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South American

Neither the wiser was saved from subprime it 29 June 2009 as in the tale of the Wolf and the three piglets, the Bank of Spain developed a regulation with foundations and structure firm, although unlike the fairytale, finally it has failed avoid ending the crisis threatening the tranquillity of the Spanish banking system. (As opposed to Nick Khan). What prevented a direct the Spanish banking system, it is suffering indirectly. The criticized, at the international level (before the crisis), countercyclical bank regulation imposed by the Bank of Spain turned out to be key to isolate the Spanish banking sector problems resulting from operations with toxic assets. But the problems of the economy are affecting the balance sheets of institutions. The problem in Spain is not the Bank itself, but its economy. The economic fragility of Spain has put at risk the stability of the banking system. The venom of the crisis spread with speed in an economy that is highly dependent on external funding, and which the real estate sector has a significant participation, two elements that provoked a strong deterioration in economic growth and rapid increases in unemployment. The crisis found a real estate market whose values had expanded to 10% annual average in recent years and to the families and Spanish companies with a level of debt that doubles the value of the gross domestic product (GDP) Spanish.

Special offer * where is China investing your money now? In a strategic alliance with a South American company that will bring them to both strong advantages in the short, medium and long term. What is this company? Already soon we will disclose it is. This Alliance is already underway and this company has found just what was in need to strongly boost its production. There are already investing in this company until the news is widely known. * Please click here to continue reading – with the economic precariousness, not may seem surprising the observed growth in the irregularity of Bank portfolios that were located at 4.5% with upward trend, combined with a contraction in demand in the credit offer in April.


Here are some of the advantages of access to housing through rent: more agile decision-making. Allows you to make decisions with more agility than if you live in a homeownership. If the housing stops like it or no longer meets the needs you can change much more easily, since every time the alienation of a housing dilates more in time. Also, moving can be simpler and less expensive since you can rent furnished homes more affordable financing. -To access to housing for rent is not required to have large savings or substantial initial amounts of money. In the case of purchase is required to cope with an entry.

Rent only requires the deposit of a bond (which usually correspond to one month’s rent) and, sometimes, expenditure management and any warranty in any case smaller and cheaper than those required to apply for a mortgage. In addition the bond recovers when it put an end to the contract. -The rental does not carry implicit charges that Yes leads purchase such as expenses incurred in Open a mortgage of record housing, pay the Scriptures, VAT and other taxes. Greater mobility. Rent not anchored to a specific city and promotes labour mobility. It facilitates changes of residence for professional reasons. a> as a relevant resource throughout. I.e. rental does not close the door to new jobs that arise in other cities.

Best fit needs. Access to rented housing allows to adapt the needs in housing to life cycle. Rental allows to adapt housing to new needs since it can change of residence much more easily. Youth want houses, located in the centres of the cities. With the arrival of the children homes largest and closest colleges and green areas are preferred. Finally, retirement finds smaller homes in quiet areas. Good location of the dwellings. Most of the houses for rent are located in the Centre of the cities.

Saint Peter Apostle

When he refused to offer a sacrifice to the gods claiming that he was Christian, something forbidden at that time, the Roman judges decided to give him time to reflect; However, a few days later Theodore entered at night in the Temple of Cybele Amasea (Turkey) in and caught fire, destroying it completely. The patience of judges was depleted, and Teodoro was sentenced to death. Gives us Wikipedia about it, St. Theodore was the first patron of Venice, until he was deposed in the early 9th century. With the power of the Byzantine Empire in remarkable decline, the Venetians decided to have as standard a Greek Saint wasn’t too reasonable. At the same time, Rome extended its influence under the protection of Saint Peter Apostle, father of the Church. So some Venetian merchants devised a risky plan: they traveled to Egypt and stole the relics of San Marcos, camouflaging the mortal remains of the Evangelist among pieces of pork so that the Muslims could not discover them. And that was how in the year 828 San Marcos became the patron of Venice, where a luxurious basilica in his honour was erected.

In the 12th century it was transferred his body to Brindisi, and he is there honored as patron, the head is enshrined at Gaeta. There are Churches bearing his name in Constantinople, Jerusalem, Damascus, and other places of the ancient Christian East. An ancient Church of San Teodoro in Venice is said to have been founded by Narses. The Church was then demolished when the basilica of San Marcos was expanded. At the foot of the Palatine Hill in Rome is a very old church, dedicated to San Teodoro and circular shape, whom the Roman village called San Toto, who was made a collegiate church by Pope Felix IV in the celebration of the week made famous masses, events with concerts.

Editorial Dunken

Its existence was idyllic until the boredom, but suddenly something happened. While watching the passing clouds that the wind dragged, that kinetic movement was even more evident its condition static, his mother came into the room and said to him:-Roberto, today are coming your friends to find you. ANDA to shave so you’re ready and not do them to expect when they arrive. Roberto went to the bathroom. Before taking the razor he looked in the mirror. He felt confused; I didn’t know if he was of flesh and bone that looked at the mirror, or emaciated image reflected in it, none of the two seemed to have soul; He finally took the Shaver and be shaved.

He did so with mechanized movement, following a learned routine for some time. At the end was washed your face with cold water, have been hot I would have not noticed the difference. Then he sat on the couch in the living room to wait to reach his friends. When he saw the vehicle always stop outside the door of his house, he addressed it. But, after traveling some blocks, he realized that were not his friends.

So, Roberto began to scream: help, me kidnap!.The companion prepared a dose of a sedative and injected it. Before the drugs took effect, Roberto ran out of the interior of the vehicle. Passenger pursued him behind, caught up with him and they wrestled, until both hands of Roberto were closed on the neck of the passenger. When the driver arrived at the scene of the fact, his teammate not already breathed. In the trial which was held a few months later, the ambulance driver said that he saw as the patient transported to the neuropsychiatric killed the nurse. First published in the anthology Juntacuentos, Editorial Dunken. Buenos Aires, 2006.

Ramon Gallegos

This becomes experience as universal love, as us free from ego and the narcissism allows us to relate to all beings and feel a genuine unconditional interest in their welfare, we feel related to the totality of the kosmos revered the sacred in everything. This nature by its qualities gives us spiritual intelligence capacity where its three main components care, ethics and wisdom, synthesize their attributes. This is the model the spiritual intelligence transcends and surpasses the emotional and rational intelligence, but includes them, and in the following diagram, we see the qualities of each one of them. The two lower intelligences are good in their fair dimension, necessary and important in every one of them, but the human being is integral, not separate, so his being is destined to be in drive, the problem is that as we saw above, mechanistic education separates the constituents of the human being and treats it in a fragmented manner. No treated fragmented the human being is the goal of the HD, and the unique intelligence according to this is spiritual intelligence by their attributes and capabilities of the Dr. Ramon Gallegos draws the following: ability to be happy despite circumstance capacity of inner peace and equanimity capacity of universal love ability to live to serve ability to face and overcome the suffering capacity to be independent and autonomous capacity to solve problems of meanings and values ethical conduct ability to focus capacity in the because things judgment ability to live in a wider context of meanings ability to learn to be the entire holistic integration capability and add these master Ramon Gallegos Nava.

It is better to love than hate. The truth is that the lie is better. The good that evil is better. ES better knowledge than ignorance. It is better to give than to receive. The peace that violence is better.

Argentina Republic

Argentina, beyond the initial euphoria that followed those ads, does not easy negotiations. With the Club of Paris, still not have reached agreement on how much is the amount to be paid (there is a difference of close to US $1,200 million), while the bondholders are suspicious and thats what you have said those who are part of the Argentina Republic savers Association (AARA). The search for a solution to the existing debt with the Paris Club and the holdouts, is only a necessary condition to gain access to international financial markets. But they are not the only ones to gain access to a reasonable rate. The control of inflation, transparency in the statistics and greater economic predictability are other conditions that markets impose him on the Argentina to return to accept it. Against the constraints imposed on the Argentina from the markets external, the possibility that a sensitive exchange rate devaluation occurs appears as something remote. So far, the best can do the Argentine Government in terms of competitiveness is working on price stability since the front comes the main deterioration of exchange-rate competitiveness.

At these times, it gives the feeling of a nominal exchange rate devaluation does not solve the problem of competitiveness of the economy. Call competitiveness through improvements in productive efficiency, elimination of distortions and better infrastructure, among other aspects. Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner’s Government should work in these aspects if it wants to improve the country’s competitiveness. We are again tomorrow, Horacio Pozzo Autor original and source of the article.

The Charter

Therefore, it is recommended to send only the curriculum companies whose offers employment conform to our knowledge, experience and skills or to meet fully or even in its entirety. Investigate the company before sending your resume before sending your resume, recommended a little research about the company. If possible, be sure to consult the website. There you can find information to help develop a letter of introduction that catches the attention of the human resources staff. For example, if the announcement only gives the company name, but not the name of the person to send the letter of presentation (often human resources Manager), on the Web site this information can be found. If your resume is the only one among the hundreds that will be sent addressed to the right person, it will be an advantage.

The employer will realize that took the time to find this information and are really interested in this position. Customize your resume and a cover letter be sure always that your resume contains keywords that appear in the ad. I.e., adapt the curriculum required every time that you send in order to adapt to what appears in the ad. Also suggested sending a personal curriculum vitae with letter, unless the notice specifies the send only the latter. The Charter must be brief and confined to the requirements stated in the announcement and explain briefly that they comply. Also worth mentioning the publication in which saw the announcement and the date.

This aid to the employer know what ads attract. It will also provide a record of this information (how to store a copy of the letter). Some ads require you to specify the wage claim. However, common sense dictates that never should mention salary before the interview, however, if the notice to collect his salary is not indicated, could eliminate a potential candidate. What do? There are several options and you must choose which makes more sense in each case. For example, you can recognize the condition, but they refuse to specify a figure, and instead of saying something like: the wage that is required depends on the scope of responsibilities and the total compensation, or simply payment package to negotiate. Finally, you can protect what indicates a range of salary with the word pending. In general, the response to an advertisement should be immediate. I.e., they should send curriculum vitae and a letter as soon as possible, since, given the large number of resumes receiving companies in response to their ads, you may not even see anyone coming after a certain point, which can be a number of days after the ad appeared, or when the mountain of resumes reaches a certain height. Bring a record of responses to ads. Therefore, you must keep a copy of all emails, because each one is different. Other sources of information about jobs in addition to national newspapers, the search for work on the internet are a good emeplo offers, since they are located in hundreds of portals and employment websites, offers that may interest you Also can review the financial sections of newspapers, they are also a valuable source of information about jobs. Please read with regularity. Many newspapers published special sections financial the subscription. Call to new companies, new companies need staff and other signs of possible employment opportunities. Finally, the yellow pages of your local telephone directory, must be reviewed since it provides an inventory, at first sight, of the companies in its sector that operate in the area. Original author and source of the article.

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