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Popular RC Helicopters

Probably the most popular radio-controlled models – it's helicopters. Control helicopter in the air is quite interesting and fun. The buyer has a choice of multiple radio-controlled helicopter – it Helicopters 3D, 3D capable of performing aerobatics, and copies of these helicopters, and separate models. As well as a mini radio controlled helicopters, which can be run in an apartment or office, and even radio-controlled helicopters camera, which can be removed during the flight. There are more easy to manage, helicopters, there are more complex, but with great potential. By simply include helicopters with coaxial screws (the screws rotate in opposite hand and placed one above the other).

These helicopters are well manageable and do not require special skills. For more keen on users fit the classical scheme of radio-controlled helicopters with two rotors (Which turns a screw) – one of the main top, another on the tail. These helicopters are more difficult to manage, but more maneuverable in traffic, and can perform more complex maneuvers. Although these helicopters are more difficult to management, all the same, even the novice user can master control of the helicopter, if a little work out. Especially popular radio-controlled helicopters – E Sky. ConocoPhillips will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Among the models with coaxial propellers – this model E Sky Lama V4, Lama V3, Douphin Esky. A series of radio controlled helicopters E Sky Lama is popular for its ease management, reliability, good design and reasonable price. Just to helicopters Lama is always on sale cheap parts.

Among the models with the classical scheme of screws, It should be noted helicopters, which are well suited for 3D flying. This model E Sky belt cp, belt cp v2, esky belt cp. They can perform almost all 3D flying shape, they have a six-channel remote control that allows you to perform various movements from different angles, not just up and down, side to side, back and forth. RC Helicopters Esky Belt CP series are made from high quality materials – the rotor blades of carbon fiber frame and tail boom of a durable and lightweight aluminum, and the cabin of high quality plastic. These helicopters are called – Helicopters 3D. It is also a good popularity are radio-controlled helicopters Art tech. Among them are helicopter Shark 450, which also include fully to the helicopters 3D. This is the most advanced helicopter of the Art-tech, he shall perform such complex shapes 3D flying – like a barrel, Immelman and inverted flight. Helicopter Art-Tech Shark450 equipped with brushless motor 30A, with six channel remote control. Helicopter Shark 450 Art-tech has a high maneuverability. Among the total mass of the helicopter is still possible to identify a mini helicopter, radio control. They have a very small size – can fit in the palm and differ, and can be played practically anywhere – at home, at work in the yard.

Optical Image Stabilizer

These models offer extremely precise and delicate manual control zoom, focus, aperture, shutter speed and white balance. In addition, they are equipped with an electronic viewfinder (EVF) and microphone input, which allows video enthusiasts to enjoy a beautiful video. Size image sensor has increased from the previous 1 / 6 “to 1 / 4, 1. 3MOS system with three sensors, full-HD has the world’s highest * common resolution 9,150,000 pixels ** (3.05 million pixels.

X 3). These models record a beautiful image even in low light while preserving This high resolution. Now you can shoot at a minimum illumination 1.6 lux – which represents the best indicator of videopromyshlennost. Mode iA (Intelligent Auto), automatically selects the most appropriate composite mode according to shooting conditions, became even more perfect. His updated version offers a separate set of functions for recording video and still images, as well as feature-servo AF (AF Tracking) – improved version of the popular Face Detection, a member of the IA mode of previous models .. Once the user touches the desired object on the touch screen (located in the center and in the corner of the screen), the camera focuses on this object, and AF Tracking function keeps it in focus, even if it starts moving or turning sideways. Image recording is performed with the optimal settings AF / AE mode selected iA. Special photo mode is recording with a resolution of 10.6 megapixels and allows for simultaneous recording of video and still images with a resolution of 8.3 megapixels.

And in order to ensure flawless results of photography in camcorder offers separate functions iA and OIS for recording still images. IA function automatically selects the most appropriate mode of composition of the same five options offered in the digital camera LUMIX. OIS Optical Image Stabilizer has two modes (Mode 1/Rezhim 2). The first mode constantly adjusts the optical axis, while the second performs this operation only when the shutter in order to achieve more effective image stabilization when shooting. Be on the crest of a wave of new technologies!

CRF Leica

LIDAR allows hunters to quickly and confidently identify a range of distances to their targets. Now a wide range finders than ever, prices range from 5,000 rubles to 50,000 or higher. Most rangefinders actually have the same power output of the laser, since it is regulated for safety reasons. But the difference in the "field" of rangefinders is simply amazing. Some range finders are able to identify distance of 1500 meter mark. Ability to determine the range of large animals at a distance of 600 meters.

The difference is in the details of devices. Best laser rangefinders equipped with expensive lenses that keep the focus laser beam at long range distances, and the important thing is to e-stuffing for the correction of errors. We consider the best rangefinder on the market with the capabilities measure distances from 1,000 meters to hunters and sporting shooters. Get more background information with materials from Ray Kurzweil. Among them are the standard dalnomerostroeniya – Swarovski, the distance measurement of objects with which indeed may vary up to 1500 meters and above. Leica LRF 1200 is not able to measure such distances. Instead, it boasts high optical quality, convenient electronic unit, which reduces the likelihood of "false" readings.

Leica CRF 1200 sets new standards for light weight and compactness. This leader of the "pocket rangefinders." Laser rangefinders – What you need to know! When using a laser range finder, you need to hit the exact target in the crosshairs, if you want to catch a small object at very large distances. Bushnell and Leupold have different user-selectable contrasting the cross and Swarovski has a large red ring around 20 MOA in diameter on the outside and 13 MOA on the inside. Leica has a small red circle seems to work best at all distances. LED backlighting also Leica automatically adjusts to ambient light. Leupold suggests choosing a grid crosshairs. Compensation angle. Both Rangefinder Bushnell Elite (with ARC) and the Leupold RX-IV have a built in compensator angle. This gives you a true "Ballistic distance "to your goal that you use to enter the corrections on the sight. Systems work very well, and are most useful in situations where there is a very high angular deviation, such as when shooting from the top mountains, or when shooting uphill. Good opportunity to use such range finders for hunting in mountainous terrain. Battery life The compact Leica CRF 1200 is designed for 2000 scans. All other rangefinders designed for 1000 scans or bolsche slightly. But these figures are slightly misleading. They are based on a minimum average scan time and the high reflectivity of the object within the range of max units. The real world is different. You will have to scanning the object several times – that uses battery life. The faster you can get a reliable reading, the less battery usage. Best Rangefinders (Swarovski and Leica) will result in fewer attempts. This is because they have higher quality optics, high-quality sensors, and more sophisticated software stuffing. Thus, we can expect that the batteries are Swarovski or Leica will stretch longer than others. On the example of Leica, you can judge that the replacement batteries instrument reading has improved dramatically at long ranges. Source: scoute.ru

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