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European Territorial Cooperation

Of the eligible regions, approaching the Convergence, the Regional Competitiveness and Job and the European Territorial Cooperation. In Chapter IV, it standes out the marked out with buoys principles, that are the principles of the complementaridade, the coordination and conformity. In its Chapter V, it makes use of the financial picture, that is, the sum of the resources for authorization for a reason or purpose Deep for the period the programmarian. Following for Heading II, it approaches the strategy programmatical, for example: the content of the program, the adoption and revision of the program and the reports. Heading III deals with the programming, that is, the preparation and approval of the operational programs, the revision of this, beyond specifying the use of the Deep one. In this stage, the content is analyzed programmarian.

Heading IV is the effectiveness of the programming, being thus, evaluated for the proinactive Commission. In being granted the plain programmarian, it is initiated financial participation in the deep ones. In Heading VI, elenca, minutely the system of management, accompaniment and control of the use of the available resources to the Deep one that if candidate State-Member. 1.4.Fundo of Cohesion the Deep one of Cohesion is deep sui generis, that is, possesss proper especificidades, differentiating, thus of deep the structural ones, but keeping similarities how much to the main objective that is to make of the European Community a economic power. The Deep one of Cohesion was created in 1994 middle, with the fulcrum to minimize the regional inaqualities (that it is the main longed for objective), fomenting economic the support internal of the block, this, in narrow institucional relations with the Deep European of Regional Development. In 2004, passed one decade of the existence of the Deep one of Cohesion, it if it finds in new phase; with adhesion and the granting of the magnifying of the benefits to the ten new States.

District Vote

VOTE IN LIST OR DISTRICT VOTE In the system of vote in list, the party chooses a list of candidates, of course more ' ' preparados' ' in accordance with what they understand for preparation. There a customary voter to vote in that party, for allegiance, comodismo, fanatism, idiotice, etc, votes, and nor goes to know who chose. Another advantage for the party is that its candidates alone need to have commitment with the proper group. The campaign politics will be centered in game of marketing, musiquinhas, phrases of effect, slogam, etc. A candidate vedete also will have to be used to attract votes for trupe of the list. He is bad and still he can get worse. The vote in list is a blow politician whom it aims at to the same keep in the power group of families: magalhes, barbalho, Sarney, and its aggregates. A Sarney any does not need to change itself of the Maranho to choose itself for the Amap, is enough to rent to one kitnet in a building any and to place the account of light in its name, soon, is proven the domicile and goes pra head of the list, apt if to benefit of the votes in all state.

Therefore that the district vote is better. With it the candidate alone receives voting in its district, where of course he must have its I domiciliate real and not fictitious. Other questions that must be taken in account are the following ones: ) – the facultative Vote. It votes who if to inscribe as voter for each election. b) – Previous places pra to choose candidates (as much how many they will be the vacant for the district), being obligator to the filiados parties to have a quorum of equivalent to a percent of voters of the last election.

c) – the voters vote in as many candidates how much they will be the available vacant for its district, for example, if he has three vacant, the voters choose three names. Three more voted they will be the elect ones. d) – End of the re-election for all the positions, opening space for the participation of a bigger number of people and cutting for the root this culture of the professionalization of the activity politics. Biggest mobility in the power will consolidate a type of better democracy, of participation. She is necessary to value the participation less and the vote. Obligator vote is not participation, is obligation. It is back in the interior of the party that starts the participation, the debate for the choice of the candidates and the combat to the corruption. The party that not to obtain to renew itself constantly will be predestinold to the disappearance. The current politicians are that they do not want nothing of this, therefore are thinking about vote in list.

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