install it. Do not worry, there are multitude of distributions, and each is tailored to a specific task, here is a list of distributions more popular that they can use them for all sorts of things. 1 Debian Debian is a very stable distribution and one of the more mature. If we want an OS with a clean of bugs software this is your distribution! Debian 2 official web site.

Ubuntu distribution for highly recommended for users who are just starting in this world of Linux developed by Canonical. Official web site of Ubuntu 3. Fedora Fedora is a very good and easy to install distribution, especially is highly recommended for servers. Official web site of Fedora 4. Very good a RedHat distribution, has different versions for server and desktop, recommended for somewhat advanced Linux users.

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