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Academician Mikhail Grachev

Topics of issue: Over the weekend, saw the birds. World Maritime Day. World Day for the Protection of Animals. The World Bank published a report on environmental activities in Russia. Scientists will grow bacteria that eat oil Lake Baikal. Cross River Bank is often quoted on this topic.

Arctic ice 20 million years older. —- FocusNote birds before they are hatched … BPPM switched to a system of closed water circulation. The World Bank published a report on environmental activities in Russia. On Europe collapsed early snowfalls.

In Britain, a ministry dealing with climate change. Over the weekend, thousands of Russians believed the birds. Researchers found that young tunas get together in the center of the Atlantic. Learn more at: ConocoPhillips. Females of birds for bright-colored shells are ready to sacrifice their health. Solar activity influences the intensity of hurricanes. Celebrations of the week: World Maritime Day and World Day for the Protection of Animals. Review of the week from 09.29.2008 to 10.05.2008. —- A short review of the major environmental news for the week. —- Scientists will grow bacteria that eat oil in the Lake Baikal Scientists cultivate microorganisms that have been taken deep manned submersibles Mir-1 and Mir-2 ‘ during a dive in the lake, to understand the mechanism of eating oil, told RIA Novosti on Monday, director of the Limnological Institute of Siberian Branch of RAS, Academician Mikhail Grachev. From the bottom of Lake Baikal from the tectonic cracks in its waters annually receives nearly 4 tons of oil. This oil is absorbed by micro-organisms living on the lake, so it does not cover the lake and located .

Green Chemistry New EcoFriendly Solutions

Recently, the transition from administrative methods of prescribing to control unwanted emissions and destroy formed by chemical processes harmful substances to a fundamentally different method – the "green" chemistry. "Green" chemistry in its best incarnation – is an art form that allows not just get the right stuff, but ideally to get his way, which does not harm the environment nor to one stage of production. Of course, the substance must also be friendly biosphere. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ray Kurzweil and gain more knowledge.. Using the methods of "green" chemistry leads to a reduction of production costs, if only because they do not need to enter the stage destruction and recycling of hazardous by-products, used solvents and other wastes, since they are simply not produced. Reducing the number of stages leading to energy savings, and it also has a positive effect on environmental and economic assessment of the production. ages&cd=vfe&ved=2ahUKEwjI8pfao9LsAhVL-4UKHcAXA7cQr4kDegQIARBv’>Evan Metropoulos. It is important to note that the view of the ongoing research in terms of 'green' chemistry can be useful in purely scientific terms.

Often such a change of paradigm allows scientists to see their own research in a new light and open up new opportunities that benefit science in general 1. Check with Cross River Bank to learn more. By "green" chemistry, in terms of the chemist, may include any improvement of chemical processes which has a positive effect on the environment. In the recent literature 2 formulated twelve principles of "green" chemistry to guide researchers working in this field. Can divide the problems within the competence of the "green" chemistry into two directions. The first is associated with the processing, disposal, destruction of environmentally hazardous by-products and waste chemical and other industries industry so as to eliminate an environmental hazard, or at least reduce it to acceptable values.

Choose Self-hypnosis

If not satisfied, return to step 2 and change the description. STEP 5 Now, for each goal you have to build the most precise representation. This means that you must know specifically what kind of house you want to have. You can not just say Mercedes. I must say Mercedes-Benz CLK 500 Silver.

Be sure to specify: 1) brand 2) Model 3), color 4) type body (coupe, sedan, coupe, wagon, pickup, minivan, etc.). The point is, that arose in the mind as a clear picture of what you want. It's like a camera, you point the focus. Good photos are always good sharpness. TIP: FIND YOUR PHOTO APPROPRIATE PURPOSE, AND EACH DAY LOOK AT HER STEP 6 Choose your most important goals. For example you have a list of 20 goals.

Imagine what you can achieve only one objective of this list. Imagine what you can achieve only one goal from this list. What goal would you choose? Circle this goal circle. Next, select the next target on the same principle. Are the second most important goal, and then a third. These are your 3 most valuable purpose. Focus on them. Step 7 Each day return to his three goals. Think of them as often as possible, imagine yourself having these things. To implant in them. Feel comfortable with these things. Feel comfortable to live in a huge house. Do this at least 2 times a day. I think you've guessed it: Step 7 – is a step self-hypnosis. Read more detail about what a self-hypnosis and self-hypnosis techniques. I can not give you a 100% guarantee of success. You can ensure success for themselves. According to statistics, only 3% of people write down their goals on paper, and they reach the greatest heights in their lives. The importance of self-hypnosis in the process of achieving purpose, you can hear anywhere. This is a phenomenal opening, through which you can control and manage your life. This is a phenomenal opening, through which you can manage your life. I am sure you have succeed. I BELIEVE IN YOU! Now get to work! About how to be successful, visit the website

Linux Windows

And for want to learn Linux, there is specialized colleges, and self-study has not been canceled (as a hobby). Precisely because the right choice task (specifically – the user) audience of Windows has become a mass product, and remains in this status. And in school, please remember, we have to prepare a PC user. About the use of Windows in the formation of many written in the spirit of "spreading the Windows at school, at public expense, we prepare the user for the merchant monopoly, but also pay for the monopolist to license the school running. " I draw the attention of the reader that this is not a problem school, this is a problem of the state – for a single information-sharing needs a single system, and if necessary, then replace system should be conducted throughout the state, not just in education.

Under the "single system" here refers not only compatible file types (in the end, the files are opened and the ODF in MS Word 2007 and OpenOffice Writer 3.0, and PDF format immediately designed as a cross-platform), but the system of training of technicians and users. Please do not assume the reader that these two paragraphs, tried to prove the superiority of Windows (after all, the taste and color of all markers are different, and if someone more like Linux, we can honor him and praise). The main idea of this text – the actual dominance of Windows and other operating systems need to be based in the learning process for today's realities, not to happened in Brazil – have entered into schools to teach Linux, and yesterday's graduates greatly puzzled to see the workplace ubiquitous Windows. .

Purchase Diploma

Why is man afraid to buy a diploma of higher education? There is a fear of exposure and the possibility of adverse consequences such as dismissal from office, the shame in front of colleagues at work. Of course, it all looks scary, but Nitak devil as he is painted. Disclose the fact of purchase of the diploma is practically impossible, and we can only do this in two ways. The first case involves your self recognition. Agree, sounds of science fiction, because it makes no sense for you to disclose the fact of buying a degree. Based on an analysis of the first case it turns out that to buy a diploma of higher education means reliability of concealing the acquisition of such an unusual commodity.

The second case involves sending a query to determine the authenticity of the diploma by the employer. But there are some nuances that are not yet guarantee the detection of counterfeits. First, the request must reach the university. You understand that when sending the request is likely to non-receipt of the addressee. In addition, this time, which is often the employer is not available, to wait for a response from the university. Second, the practice shows that in high school diploma confirming the authenticity of a purchased based on printing and stationery the state standard layouts.

Not every school there is an electronic database released diplomas and the desire to delve into the archive will not be nearly everyone. As you can see, the probability of detecting fraud is low. That is why many people decide to buy a diploma of higher education, and do not waste time on training. Risk – it noble, but in this case it is practically reduced to zero. You only need to buy a local high school diploma, and in that case just do not have to worry about revealing the fact acquisition of a diploma. This product can safely be called progress in education. No need to spend money, time and nerves. It is better to concentrate on making money and getting work experience. This is much more profitable and more rational.

Training Services

Today the market of training services has a huge range. There is a corporate training and to increase company profits and personal growth trainings, trainings on seduction and training for acquiring professional knowledge, etc. In pursuing its objectives, the man somehow gets in your eyes, anything from a list of trainings. It is worth to go or not worth it? Pay or not pay? Will help or not? Before you pay, you must clearly understand what you want to get from the training, what kind of results. Only the results after the training may say it was effective or not.

Many go for training in hopes of getting a magic pill that will solve the problem. If interview gives the impression that the training you get the pill, then surely this banal pumping money. You must also clearly understand that training – it's not a seminar here about 20% theory and 80% practice, if do nothing, then the results will not be. While the man himself will not perform practical training exercises and motivational coach kicks and his aides will not help. The most important task of training, provide skills to help which party to achieve their goals, and that he carries in his life. Ask for statistics.

If all the training has helped and everyone is happy, then it leads to suspicion. I'm still in my life have I met any training, where everyone would be happy with it. Most Important statistics, there are bad reviews and good, you should not be on a leash or in those of any other. Coach. Pay attention to the person who will train, as they say should teach those who can do everything in practice. Does he have a copyright or a banal carbon paper. To learn lessons and do not get caught in a trap. If you have not yet reached after passing the training results you want, do not blame others for it. Take responsibility for this result, consider that you did not, perhaps, the choice of the training was not the same, but maybe you're just not doing the practice and the next training will not help you. Who does not go training? For those who want to expose the training, see you all and so you know, is who paid for the passage of the training, and in certain other cases. During the training the person sees and gets what he wants to see and get. ————————————————– ——————- Source

The Country’s History

And perhaps, in the coming reform of education – a partial return to the old system … As it was historically in our country, universities were created from the value of the territory and the need for at least one or two institutions in each region. In addition, local concentrations of the intellectual potential of the country (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk and other) institutions of higher education created by industry basis. As a result, as reported at the meeting of the Russian Union of Rectors, Andrei Fursenko, “the Soviet Union had nearly 680 colleges and universities. Now they are five times more. ” Thus, the emergence of a large number of small high schools in Russia have resulted in a general commercial activities, rather than territorial and sectoral guidelines. Starting in the 90s., The education sector has become a source of great income, and many have decided to take advantage of it.

“In the last decade in the country, primarily in small towns, there was many universities and branches. They give lectures and classes are the same teachers, and often the quality of the educational process leaves much to be desired “, – said Minister of Education. But is consolidation of universities to help solve situation? The end justifies the means? The fact that it is necessary to improve the quality of education, no doubt. But we should not forget that the quality of education depends primarily on how competently, using modern technology, is at the bottom of the learning process at the level of teaching. Rather than deal with these issues, the Ministry of Education thinks macroeconomic categories.

Recall that, for example, in March this year, St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko suggested the Ministry of simply “did not give consent” for universities to open branches in the northern capital. Many of these branches, she said, are “paid a desk with a pre-denominated certificates.” At the same time, the question arises – whether affected thereby taking care of the quality of the education or Petersburgers is still concern about produced by public universities competition.

The Text

Rotation of the message of knowledge and memory to independent search and co-operation efforts. Turn from the work of more than achievers to work with all students. Turn to the significant increase in the activity of students. Project-based learning and co-operation significantly increases the activity of each student of his employment, the degree of comprehension of the material. Rotation of mastering all students the same material to different students' mastery of different material. Training in creative : development through creativity, learning through discovery.

Involving children in creative activities in the learning process: discussion, self-creating products of labor, imagination, writing and speaking, work on teaching and research projects, and others. The method of empathy (personal method of analogy). The ability to put yourself in the shoes of the hero or heroine Problem-solving training. Based on the creation of a teacher of problem situations and self-seeking options for their solutions: 1.Creation problem situations; 2.formirovanie hypotheses permit; 3. solutions to the systematization of the information received. The main condition – the presence of motivation of students. Turn from traditional lessons to non-traditional forms and methods of the lesson.

This may be a lesson: the auction, an essay on the biology, business game, press conference, debate, public review of knowledge, tournament, relay race, a seminar, debate, travel, set-off game, and others. Of particular interest are ways to work with the textbook: reproductive-Bot (a plan, plans, notes, the text), Comparative (tables, charts, drawings) and creative (text with errors, tests, crossword puzzles, ). Given set of conditions for the proper organization of responsible and active forms of learning methods, in particular gaming. Game – is an activity in situations designed to reconstruction of social experience, which develops and improves self-management behavior. Applying game as a form of (methodological procedure) learning, the teacher must be sure whether it use. He defines the problem the game, according to the educational process, its content, constitutes a plan of its reference, implying a specific sequence and the gradual complication of the game. At the same time should recognize the group playing a whole and its individual members. Every training game solves a specific task feasible for its participants. I often spend my lessons in the form of intellectual casinos. Develop ability to apply knowledge in a precarious situation, the ability to highlight the main theme in the study, students go to the blackboard, and finally – a break away from the notebook. Finally, the active form of training is really stepping up independent thinking of students. To do this in a certain direction to restructure the learning process, training methodology, so that commonly engage students in independent cognitive activity assimilation of new knowledge and apply them in practice. Classes in the traditional scheme of "explanation – the consolidation of" limit the ability of the successful preparation of students for life, the formation of their creativity, initiative, skills of self-enhancing their knowledge and focus in the rapid flow of information.


Be aware, in what time of day training for you more effectively. If the subject is given to you easily, do not delay independent study at the end of the day, when you have nothing to be able to understand, too tired and you have nothing to want, do not to mention the language. Take the first more complex and least favorite job, and then reward yourself that you prefer (ice cream, watching a good movie, etc.). Learn how to break down complex topics into a number of simple. Start work with more complex tasks, then move to the lungs. At the classroom come prepared. Sometimes we have to rebuild from the native language into a foreign language.

Run in advance and read the textbook material you are only going to take place in the classroom. Try to get at least a basic understanding of the topic, consider what words, phrases or whole sections you will not understand, focus your attention on them, think What would you ask a question or engage in conversation. Management will help us to keep their training under the supervision of, to achieve specific objectives within a certain time, and thus see their gradual and purposeful success, which, like bread, it is important to support their motivation. Recreation important role in the motivation of training is rest. Unfortunately, no man is an inexhaustible source of energy. That's why most people is only one-third of the day. In this case, resting for two days a week and has one month per year on vacation.

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