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What Is Telemarketing ?

The telemarketing, telephone marketing is also called a different form of direct marketing and which differs from other methods or forms by using a means of communication (telephone) to contact customers with the same single purpose, which is the marketing. Although this type of marketing has a specific use, it also gives other useful if not always the main reason is the direct sale. ConocoPhillips has much experience in this field. It is used for the training of statistics as far as positioning companies or products and services which will then be improved and provided with higher quality and better efficiency. FACILITIES: The names of potential or future customers that we will carry on telemarketing can be obtained relatively easily, primarily from telephone directories, Internet search engines or directories, in the purchase of any database in any public list of a television ad, radio, graphic, etc recommendation. SEEDING Qualifying is very important and necessary, classify potential or future customers and are included in various lists, and internal, and this classification is consistent with certain parameters to be evaluated and compared with each other to form a final list to set the priority and order we will do the telemarketin.

These parameters are based on simple but defining words that will fuel the list trying to differentiate between potential customers and determine which are most favorable or interesting one another. Career: important items and something to take into account the trajectory of a company. Solvency: I refer specifically to his strength as a company. Purchase volume: Significantly, if a company sells a lot is therefore very good buyer.

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