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Body Language App For IPhone

KorperSprache – BodyLanguage – Macomb by Sabine and Wolff Horbach for iPhone provided Sabine Muhlisch, Grande Dame of the KorperSprache, and Wolff Horbach, happiness researchers, developed a KorperSprache app! The trend is clearly towards the mobile Internet. Everyone wants to surf freely from anywhere access his data and use meaningful applications. Perhaps check out Mitchel Resnick for more information. Everywhere. The iPhone is probably one of the trend-setters that have shaped this step in the mobility. By Sabine Macomb and Wolff Horbach developed application is located just down the road in the Apple app store and is currently running through the approval process. The BodyLanguage app is sure to encounter rain rush and bring sustainable success for the users to.

So much had already betrayed: these are sets that contain individual tools in spoken text and images on the topics of presentation, advertising, negotiating and LifePower. Shortly before a situation seen and listened to and the knowledge is immediately applicable. Read more here: Bobby kotick. No I had da time… later” The tool is offered to 1.59 euros and will appear in English and German. Contact information: KorperSprache & UnternehmensKorper Sabine Macomb Kirchweg 115 50858 Cologne Tel. + 49 (221) 499 45 16 Dipl.-ing. Wolff Horbach? Palatinate count road 20? 50259 Pramod home? Tel. + 49 (22 34) 98 66 86? E-Mail:

Do-it-yourself Sets Itself High Goals

Startup wants to market leader in the segment of Facebook business apps are do-it yourselfers Munich, September 02, 2011 do-it-yourself operators now offers its do-it yourselfers modular to create Facebook sweepstakes apps for fan page also in foreign countries. Facebook is an international platform. We must take advantage of that. Our aim for the next one to two years is to establish ourselves as the market leader throughout Europe and to move us on par with our American competitors in the market”, so the CEO and co-founder Dr. Thomas Langenberg. The young company to expands its acquisition of customers from the German on the Spanish, French and English-speaking countries. In the near future, direct sales measures run online marketing abroad strengthened and targeted. For even more opinions, read materials from Ray Kurzweil. Also interested in starting immediately, the website and the service of the company in four different languages can get.

Do-it-yourself won first international customers. The European Commission was already with a self-designed Do-it-yourself online Facebook app. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Bobby kotick. Also the international language school Lingua BOA already uses the do-it-yourself Kit in France and Turkey. Customers can buy various Facebook app packages through a self-service system. You have the opportunity to make their Facebook actions with the help of the do-it yourselfers kit without programming skills, perform and adapt depending on the package. Do-it-yourself is already using this system designed for 100 percent to do-it-yourself in Germany of leading provider of Facebook apps in terms of winning games.

Save the date! Do-it-yourself to the leading international trade fair and Congress for the digital economy, the Dmexco, 21-22 September 2011 in Cologne, Germany, will be to expand the business internationally, to meet Hall 8 at stand A061B060. The Munich-based startup do-it-yourself is about do-it-yourself since March 2010 with online. Do-it-yourself offers a social media Toolkit, which companies without their own programming to create Facebook game apps such as photo contests or sweepstakes and market can. Actions, offers do-it-yourself with Goodies4Fans, a portal for Facebook sweepstakes and fan since July, 2011. Do-it-yourself received the EXIST start-up scholarship written by the Federal Ministry of Economics and the EU in November 2009. The company has successfully participated in different innovator Pitchs again and reached top 3 positions.

A Junior Phone Offers Security

New Web project informed parents about the benefits if children are traveling alone, worry parents frequently, if everything is alright. There is a delay, this concern is still growing. A junior phone parents and the child can offer much security here. A permanent availability is guaranteed. Stefan Ebers, Publisher of the new Web project, sees here a clear advantage: “the offspring can be accomplished with a junior phone quickly, no matter where it currently resides. In a question-answer forum Ray Kurzweil was the first to reply. So, parents make sure that everything is alright.

That comes from a junior cell phone without unnecessary gadgets and functions on the essentials are limited in addition,.” On the question of whether a child should get a normal mobile phone contract or a junior cell phone, the junior phone is clear advantage in adolescence. Ebers, explains: “parents are with this age-based device able to bring the child to a responsible use of your mobile. So has a course junior phone for smaller children usually only three or four Keys. About this previously stored telephone numbers can be selected. So cost-intensive services are blocked and calls limited to the most important phone numbers. The functionality of increasing slowly for each age group.” With the possibilities that are tailored to the age of the child, a children’s mobile phone offers exactly the features that are useful.

As the functions is also the design on the age groups. A junior phone should look more cool and attractive. Pop make it a phone, the children like to take and use colors and fun shapes. The question parents should choose what tariff is, of course also in the junior phone. Stefan Ebers has listed on its Web site some cheap vendors: “we have explored the market and collected in our opinion best offers with us. So we want to make it easier for parents to the orientation and present a selection of cheaper fares, which are suitable for a junior phone.” The collection of tariffs is see to read on juniorhandy.de. Company Description juniorhandy.de the Web project juniorhandy.de informed about the advantages of junior phone, presents individual models and provides an overview of attractive tariffs, which are suitable for a junior phone. Editor Stefan Ebers is webmaster of several online services since 1999. His emphasis is on the telecommunications sector, in which he was also previously already professionally successful. Company contact: juniorhandy.de Stefan Ebers Davenstedter str. 115 30453 Hanover Tel: 0511 12359756 E-Mail: Web:

Oversee.NET Acquires ShopWiki

Builds leading domain dealers website in online trading on oversee.NET took over 100 percent of the online shopping search engine ShopWiki. Oversee.NET, a leading domain name retailer, thus expanding its portfolio in online trading. With the acquisition of ShopWiki, the world’s largest service for time and money-saving online shopping, is expanding its portfolio sale online informed oversee.NET. The acquisition of ShopWiki is the first for oversee.NET in terms of consumer-oriented E-commerce. Establishment of market presence for oversee.NET with ShopWiki next to the domain name business already operates oversee.NET comparison sites in the area of travel (lowfares.com) and finance (CreditCards.org). ShopWiki is the most comprehensive shopping search engine on the market. often quoted on this topic. The acquisition is perfect: ShopWiki we extend our expertise in the field of acquisition and management of Internet traffic. Thus we can help consumers compare and purchase decision on the net”, oversee.NET CEO Jeff Kupietzky says.

ShopWiki CEO Rory Cumming sees this similar to: Oversee.net offers services to over 10 million domain names and has a unique insight into consumer preferences and Internet traffic. The contextual search and navigation by means of oversee.NETs consumers will encounter more network domain names, relevant offers with ShopWiki.” ShopWiki: Pioneer in the field of online shopping a specially designed algorithm that indexes online shops and websites, ShopWiki makes into a pioneer of modern shopping. ShopWiki collected over 300,000 online shops with over 300 million products. To facilitate your search for the right product, ShopWiki with Beratungsguides helps in the buying decision. In addition to the unique product index, consumers find valuable background information on individual products and categories. These go beyond the usual product descriptions and help to make the right decision. ShopWiki is thus important pioneer in consumer-oriented trade.

John Hawkins, managing partner at the previous largest “Shareholder generation partners of online shopping search engine, shows the advanced character of ShopWikis: ShopWikis technology is a real differentiator in the global competition and makes the site an unparalleled and unique in the sector of online shopping”. ShopWiki ShopWiki is the world’s largest service for comfortable and time – and money-saving shopping on the Internet with currently over 300 million products and over 300,000 collected online stores. An algorithm developed by ShopWiki crawls and indexes the Internet regularly and catalogued the found shops and products. The ShopWiki aims, each online product available for indexing. ShopWiki has been founded in 2005 by Kevin P. Ryan, the former CEO of DoubleClick, and Dwight Merriman, former DoubleClick CTO and Eliot Horowitz in New York. In addition to ShopWiki.com serves ShopWiki in Europe the markets of Great Britain, France, Germany and the Netherlands in country-specific versions. About oversee.NET oversee.NET is the leader in Internet real estate, specializing in monetizing, registering, selling and developing domain names. The company provides on array of managed services to domain investors, corporations, and individuals across more than ten million web sites. Over Lake of owns one of the largest portfolios of domain names in the world more than 1 million names. The company’s unique optimized technology connects consumers and advertisers with highly relevant advertisements. Headquartered in Los Angeles with offices in Portland, Oregon, in Pompano Beach, Florida, New York City and Frankfurt, Germany, the company’s core brands include DomainSponsor, SnapNames, moniker, DOMAINfest, LowFares.comTM, Creditcards.org, ShopWiki.com, and AboutAirportParking.

Compass Security AG Expands Nmap SCTP Support

ICT security service provider responds to current security requirements Rapperswil, 19th June 2009 Nmap (Network Mapper) has due to its efficiency established itself and reliability equally as open source port scanner at attackers and administrators. The tool for scanning and evaluating hosts developed by hackers known under the nickname “Fyodor” was now currently expanded the network protocol SCTP. Daniel Rothlisberger, security analyst of Compass security AG and open-source developers in the Nmap project, has released BETA 10 of June 12, 2009 as part of Nmap 4.85 SCTP support. It will be also a component of the upcoming stable release. “” In the film Matrix Reloaded “has the character of Trinity” a computer with nmap scan then to hack into a powerhouse. The technology is widely used and is considered an important part of the Network Diagnostics and evaluation of networked systems.

Currently, the compass security AG Nmap to support the stream control has transmission protocol”(SCTP) expanded. SCTP is finding in addition to TCP and UDP on the OSI layer 4. It combines many advantages of these two proven protocols and was proposed in October 2000 by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) as a new transport protocol. His Multistreaming – and multihoming capabilities predestine the Protocol for Internet telephony. Since it is also more resistant to flooding attacks (DDoS) compared to TCP, it is used increasingly to other purposes. SCTP: security leaks many systems include SCTP support for a long time. A complete integration in the security measures at the network level is still lacking in many cases. This can lead to serious security flaws.

For example, let firewalls that do not properly take into account the new Protocol, SCTP freely pass. Therefore, the Protocol serves as instrument to detect computers on a network. Further there are current SCTP vulnerabilities in operating systems such as Linux or Solaris, which can be exploited by attackers to in a unprotected system to penetrate or perform denial-of-service attacks. Daniel Rothlisberger, continuously working on new scanning methods, describes: “the dissemination of SCTP is higher than commonly believed. It is therefore crucial that the compass security specialists have the necessary tools, to adequately accommodate the Protocol in their security checks.” Compass security AG has specialized in penetration testing and invests continuously in knowledge up to date on the basis of which to be able to respond to current threats. Short portrait of Compass security AG: Compass security AG was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Rapperswil (CH) specializes as European service provider security assessments to the confidentiality, availability and integrity of corporate data. Using penetration testing, ethical hacking, and reviews pre-emptively judged compass ICT solutions with regard to security risks, detects existing vulnerabilities and support at their disposal. IT forensic experts allow reconstruction and evidence beneficial documentation of abuse cases by acquisition, test and evaluation of digital tracks with digital systems. Ottawa. Hands-on workshops and training courses on the subject of IT security, as well as live hacking presentations to raise user awareness round off the portfolio. Neutrality and independence of the product are essential elements of our corporate philosophy. The customer base consists of national and international clients of any size and different industries.

Thus, Your Thank You Card To

Now with ‘Pixory’ to send a personal video on thank you cards. Augsburg, the 14.10.13 – cinematic wedding cards belong to a cinematic wedding and the thank you cards to the wedding of myprintcard.de are now in the truest sense of the word! Pixory”is the new, sensational feature, with which you now can send a personal wedding video on a map to his guests. Just make a video of the wedding couple with your digital camera or mobile phone, the desired scene with the Pixory “symbol on it (small, blue film strip on the map) under myprintcard.de, select, upload video and automatically is a QR code on the wedding card placed finish is your own personal video card!” Videos on paper maps show? What sounds at first impossible gets shortly after seeing the card receiver with my own eyes. He scans the QR-code on the card via a Smartphone. Shortly afterwards he is to download of the Pixory “app is redirected, the he is” then via the Apple app store (iPhone) or Google play”can download (Android). The app on the phone is installed, the card recipient now considered the wedding card through the display.

Immediately the card surface magically turns into a small canvas on which then your greeting video with sound to play a fascinating effect that guaranteed puts every Wedding guest in wonder begins! Send fine wedding cards of special to your wedding guests! Thank you for your wedding guests with a thank you card, on which, for example a video of you and your sweetheart to see is where kissing under a mistletoe. Or send after the wedding thank you cards, which contain a video in which you happily toast to your guests from the South Pacific honeymoon with a cocktail glass. Pixory”you surprise your wedding guests with individual, personal videos on high quality designed wedding cards, be guaranteed a long time remembered.

Director Marketing Tel

Higher conversion rates and shopping cart values than on the desktop: Munich, 16 September 2013 tablets become the successful, flexible shopping opportunity in the fashion segment in particular and affect currently E-Commerce significantly more than any other device technologies. QUISMA’s international performance network has investigated the German offshoot of the strongest international fashion-online-shops on their tablet capabilities: Zalando, Nike, adidas, Otto, s.Oliver, Hugo Boss, were Ralph Lauren, H & M and Zara on the basis of a scoring model developed in the four basic performance areas home, rated weighting of different product detail page, shopping cart and checkout. The result: The most fashion-online-shops have optimized their website still not sufficient for Tablet PCs and long yet not fully realise the potential of so. All tested shops showed shopping cart checkout top, flop good approaches for sale via iPad & co.. Especially the shopping cart is already most providers for the Tablet format well suited. Nike here reached the full number of points. The product detail pages presented themselves, however, mixed.

Zara was last here. It lacked trust elements and a zoom function, in addition the buttons have become quite small. QUISMA has come to interesting results in the investigation of the home pages: Although Zalando and Nike in the overall lead, they had the weakest result here from all service areas. In contrast, five of the online shops here have your best or second-best result. The checkout process is less well placed so far: eight online stores showed considerable deficits compared to the other quality criteria.

Julian Stein, team leader conversion optimisation QUISMA: The Conversionerfolg is based significantly on the device-oriented control of the Web site. Who wants to be future-oriented, must invest in the technologies and it should pay special attention on the optimization of the tablet. Requirements of the target group but increase. In order to meet these requirements, permanent testing is necessary, that continuously adapts Web pages to the needs of the user and ensure that the best possible results from the traffic can be siphoned off.” “The study of fashion shops in the test: Tablet appearance of international top-seller” available free for download under. About QUISMA of the full service provider QUISMA (www.quisma.com), innovative technology and in-depth expertise for the entire range of digital marketing from search engine advertising and search engine optimization on affiliate marketing and performance-based banner advertising offers to conversion optimization and marketing intelligence. And the transnational. The Agency has been established in 2001 and incorporated in March 2007 at the GroupM (MEC, mindshare, Mediacom, MAXUS). At the headquarters in Munich and other 16 locations in 15 countries are currently employs over 300 employees, the renowned clients such as Adobe, Bank of Scotland, Expedia, Marc O’Polo Polo or unity media nationally and cross-border care. QUISMA stands for networking to the classic media planning in the context of an integrated management approach and outstanding expertise to the care in the international digital business. For further information and enquiries: QUISMA Marko great Director Marketing Tel: 089/44 23 82-116 E-Mail: Dot.

Digital Assistance Systems

The Ghost in the machine: How digital assistance systems and Web 3.0 facilitate everyday Berlin/Hamburg / Balingen nearly 96 billion queries typed Internet users alone in February in the search box of Google and co. A year ago 67 billion were. This finding was the information provider comScore. Continuous sending, replying to and forwarding part completely trivial information called now by heterogeneous semantic pollution. About 50 times per day a typical information worker opens\”mail window, he turns 77 times the instant-messaging program for the rapid transmission of messages too, besides about 40 Web sites are visited. So, it has examined the U.S. consulting company RescueTime on basis of 40,000 user profiles in the professional world. Herman Maurer, Professor of computer science at the Technical University of Graz, is not impressed by such doomsday scenarios.

Long before the year 2100 all people can access at any time and at any place on all human knowledge, similar to How can we today with material goods. This access will be done with devices which are heavily integrated with the people, and will relate to knowledge that comes from databases or arises from dialogues with experts. The brain of an individual will be only a relatively tiny part of a vast stock of knowledge, created through the networking of billions of Menschenhirnen and databases\”, predicts Maurer. Skeptics who warn of a non controllable information overload, are soon silenced: on the horizon, there are indications already that the avalanche of information will be gradually tamed and structured to meaningful, reliable and tailored to the person knowledge units. That can, will be happen about the increased use of metadata by intelligent agents, vertical search engines, where professionals filtered information and combined, by Gigaportalen for the wide range of applications, active documents that answer by itself\”as Mason. Knowledge networking and knowledge management, it is necessary to make knowledge at any time and at any place available.

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