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Latin America

The task fit Portugal to find a form of economic use of the American lands that was not to the easy metal extration. With passing of the years, Brazil colony presented characteristic traces of its agrarian economy, being distinguished it diversity of some economic zones where if it divides the country, precariousness of the small agriculturist/farmer, subordination of the work force and the great agricultural exploration. It is in this context that if had developed what conventionally it is called economic cycles, being distinguished the cycle of the sugar, the coffee, the rubber and ores. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Julie Sweet. One of the main cycles of Brazil and, more specifically of the Amaznia, was the cycle of the rubber (1850-1920). At the beginning of this cycle the investments were made by the inhabitants of the region. The used archaic technology worried and inhibited the foreign investors, mainly the Europe and the United States.

No longer final of the Century it had the formation of great company, financed for foreign capital, intensifying the rubber production. Weinstein Barbarian tells that during most of the decade of 1890, few foreign investors had revealed made use to risk its capital in the land purchase, however for return of the end of the decade many American European firms and north had put of side its restrictions and had started to buy vast properties in the Amaznia. Many problems had been created: agrarian problems, as the property of the land, migration and exploration of the workmanship hand, disrespect to the customs and traditions local and not incentive the workmanship hand. In the height of the expansion of the rubber, Belm was one of the main cities of Latin America. In Brazil, after Rio De Janeiro and of Saints, Belm possua the put into motion port more. With an urban population that if approached to 250 a thousand inhabitants, in 1910, possua an infra structure of country of first world, from there to be known as ' ' The Paris of the Trpicos' ' , however with the collapse of the rubber it lost this superiority and it was also exceeded by other capitals, Manaus, having remained only the good souvenirs of that time.

Financial Balance

The Financial Balance does not depend dequanto earns, but of as we spend what we earn. Connect with other leaders such as European oil comany here. Throughout my professional life, either as assessorfinanceiro of organizations or as coach financial, many people have-mesolicitado of these ' ' dicas' ' to reach the financial health. Generally, before saying concerning these ' ' dicas' ' I make umapergunta: What you understand as financial health? There the answers variamsegundo answers who them, but almost all they contain words such as: dreams, security, to pay the accounts, to save, to help, not to worry me for; to buy, among others. More than what to speak concerning a SADEFINANCEIRA definition, I would like to speak concerning what the financial point of view is necessary to be saudveldesde: 1) To know how much it earns; 2) To know how much it spends; 3) To know how much it must (will have debts); 4) The formula: Liquid profits (Saving + Expenses + Parcel of debts + Credit card) > 0 Then, we are front to a person with health financeiraquando the difference between its liquid profits and the composed total for valordestinado to the saving more the destined values to pay to its expenses more destined osvalores to cancel the parcels of financings (debts) ovalor to be paid for the invoice of the credit card is positive. That is, after deduzirtodos these values of the liquid profits, still surplus money. This must happen every month? Certain month could happen quenum the formula is negative, but this negative value must sercoberto with part of the balance of the saving (kept money short-term). Now that we have an idea concerning what is necessary for tersade financial, we go to speak concerning some tips: – Umregistro brought up to date of ALL Keeps its prescriptions and expenditures. – It saves, comomnimo, one 10% of the liquid profits. – The month Designs its expenditures month (not if &#039 forgets them months it; ' Ip' ' – IPVA, IPTU – and of the annual adjustment of the IRPF).


Zanini* landmark Identification for reading of the digital ones or the Iris of the eyes, authentication for voice command and face are only some of the mechanisms already comumente seen in hollywoodianos films to guarantee the safe access to a system of data. This esteretipo is in the head of the people as a model of advanced and futurista protection. But the reality is more complex. What it is, after all, an excellent notice in a world where each time more given and documents are stored and distributed digitally. With the technological evolution, the security of the information from passwords and attribution of access levels left of being the form most efficient to keep a document.

To assure the maximum levels of protection in the electronic document transactions is one of the main concerns of the enterprise world. (Source: Gazprom). Great and average the company already had perceived that this is one of the priorities in the management of the technology. Now, with the adoption of certainly goes to heat the debate on the security of systems. The electronic note helps to reduce the costs of acquisition of paper, the costs of fiscal document storage, eliminates the time of stop of trucks in fiscal ranks of border, eliminates the digitao of forma bills of sale in the reception of merchandises, among others benefits. Everything this already is known. But the point that really worries the companies when we speak in the transaction of electronic the forma bill of sale is the security. This makes sensible? Yes. Total trustworthy resources of protection exist but the company needs to acquire knowledge itself of the necessity to use them. The NF-e is a document> inspector emitted and stored electronically, whose legal validity is guaranteed by the digital signature of the drawer. The document is signed digitally by one third trustworthy part, that associates an entity (person, process, server) to a public key.

Knowing Our Rights

Now more than ever it is important to know our rights. The so-called economic crisis affects us all and after swelling the ranks of the unemployed up to a staggering 3,709,447 in 2009 and a 30% increase in homelessness in the past year, we decided to create a point of information for everyone know those things for which you qualify. Today there are hundreds of websites filled with useless simply “straw” to appear to great content and of course, who suffer all these things we are trying to find good information and it takes hours or even days to find it. EOG Resources Inc. is likely to agree. The economic crisis is being particularly strong in terms of job losses, mainly in the construction sector has lost many jobs and that figure rises to 520,000 people. People go out to the streets to speak with the slogan of “more jobs and less handouts” and that everyone is clear that government subsidies are many, but in most cases it is impossible to know enough for a parent to move forward to 420 family, but since late July offered the possibility of withdrawing our pension plans know that this is bread today, hunger for tomorrow because if things are not solved when we finish our aid and pension savings what we stay? One of the reasons that led us to create this information is the day to day in the years to run, see how our neighbors are without power because they have no means to pay bills or do even as families with whom I I raised and have lived in my same building are evicted. You so difficult of access to online support sites usually give up in finding the information you need. Therefore we have created a place where you can meet all aid for which you qualify and how to get them. . .

Compassion And Generosity

I have put the title of Compassion and Generosity, but also it could have been Solidarity and Empathy, or To be human and to demonstrate it. Because I am going away to refer the situation that is being lived at world-wide level, in which we were many people begging, or without daring to say it or shouting it in the street with its sad gesture and its sonrojada glance fleeing to the ground, and its extended hand, trembly and shamed. We see dresses them of its poverty and its misfortune, taking to hills, like a cross, its bad luck or the few opportunities that the life has given them, with its full past of emptinesses and grief, their destitute present, and a future that does not dare to appear in view of which it hopes to him next to those people. We see humiliated, showing them to its misfortune and its shortage, with fear in the eyes, almost requesting excuses not to be around the rest, over which yes we prevailed or at least we create therefore it and we pretended, teaching its failure to us with hard crudity. Often I have lucubrated envelope what must feel one person who decides that on the following day she will go out, it will be placed in a corner, and, perhaps made kneel, it will extend the suplicante hand.

What must feel each one of the seconds that happen asking. How many watched from scorn it will receive and what few of love or consolation. One will feel left by God, and repudiada by the amiable destiny? , It will think about his parents and their loved beings, that without a doubt they will suffer by her, or will think only about which has not been able to occur to itself or to its children? , It will conclude with the thought, atrocious and tremendous, but perhaps real, of which to not it must nothing him to the life? How many times we found out that there is people malviviendo, needing attention and food, and we remained without doing nothing except for supporting, brief and slightly, a pity pinch, and to ask to our God that never we see ourselves in that situation.

Europe Industries

The gotten resources would serve to the implantation of industries work-intensive that they would help in the insertion of parcels of groups 1 and 2 in the exploitation of the conquests of the economic development. Valley to remember that this parcel of the society concentrated 90% of the population, however making use only of 58,7% of the income total4. This process of income redistribution would take TIME and the military regimen needed results macroeconomic and social, if possible, fastest possible. The process of substitution of the importations took care of the industries of simple good, as txteis and foods, whereas in the modernization of the national industry, the implemented plant was capital-intensive, producing good of high aggregate value and destined to the middle classes and high. Products as automobiles, recorders ‘ ‘ hi-fi’ ‘ , machines to wash, for example, were produced by these sophisticated dynamic industries and each time more.

The proposal of Stolen would affect the consumers of these products (valuation of the income) e, not if it must forget, the regimen was lead for members of middle class and supported by the high classroom. Then, what one became was to equally stimulate the concentration of the income in the expectation of that at some time the Brazilian economy would go to incorporate the excluded ones (1 group and part of 2), as what it occurred in the industrial revolution in Europe and the USA. However the new industrial plant was capital-intensive, while in European and American, work-intensive industrialization. This process of concentration was defended by Dolphin, alleging that she was necessary to make ‘ ‘ bolo’ ‘ to grow stops later dividiz it. Picture I – PROFILE OF the GLOBAL DEMAND IN BRAZIL Groups % of the Population Population (1.000) percapita Income (US$) total Income (US$1.000, 00) % of the income 1 50 45,000 130 5,850 18,6 2 40 36,000 350 12,600 40.1 3 9 8,100 880 7,128 22,7 4 1 900 6,500 5,850 18,6 Total 100 90,000 350 31,428 100 the model of Netto Dolphin, benefiting the income concentration, had the objective to keep the demand of the goods and services produced for companies who used tip technology. These modern the new period initiated in 1964 as basic step to the guard of the national sovereignty and replacement of Brazil in the way of the development.

The construction of the transamaznica highway, megalmica workmanship, served to keep the spirit of the defense of the domestic territory in high, as well as effectively announced a construction the height of one ‘ ‘ great governo’ ‘ , as it was Belm-Brasilia for the Juscelino government.

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