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Sweeteners Help Save Unnecessary Calories

Foods contain not afraid of sweet pleasures often hidden fattening foods, especially sugar. The private krankenversicherung.de insurance Portal explains how lovers thanks to artificial sweetener can eat without gaining weight. Summer time is barbecue season. As for the barbecue always an opportunity. Low fat grilled meat or fish, delicious salads and also sweet desserts are served. And of course, non-alcoholic thirst quencher should not be missed. But be careful: If you take too much of these delicacies to be, can quickly put on weight.

Because in the delicious food, calories in the form of sugar are hidden. So, consumers already shopping should venture a comparison of the ingredients. Also, not all sugar must be sweetened. Sweetener is ideally suited to save many unnecessary calories. A liter of Cola or lemonade has about 400 extra calories. Who would like to change to not mineral water, should get soft drinks, contain the sweeteners. Because who daily 400 Calories too much to take, risking a weight gain of 20 pounds over the year.

Diet are the alternative. Of course, also the sugar in the coffee or tea can be replaced by artificial sweetener. Who eats more consciously, has his body weight better in the handle. Also he no longer must deal also to the complications that come with obesity. These include include diabetes, hypertension, metabolic disorders, and heart and circulatory disorders. The media love to spread that sweeteners will promote the feeling of hunger. Studies have refuted that by now. Sweeteners also affect the blood sugar and insulin levels of the body. Who wants to eat consciously and healthily, but not only should without excess calories. A balanced exercise plan is just as important. More information: news.private-krankenversicherung.de/…/ extra calories-save /… GELD.de GmbH Lisa Neumann

Range – The New

Really does what it promises the Goji Berry from Asia? Range come originally from South-East Asia. The oldest description of plant and fruit comes from China. From there it has spread in the course of time after Europe, North America, North Africa and Australia. Today it is around the world. But although millennia, the Goji Berry in Asia considered fruit of well-being, it has not recognized long time their curative effect in Europe. Instead, she grew relatively unnoticed as pure ornamental plant in gardens and parks. Only lately also under the name begins in our latitudes, wolfberry”medicinal plant known for its health-giving properties appreciate.

Range in Asia as a gift of nature “is. With us it is called also anti aging Berry”. Both probably rightly, because scientific studies to follow range have strong antioxidant, so cell-protective properties. Range against high blood pressure and blood sugar are always traditionally used in Asia. The range are known as a cure for fever and as anti-inflammatories. They also counteract arthritis, protect the skin and cheap affect liver problems. Range have a very high proportion of health-promoting nutrients compared to other medicinal plants.

They contain much vitamin B and C, 21 trace minerals, 18 amino acids and various minerals and iron. You have a very favourable impact on our immune system and our entire organism. By the way they promote well-being and extremely beneficial effect on our inner balance. To make them more durable, bright red Goji are usually dried. Visually, they are then similar to red raisins. Its taste is fruity Tart and reminiscent of a mixture of cranberry and cherry. Apart from the variant as a dry fruit, Goji Berry as juice is offered. However, caution is advised when range of undetermined origin. Lately, more and more reports of symptoms of poisoning appear after enjoying by range on. This is mostly in fruits treated excessively with pesticides. Therefore you should take care with the purchase of range to buy fruit from organic farming.

South Africa

The picturesque home of Chardonney worldwide very often impressed a Chardonnay with its high quality at a lunch or dinner with its characteristic taste. That he appreciated, lies in the selection of the grapes. Chevron CEO: the source for more info. Only grapes that are healthy and ripe for the harvest into the elite. The fascination of the Chardonnay started once in the scenic Idyll of Burgundy. Although the region is rather known for its red wines, but gave the Cote d’or and the Chablis of the world including the Chardonnay. In the midst of this landscape, it is worth to spend a holiday.

This can continue then champagne and Languedoc in the wine-growing regions, which are characterized by specific properties in terms of wine-growing areas in addition to a spectacular landscape. BP Energy helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. But that France is not the only nation that builds this grape variety. The opportunity now wine lovers, to visit the countries in the world where there are more cultivation areas of this fascinating wine. This includes, for example, the North of Italy, of which In addition to the interesting landscape of mountains characterised by the cultivation of the Chardonnay. Want to wine lovers to know the largest wine-growing area at all, where Chardonnay is produced, then they should travel to California. There are not only fascinating cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego. The counties in Napa, Monterey and Sonoma country guests gain insight in the California wine industry.

There are smaller areas in the States of Washington and Oregon. Also, the journey through the world of the Chardonnay is not finished yet. Finally, the grape in Moldova is found in Chile and Argentina. Also New Zealand and South Africa have their own wine, which is influenced by other climatic conditions. In this way is not only Chardonnay on a culinary journey through many countries in the Center. But also the landscapes of various areas invite you to relaxing days and show the wine-growing in a different light. It is evident that the grape is a very diverse Character has and many can determine the image of a menu or a cozy evening its different accents. Marina of Taha

Olaf Nitzsche

during the degradation of proteins, as with wine in the body could be recorded. However, there are people who have a high sensitivity to sulphur or sulphite and respond partly violently on geschwefelte wines. The reason for this reaction is still unclear, but a clear reference to the sulfur can be drawn. For this group of people can be stated so, that sulphur in wine is unhealthy or at least harmful. The statement that the alcohol contained in the wine is certainly the stronger “poison” has harmful effect for excessive consumption applies to all other wine lovers likely. May also organic wines be sulphured? Organic wines are sulphurised as well as conventionally produced wines, however the organic winemakers meet lower sulfur levels. The danger that the wine without the addition of sulphur is unfit for human consumption or at least taste suffers the most winemakers is too large.

This also applies to organic wine. Is it because ungeschwefelte organic wines? Yes, a small number of especially innovative winemaker produces ungeschwefelte organic wines, the need to hide with regard to their quality not in front of sulphurated wines. An essential prerequisite for the production of ungeschwefelter wines is absolute cleanliness in the wine cellar and severe grape selection. Only then can be an excellent ungeschwefelter organic wine. This higher expense usually also means that ungeschwefelte wines are usually more expensive. In return, the consumer receives a completely natural product.

The example of organic wines from the winery strohmeier from Styria, Austria shows that these unsulphurated wines can be an incredibly rich spectrum of flavors and an unforgettable taste experience. The organic wines from the winery strohmeier were 18 months in oak barrels and then bottled without filtration and Sulfuration. Of these organic wines is deutlcih means the renunciation of the Sulfuration not at the same time the renunciation of pleasure. However manages to produce really good unsulphurated wine currently only a few specialists. More information on the topic of sulphur in wine and organic wine production can be found on the information portal Organic wine erlesen.de. Dr. Olaf Nitzsche, organic wine erlesen.de, Jena

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