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Band ATR

The presence of various instruments used to adjust the analysis allows a trading strategy trader in continuous changes in the market situation. There are hundreds of mechanisms, methods and indicators that may be applicable in a trading strategy. Not recommended to use too many methods analysis, as this could cripple the trader at the critical moment when it is necessary”to pull the trigger”for market entry (or exit the market). Markets change their status and traders need to constantly adapt to them at the right time.

Knowing how and when to use certain tools can help to increase the advantage over the bulk of traders. Adam Sandler: the source for more info. Most trading platforms have built-in tool , so trader must not make calculations by hand, resulting in reduced probability of error. Consider what kind of indicator Average True Range (ATR) and how it is calculated. ATR is the average true range over a given period. True range will be greatest in the following cases: * When the difference between the current high price (high) and the current lowest price (low) * If the difference between the current high price (high) and the previous closing price (close) in the case of Gap * When difference between the current lowest price (low) and the previous closing price (close) in the case of ATR gap is calculated based on the average of the true ranges for a fixed number of previous time periods.

The main thing – the use of variables for the value of this time period, which would not be too long or too short. Author of the article found that the use of numbers between 9 and 14 for this value (number of previous time periods, are taken into consideration) works well with a large sample size (the values of prices for selected time ranges). Author of the article uses the schedule to daily bars to calculate the average true Band ATR for those markets in which it trades, and not an intraday chart (5 -, 15 – or 60 – minute).

Computex Taipei

Singapore (May 11, 2011) Agoda.es, global site of hotel reservations with base in Asia and part of Priceline.com (NASDAQ:PLCN), announced special hotel rates during the International Show in Taipei technology commonly known as Computex. Computex is the fair of Asia’s largest technology and the second in the world after the CeBIT of Germany. Its 31st Edition will take place from May 31 until June 4 in four rooms of different exhibits located in the Taipei World Trade Center and the Taipei International Convention Center. You are expected to attend the event around 36,000 buyers, in search of the latest technology and stands for display of hundreds of companies, including major manufacturers headquartered in Taiwan such as Acer Inc., Asustek, BenQ Corporation, and Foxconn Technology Group. During the exhibition numerous symposia will take place, and among the most prominent events is a forum hosted by the Vice President of the Corporation Microsoft Steven Guggenheimer and opening remarks about the Vice President of ASUStek Joe Hsieh computer games. The tablet PC will also be one of the protagonists of the Computex this year, and several companies like Lenovo, Samsung and Fujitsu will present their new designs in line is.

Outside the exhibition halls, attendees will satisfy his obsession by technology viewing the devices on sale in the Guang Hua electronic market. This shopping complex of six apartments in the Civic Boulevard is home to hundreds of it shops, offering from laptops to audio-visual equipment and peripheral equipment up to gaming. In these markets it is important to require to maximize the capabilities of haggling. Taipei is a city of varied and fascinating, with a long list of cultural attractions. It is worth visiting the Shihlin night market, which offers a wide range of refreshments Taiwanese, such as aromatic tofu and oyster omelet. It is also worth a visit the Hall National Memorial Chiang Kai-Shek, surrounded by ponds and cared for gardens, it offers a serene counterpart to the bustling exhibition circuit.

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