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Lowcost Online Communication Platform IKARUS

wusys gives your business wing with uberallBuro IKARUS m based on Microsoft technology has created the Frankfurt-based IT services company wusys the communication platform of IKARUS m. This solution guarantees perfect workflow through global communication and secure data access. Be booked since late 2009 established modules IKARUS m Exchange and IKARUS can m SharePoint 9.50 euros a month. IKARUS m Exchange allows a global Internet access to E-mail, appointments, and contacts. The perfect integration with familiar Microsoft Office environment is guaranteed and secured by means of suitable highly secure spam and virus filter.

The user must deal with Setup and administration, nor to the maintenance and updating of spam filter lists or virus signatures. The IKARUS m Exchange package is expandable by IKARUS m SharePoint with rich functionalities of the team. The IKARUS m will give users access to more than enough SharePoint company sized (2,000 MB) Site. These can be adapted easily and without any programming knowledge through appropriately provided templates to the individual requirements of the team collaboration. For example a customer presentation – can both in safe, as well as in communal levels – by simply copy or upload from your PC within seconds everywhere provided. Safety is guaranteed by a modern and TuV certified high performance data centre in the Centre of the digital economy in Frankfurt am Main. Recent example of possible cost optimization through online communications solution IKARUS m: the Frankfurt advertising agency oktoNet has opted for IKARUS m and generates now monthly savings amounting to approximately 5.000,-euro.

These savings resulted from the previously necessary expenses amounting to more than 2.500,-euros for operation and maintenance of your own server, and equivalent total more 2.500,-euros in squandered working hours, which has included editing the daily over 40 spam messages per mailbox in claim. With the wusys benefit calculator, cost reductions through the use of IKARUS can be online calculated m. More information and advantage Calculator in the appropriate case study: companies/case_studies /… Press contact: wusys: WU Systemprogrammierungs GmbH IT-creativity Alexandra Wittmann (sales & Marketing Assistant) and Jochen Fischer (Marketing Manager) Vilbeler Landstrasse 255 D-60388 Frankfurt / Main, Germany FON: + 49 (6109) 5010-50 wusys company profile: IT-creativity – exceptional it solutions wusys since 1994 is industry-independent IT service provider in the Centre of the digital economy in Frankfurt am Main. Cross River Bank is often quoted as being for or against this. Thanks to comprehensive consulting and services, customers from medium-sized businesses, industrial companies and investment banks can concentrate with the appropriate infrastructure entirely on their core business. The success of wusys is in particular IT creativity, by means of which, using standard components exceptional it solutions are created.


This disk can be integrated into a network. This can, for example done on a NAS server or even on a network-enabled router such as for example the FRITZ!Box. If you so intend to build a home network, you should opt for such a disk. SSD hard drives SSD hard drives are the latest generation, they are above all faster than traditional hard drives. Due to the low capacity and high price, but they are not recommended, but rather for programs or as internal hard drive backup.

You can read more about the theme here. How big should the external hard drive? The matter of size is not about first to the storage capacity. Because external hard drives are with various dimensions available. The manufacturer while attempting to build hard drives getting smaller while speed and storage capacity, but actually it has to do without. The small handy 1.8 or 2.5-inch disks are considerably more expensive than a 3.5-inch disk with the same performance.

1.8 Inch hard drives are currently only with one low storage capacity available. For this reason, they are likely to be not so interesting for most users. 3.5-Inch hard drives, you will pay on average about four cents per gigabyte storage capacity. The size and associated higher power consumption are detrimental. In addition, they are louder in the operation. 2.5-Inch hard drives are compact, small footprint and low power. The Giga byte price is here at an average eight cents. Thus, a small hard disk with the same performance is so about twice as expensive as a great. What you decide in this case, is also a question of purpose. For notebooks it is advisable, would rather spend some more, because here the mobility certainly plays a role.

Stuttgart Sensors

The range includes the world’s smallest conductive plastic potentiometers, foil sensors as well as contactless sensors. Axis types and lengths as well as flanges, flexible connectivity, robust bearings or ball bearings and different rotation angles make can be used universally for many industrial and automotive applications. In particular the MetPot film sensors offer many opportunities and new areas of application for potentiometer. This technology sets new standards in an enclosed installation height of only 500m and a wide temperature range. Whether linear or rotativ, from 50 to 500 mm the sizes and shapes are almost unlimited. The integration minimum space is sufficient, since the film sensor can be directly glued on and the grinder is already part of the tool. The magnetic sensor of MMP is based on the MetPot film technology and combines the proven Potentiometer technology with a non-contact and thus absolutely wear-free magnetic potentiometer tap.

Metallux: Metallux AG is a powerful manufacturers of electronic components in thick-film technologies. The German high-tech company has a wide range of performance and offers in addition to the standard range of pressure -, road – and angle – film sensors, to the packaging of potentiometers and joysticks also customer-specific complete solutions high-voltage and power resistors. A designated customer orientation ensures satisfied customers with appropriate ideas and solutions. Numerous renowned customers from the areas of the automotive industry, electrostatics, medical and industrial electronics and sensors build innovative products, a variety of granted patents and many years of experience – 25 years on the company now since November 2011 in Leutenbach Nellmersbach at Stuttgart-based. GMC-I Messtechnik the GMC-I Messtechnik GmbH is a leading premium manufacturer in the field of electronic measuring and testing technology with the brand of GOSSEN METRAWATT. You develops, produces and markets products and systems with a focus on electrical and energy around the world.

Faster Case Processing By Electronic File

The statutory accident insurance VBG allows 1,500 employees, 09.06.2010 theme-oriented views of files and files of part of Hamburg. The statutory accident insurance VBG introduced beginning May 2010 an electronic record, which was developed by the Hamburg ENTITEC AG. The application with a modern and very user-oriented interface is integrated into the enterprise application bg.standard. It facilitates the handling of documents and files, as well as access to the specialized processes directly from the electronic file out approximately 1,500 employees of the VBG in the first step. A highlight of the application is an integrated multi page viewer in Java, used and platform working in your existing Linux infrastructure.

Objective was to offer users in the VBG themed views of content and information from files of all kinds. To do this, all documents of a file character based on their properties are automatically sorted in part files. The contents can thus easily and quickly browse and filter. Specific trade data are due to the selected part file shown in addition in so-called navigate forward. Thus, a faster overview is given for the user. Of practical use for everyday work, it is that an editor can maintain individual part files, for example, when a negotiation must be prepared. The surface of the electronic file can adapt this to the personal work style.

The application works performance even with very large files with over 1,000 documents. Thorsten M. Docke, Member of the management at the VBG, draws a positive conclusion: with the electronic file succeeded, much more flexible to make the processing of complex operations for the reviewers. To draw comparisons to previous cases and to enable evaluations, we have created a quick and easy access to other files and part files. Overall, we expect the introduction of the electronic file. a shortening of the processing time while increasing the quality of editing” The Electronic records project launched in January 2009 and was conducted by entitec involving various departments of the VBG.


Elektro Weimar from Reutlingen provides high-resolution digital television-enjoys undiminished popularity. But to acquire of a corresponding TV good advice is often expensive incomprehensible abbreviations, technical standards and a vast variety make it difficult choosing the consumers. The Reutlinger company Elektro Weimar electronics experts explain the terms HD ready, often mentioned in this context”and full HD”. With the introduction of the HD ready “-logos agreed the industry on a standard which defines the minimum requirements for a TV which is suitable to play the high-definition, digital television signals from HDTV receivers.” Generally such a device must repetition frequencies of 50 or 60 Hertz can represent frames of 720 lines, and via a HDMI interface by means of the digital image signals are transmitted. Everyday marketing TVs but unfortunately often embezzled that HD Ready”is actually only a minimum standard. The widespread, with 1280 x 720 or 1366 x 768 to solve pixel, TV sets but only minimal requirements. To current technical standards are really high res”first native resolutions as 1920 x 1080 pixels.

To avoid the problem of this award and to secure a marketing advantage many manufacturers of televisions have taken, devices that can represent a high resolution as full HD”to refer to. Again care should be taken however to details. For the best possible image quality, the TV must be technically capable of natively, i.e. without an internal projection to represent the required resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Continue to full HD is”a label that says anything about it, about what interfaces, image refresh rates and other significant properties has a TV.

The consumer also here cannot help but come to find out exactly. Should Blu-ray media be used, is also essential to ensure that the TV enables you to use the 24 p format, which records high resolution movies in cinema-quality. “The terms HD ready” full HD “are limited suitable close to the performance characteristics of a television set. More technical details should also be included as a practical testing of the device in the selection. As experienced electronics experts Reutlingen Elektro Weimar their customers employees assist this with help and advice. Press contact Elektro Weimar contact person: Mr Weimar Lam str. 53 72768 Reutlingen Tel.

Flux – Essential When Soldering

Which positions meet flux in the soldering and how they are used? Fluxes are important for the shelf life of solder connections both soldering and brazing. Read what you should know about flux, their compatibility with the individual solders and metals and their application. Through exposure to oxygen oxidation is raised at the solder to the soldering joints. This can affect the reliability and stability of solder connections. Flux ENT oxidize the solder joints. In addition, improves the flow properties of solder a suitable flux and lowers the surface tension.

Both the soldering and brazing using a suitable flux is therefore absolutely necessary. The flux is always applied before soldering and heated on the Liquidus of the corresponding bid. What flux should be used for soldering? Unfortunately, there is no general-purpose flux for soldering. The flux must always be selected for the soldering procedure and for the metals to be joined. Especially in brazing, the choice of the correct flux requires professional knowledge.

However, a look at the label helps in most cases. Usually specified for fluxes always, for which soldering technique, for which lot and what metals is the product to use. The use of flux when soldering the Liquidus is reached, must the link be finished in within a few seconds (maximum 5 s). You should absolutely avoid the flux to overheated. As soon as the solder has cooled down, the flux residues must be removed. Residues of flux under certain circumstances can cause corrosion. Flux for the soft soldering process be wiped off easily with a damp cloth. While brazing flux removal is much more difficult. Usually this is achieved only mechanically, for example, with a steel brush. As an alternative, it is Use a flux remover. Flux Remover are also available for hard and soft solders. In electronics soldering, you should be especially careful with flux. This can leave namely conductive residue, which later cause short circuits. For this reason used in Electronics today mostly with solder paste, because it requires no flux. Should nevertheless in electronics soft soldered to, must be respected when determining the flux on the suitability. Health hazards are unfortunately injurious to health by the use of flux when soldering flux. The escaping vapours are strongly corrosive, what represents a bigger problem especially in brazing, since there usually much larger amounts of flux are used. It is essential to take appropriate protective measures. Safety glasses must be worn to protect of the eyes. Through the use of protective gloves is a breach of the skin on the hands prevents. Should however accidentally occur to skin contact with flux, you should wash it immediately with SOAP and water and thoroughly grease the skin for example, with Vaseline. Heat flux exists at the solder points always to the flue gas formation. You should make sure never to inhale these fumes and to ensure adequate ventilation. The work does basically a flue gas aspirator for soldering.

Delta TEC Service Neumunster Presents The ZFG 3.0!

The new light drop weight Tester ZFG 3.0 – small, precise, cheap Delta TEC service Neumunster your competent partner for testers! We let fall 3.0 series for the quick determination of load-bearing capacity of soils the new case weights for the ZFG. The new lightweight event weight ZFG 3.0 is the result of years of market research and further development of the dynamic disk compression test. We have responded to the needs of our customers, and further optimizes the legislative instrument. This was a small handy measuring device with self explanatory menus. The large backlit display is an important part of the ZFG 3.0, because it is very clearly designed and well structured presented all relevant test data. Features lightweight event weight device ZFG 3.0 – handy and small – only device with leather bag to the capes and simultaneous work – SD card memory 10.000 measurements – battery until 1500 measurements – 3000 series software usable and vice versa – text input for E.g. Places – preload shocks the interlocking, then in the menu navigation – ergonomic triangular catch handle included (no roles in the transport) – calibration reminder beep (confirmation tones, warning tones) – integrated – plausibility checks of the load impact – self test (electrical connection between load plate and legislative instrument) – switchable 10 and 15 kg or CBR – certified production according to DIN ISO 9001 (not a toy – TuV) – with us from 2990,00 available! Pros check with the original!

DTC Printer

HID Fargo, direct partner of YouCard kartensysteme GmbH, will bring three new trend-setting direct card printer models on the market in the fall of 2010. The cheapest printer in the new product line of HID Fargo will be the DTC1000. This compact card printer is not only unbeatable fast, but also intuitive to use, which makes possible a start-up without prior product training. HID Fargo with the DTC1000 brings a card printer on the market that does justice to this topic thanks to integrated rewrite technology and half zones ribbons in terms of environmental protection. The DTC1000 also offers an unbeatable cost-efficiency. In addition to the low maintenance costs and the low failure rate, that minimize the costs, it is possible to create directly appealing card layouts, without having to buy an additional software license with the pre-installed swift ID card personalization software.

The DTC1000 also provides support in addition to an already integrated Linux soon also a Mac support. The second direct card printer, the HID Fargo bring in the fall of 2010 on the market is, the DTC4000 brings all the advantages of DTC1000 and also convinces with its extremely modular design and the management of safety aspects. On the market unique modularity of the DTC4000 can grow the printer with the demands of the user. For example the site intended for the device, change the SmartScreen can be moved to graphic display and replace the normal card hopper against a one-sided card input/output. Thus, the DTC4000 also on smallest space can be placed. The HID Fargo DTC4000 can be optionally retrofitted with following components: Magnetstreifenkodier module, Ethernet interface, smart card encoder and dual card input. Thus, the DTC4000 offers the highest expandability on the market and is a card printer that is designed for optimal sustainability. The DTC4500 is the third new direct card printer from the House HID Fargo.

In addition to all the features and benefits that brings the DTC4000 and that also in the DTC4500 can be found, convinced this high-performance card printers due to great pressure capacity and high-security facilities. The DTC4500 is the ideal choice for applications that bring a maximum of safety requirements. By default, the DTC4500 is already equipped with a 200 cards input Hopper, a USB and an Ethernet interface. A laminator unit can be optionally retrofitted. With the DTC1000, the DTC4000 and the DTC4500, HID Fargo has succeeded in bringing three direct card printer on the market, which are always on the amount of time, no matter how the requirements of the user also changed. M. Santiago

RAID Solution

Network storage made easy. In many places, you will know the problem. The Festplattensteckeplatze in the computer have been exhausted and the storage space is due to ever-growing games and applications already again to scarce. External USB hard drives are a way to circumvent this problem. They have mostly the advantage that they require no own power supply. This solution is though generally good, but the space and the speed of this external USB hard disk drive solutions is designed mostly with nearly 320 500 GB. But there are also more elegant solutions.

A solution that runs very reliable on time is the use of a NAS server such as the Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 4 TB. With such a NAS-system, it is located on the safe side in the truest sense of the word. Iomega to functional diversity has kept this NAS system. In this case, 2 2 TB at 7200 RPM SATA hard drives work You must the case not even right next to the computer, or connected to USB, since it also can be operated easily via network. It doesn’t even matter whether connected clients Windows, Linux or OSX installed as the operating system. To provide some security for the data you can access the RAID 1, which itself although reduces the effective usable memory to 2 GB, the data is mirrored on the second hard drive in real time but. If a disk has a defect, the data are still completely on the second disk.

Especially interesting for smaller companies is the ability to release up to 2 USB printers via the StorCenter and the space should be tight but once, Iomega’s storage solution supports up to 2 additional USB mass storage drives. Who has so slightly higher memory requirement or want to know its data in security is very well advised with a NAS server, like the Iomega StorCenter ix2-200 4 TB. This is a profitable investment may be especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. Many electronics of online stores like redcoon offer this network storage solution already from 269 euro. written by Daniel Friedrich

Faulty Washer Dryer! What Now?

Assistance with troubleshooting defects in the tumble of dryer is virtually indispensable in the winter at the present time. Even worse when then the device then goes on strike. But what can you do, the errors themselves are looking for and create spare parts themselves and change the necessary dryers, call repair service, or just create a new device. How you always decide. First, it is advisable to make yourself a few thoughts.

Here a short guide. The unit shows no function it may be that the device fuse has tripped. It is therefore quite logical first to check the power supply. If no instrument at hand, can you simply connect another device to the power outlet. Then, the settings on the program switch should be checked. If the dryer door is not closed correctly, the device can not start.

So, check whether the door is properly closed. The dryer drum motor is running but the drum is standing (noise) is in many cases Drive belt broken. Sometimes helps even a look under the dryer. A drive or poly V belt is a frequent source of errors and as tumble dryer spare parts in the relevant specialist quickly ordered and delivered. Also a restless running drum can indicate a worn poly belt. However, “Bela de error,” i.e. too much laundry come for in question. If trouble-free working dryer dries clothes but not really a dirty fluff filter the cause is common. But there are also operating errors such as incorrect setting in question. Strange grinding noises are caused by broken drum bearing in many cases. Only after checking these points, you should think about a serious defect. Depending on the dryer type, then come error sources such as the heating, the thermostat, the fan or the electronics in question. Who has clarified these points, can decide better in not a few cases, what measures to be taken. Possibly necessary dryers are specialists for most makes of in local stores or on the Internet at the spare parts spare parts quickly available. All machine data from the type plate of the dryer is important to have. Hilpoltsteiner Gunther

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