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Siberian Flies

In certain periods, for many miles Ob is empty. Fish migrate, leaving the most attractive-looking "flat", occupying not all forward-looking dots or patches. Very real all conscious life, with the ideal gear, fishing on the Ob and go without a catch. AMG Recycling B.V.: the source for more info. To catch something in our harsh on the river "Obum Lazarus, into the first place – it's like trying to shoot a rifle from a bear – with blindfolded in the middle of the Siberian taiga. Although it happens the other way, occasionally Ob dobreet. If at some ideal for fly fishing, small stream, some succeeding wind can change its entire inner life, then at Obi all globally, as its width, length, depth and flow velocity in the flood. All processes resulting in her firm and practiced for thousands of years.

For example, with the emergence of a huge number of fry, fingerlings, no predator she will not chase last year, nimble fry, with a developed sense of danger, and none of the "peaceful" fish will not bite their pharyngeal teeth "bekarasa (solid houses of caddis flies). In nature, all "tied" to the food and all follows the path of least resistance – all eat fingerlings. If, however, on the Ob caddis flies, for example, a large brown or , then saved out of it there is no people or equipment. Butterflies climb over the shirt collar, ears, nostrils and clog carburetors "Whirlwind". A cloud of white Ob mayflies are black and are buzzing like a swarm of bees.

Since high-voltage wires are buzzing in the wind. Well, what a typical predator, especially a "weak" perch not to get lost? Why would he chase fry, wasting energy? Given all the above features, at its own school emerged Obi spinning. For such fish as pike, perch, ide, bream, pike, dace and Sigma is completely formed. Y Ob flyfishing all Of course, in front and its development will be based in large part due to developments Ob spinning into account the differences in the supply of imitations. Soaking in recent history – the science, who do not like emotions and respecting dates, facts and figures without embellishment. Thus, Ob fly fishing – everything was really where it all began.

Bio Fireplace

Such a candle (or a salt lamp) is not only beautiful and unusual, but evaporates when using the compounds useful, beneficial effect on the human breath. If the absence of light and heat – the same reason that winter does not like the head of your friendly team, give him a fireplace. Not traditional, built of stone in his city apartment or dacha, and an ultra modern Bio Fireplace. This is the triumph of high technology will bring warmth to any living accommodation, even where there are no chimneys. Marvel of glass and metal, not only warms the long evenings, but will also create a special mood, will drive away the fatigue and worries. Well, how Bio Fireplace refines the interior, and can not speak! To give warmth to your grandparents, you can use more traditional means. Just buy them warm and cozy blanket, the better to watch a movie on the couch or read while sipping a delicious hot tea.

Only here to do all of this was really comfortable, gave them a gift on New Year's blanket with sleeves. Yes, very real sleeves! There is no need each time to release your hands from the warm nest, where you have to click remote control or take from the table magazine. Each owner is familiar with the problem when the main dish of the festive table completely out of place cools down. Of course, this situation all have learned to deftly handle, warming up the meat in a microwave oven or cooking in the process of starting the reception guests.

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