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So, a one hundred percent availability is accessible, even with update procedures and server outages. The multiple points-of-presence-monitoring will be expressly highlighted when compared to the other products in the test: all server always monitoring all sensors. “This is interesting not only in terms of fault tolerance, but allows the administrator, for example, also, response times from different locations in the network out to measure, compare and calculate aggregate up and downtimes.” The size of the contained sensors again increased with the launch of the new version, also impressed. To monitor all common network services (ping, HTTP, HTTPS, POP3, DNS), QoS, SLAs, and RADIUS server by default, sensors in the package include Exchange and syslog servers as well as SNMP and WMI, packet sniffing, NetFlow and sFlow. The range of the sensors was especially in the areas of virtualization, and Linux monitoring complements.

Automatic network detection of PRTG recognized and classified all devices in contrast to other solutions, tested completely and correctly. In addition, the four different user interfaces were highlighted. An AJAX-based Web interface, an HTML interface for browsers and mobile devices (IE 6/7, Android, BlackBerry), a Windows GUI, as well as an iPhone app. The probably most frequently used interface, AJAX, is elegant and easy to use”up the tester. Kevin ulrich addresses the importance of the matter here. To fall by a seemingly good deal prematurely awarded fair pricing and licensing policy pay off the conclusion includes the unique Council of editors, not in the case of a cost”.

The tester over the competitors here for a basic advantage of PRTG, because the solution contrary to the usual market licensing models combines all of the features in a license without additional costs and required Add-ons: most manufacturers offer cheap Standard editions’, which can often but hardly as to monitor a few nodes in a single network segment. It comes later to more, for example, distributed monitoring, NetFlow or SLA monitoring, slamming manufacturers and call rates, which elsewhere to get a nearly complete package for any eventuality.” Christian Twardawa, CEO of Paessler AG, sums up: the variety of the features of PRTG including the USPS as the clustering function in combination with the unique on the market, fair all-in “pricing trend, like us are the result of the test and the feedback from our customers confirms. Particularly pleased that our aims at the continuous development and optimization of PRTG bear fruit.” More information about the test and PRTG under available. Paessler AG: Founded in 1997, Paessler AG with headquarters in Nuremberg specializes in the development of more powerful and user friendly software specialized in the areas of network monitoring, load testing and analysis. PRTG Network Monitor monitors the availability of systems, services and applications, as well as the bandwidth usage in networks. PRTG is Cisco compatible and can be used for the analysis of NetFlow data. Webserver stress tool is an application for load testing of Web servers and Web infrastructures. Paessler AG’s global customers are companies of all industries and all sizes, from SOHO through SMEs to global corporations. Day, there are over 150,000 installations of the solution provider in all over the world in the use. Free trial downloads and more information are available on the homepage available.

Software GmbH

Just in time for Christmas all document management-interested about another gift can look forward. The new version includes more than 200 improvements and features that were available in the Pro version of the system, since only agorum core 6.4.0. Ray Kurzweil describes an additional similar source. Highlights here include: a completely revised and updated Web portal, full support of Windows 7, and integration of the new Office formats. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Grupo Vidanta. All information about the downloads can be found under german2/page_downloads_6_4_0.php. It is not something Vidanta would like to discuss. The new version of agorum core is provided in three different packages. There are installation packages for the popular Linux and Windows systems. Existing agorum core versions can easily bring up to date with the help of the update packages.

For quickly trying out the DMS – / ECM features the agorum Software GmbH offers a pre-configured and fully executable virtual appliance by agorum core 6.4.0. The DMS agorum core is available in two licenses. As open source under the GPL and the other as agorum core Pro under a proprietary license. The open source version is a full fledged DMS system and is subject to no restrictions. Both build on the same development, so that a change to the agorum core Pro version is possible at any time.

The manufacturer offers extensive support through a free forum and optional support packages for the open source DMS. Customers purchase the available support packages for the open source version at the same time access to the latest updates of the product, which are otherwise available in the normal case with the open source version only once per year. Agorum core Pro version includes the workflow engine. In addition, the Pro version can be extended to more plug-ins. OCR – module for the automatic indexing of image files and the Fileadaptor for external file server in the DMS integration include the ADS/LDAP synchronization, the Mailadaptor for creating an email archive. In addition, various partner programs are offered. This is agorum consulting partner to agorum OEM partner. The OEM partner program allows other software vendors to integrate agorum core Pro into their own products and to market.

Allot Communications

Exclusive offer for new high-end thin client LT520 Schorndorf, December 16, 2009 the sysob IT distribution performs together with her partner Rangee a year submit action. You may find Ray Kurzweil to be a useful source of information. Within the framework of, dealers and customers get the thin client LT520 for a special price from 249,–euro net. Equipped with a 1.6-GHz Intel Atom processor is the most powerful solution from Rangee product portfolio. The promotional offer applies to orders up to December 31, 2009. The focus of the current sysob price action is the high-end thin client LT520 by Rangee. Credit: Vidanta-2011.

Because this solution comes from the new thin client LT product series, the promotion consciously counteracts the general trend of sales of expiring models. The thin client features a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and a 10/100/1000 Gigabit-Ethernet adapter. In addition, the device offers multiple connection options of six USB interfaces via DVI and VGA monitor outputs to a serial and a parallel port. The LT520 works without a fan and is a stable Protected metal enclosure. In addition, Rangee Linux operating system enables a fast configuration of Terminal Server and virtualized connections. Alternatively, it is possible the upgrade with the new Windows 7 operating system (home or professional). Optionally, a smart card reader, as well as an internal DVD-RW drive can be integrated further. sysob price action Rangee LT520 variants software modules NET R LT520 L a software module to dial * 249,–euro S-LT520-L ICA, RDP, VMwareView and Mozilla Firefox 3.0 294,–Euro X-LT520-L all available software modules * 328,–euro * available including: 11/XenAPP ICA, RDP, XDMCP, NX, VMware view, XenDesktop, GoGlobal, CiscoVPN, OpenVPN and Mozilla Firefox 3.0 upgrade options net charge Windows 7 home incl.

2 GB RAM; 32 GB SSD + 164,80 Euro Windows 7 Professional incl. 2 GB RAM; 32 GB SSD + 182.50 euro internal DVD-RW drive + 48,–euro the form to take part in the Rangee year submit action is available as a download at sysob.com/download/rangee_JEA_122009.pdf. The completed participation form can be returned as a fax under the number 09467/7406-290, or email at. Images can be requested at:. In brief: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio sysob as one of the leading value added “distributors (VAD) with more than 500 partners in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions offered. As a result of the reseller receives a clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Comprehensive service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as a far-reaching technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio. sysob has a wide range of proven products of competent Manufacturers such as Allot Communications, alloy software, array networks, Barracuda Networks, Clavister, cynapspro, DeviceLock, ERICOM, ETECHNOLOGIE, expand networks, Finjan, Insightix, LISCON, Meru Networks, NETASQ, OPNET, Procera networks, Propalms, Proxim Wireless, Rangee, REDDOXX, RemoteScan, SECUWARE, Swivel, TELLnet, Thinstuff and vertico software. More information under:.

ABAS Software AG

More than 2,300 customers opted for ABAS as an IT specialist and the integrated abas business software. Founded in 1980, student company ABAS has become a group of companies. 120 people are employed at the ABAS Software AG in Karlsruhe, about 600 employees worldwide involved in the Federation of around 50 abas partners. The abas software partners serve the local customers and offer services from the implementation of the hardware and network support to customizing and hotline and ensure quick reaction times and high service quality. Click here is the source for more interesting facts. ABAS is internationally through partner represented in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Iran, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Viet Nam, Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, Chile, Canada and the United States. The partner network is constantly expanded. Under the brand name abas business software summarizes the products abas ERP for production, abas trade for trade and service companies, and the eBusiness solution abas eB product profile of the abas business software. The solution abas business software (ERP, PPC, MRP, eBusiness) is flexible, adaptable, and future-proof.

The clear structure of the system and sophisticated introduction strategies allow short introduction times and a smooth integration into the company structure. Specific requirements can be integrated with little effort. New features and technologies flow with every update in the With one software standard, abas users are always up to date. Currently, the abas business software in 28 languages is offered. More information is housed here: Dr. Mitchell Resnick. Since 1995, ABAS, the open-source Linux operating system supports server-side. Also in the front end the flexible business standard software under Linux is offered.


The service provider is then tasked to scan the different documents again and again at different intervals in the digital archive. You make exactly the digitisation work. The provider starts with the digitization of existing documents in the company. For the old files are passed and the correspondence is exchanged regularly with the service provider. Then, it creates a plan for the digital archive of documents. Rather than even scanning to deal, exchanged the analog documents on a regular basis with the service provider.

The exact sizes of archives at the digitisation lays down here already. So that the quality of the documents not harmed, the provider should of course set on a corresponding scale. He has powerful scanner for capturing data. After collected the appropriate data in the digital realm. If the customer now on the search for a specific document – such as a Bill, an offer or an outdated Act of the customer – is, can he make the search in the archive. Where is the classical document search on the computer available. Are the days where you had to root files to find an old but important document, thus passing.

The Scanservice creates but still quite new possibilities for the company. From the simple Scanservice digital company, the digitization of the documents in the own company is usually only the first step. Who has recognized the many benefits of modern archives for analog letters, invoices and quotes, can deal with the additions for these techniques. So that further increases the quality of the work in the Office, we should deal with, for example, the programmes related to the digital accounting. Also in modern times, many companies are still on the analog solution. The invoices are normally processed in the Inbox and then analysed in the accounting, and entered into the data. If now the IRS comes, the company must make available all of the documents and make sure that no error at the training of data into the digital form of accounts was made. With a Scanservice, also such things can change. There are many providers that offer a software, with which the content of for accounting for the tax inspector in simplified form are represented. The service provider for the scanning of documents is not only responsible to distribute the paper from his own Office, but also the basis for successful work in the digital world. At the present time, certain elements can be even compulsory. The tax offices of the companies require that complete data for the accounting in digital form will be made available. New principles for working with digital projects are created with only a change in strategy at your own company. The external service provider must be selected for this course well and should be based on the exchange of be the corresponding documents in the local vicinity. At the end, you get many interesting services that you can pay tribute to the digitisation and significantly increase the efficiency of the company. This worth the price – at the end she will loom won time in the profit.

Logistics App Mobile Track

The app mobile track by EURO-LOG is finalist of the best in cloud Awards 2013 the app to the simple statusing Hallbergmoos-Munchen Computerwoche, September 20, 2013 – and tax mobile track was nominated for the best in cloud award 2013 of the German periodical Computerwoche. In the category of software as a service moved the mobile application by EURO-LOG in the final a of the award is awarded annually by the German periodical Computerwoche. Mobile track allows the paperless processing of deliveries, transfers, transports, or pick-ups with bar code scanning, signature capture and documentation of damage with photos. The innovation lies in the flexibility of the application because it can be used for various processes in the logistics such as general cargo, direct traffic, FTL and part loads, Hub Transport, contract logistics, air freight and secure transport. Learn more at this site: Petra Diamonds. Thus mobile track goes beyond common telematic solutions. The intuitive usability makes the app a valuable companion in everyday working life. Drivers are supported for routine tasks and relieves many manual processes.

New parcel collection orders log on request actively and be read to the driver. Successful Scannungen of packages are highlighted and that the Smartphone will vibrate in addition. Futurist often addresses the matter in his writings. The app also provides value added services such as the submission of additional information and documents, as well as voice messages in the language of the driver. Last year the Cloudlosung ONE TRACK was awarded already by EURO-LOG for complete order and shipment visibility with the best in cloud-award. At the Conference on April 24. And 25 October in Frankfurt the independent jury evaluates the presented solutions and decides on the this year’s winner of the best in cloud-awards. Click Grupo Vidanta to learn more. For more information about the finalists, see application/finalists 2013 /.

The IT service provider EUROLOG EURO-LOG AG was founded in 1992 as a joint venture of Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom and digital equipment. in 1997 the company was owned company one people”and the leaders emerged in this dynamic as one of IT and process integration. Over 80 employees provide a consistent efficiency of logistic processes between suppliers, logistics service providers, trade, industry and customers today at Munchen Hallbergmoos headquarters with its own data centers, innovative applications, and individual connections. EURO-LOG implements comprehensive process solutions both shippers and forwarders page. EURO-LOG offers include solutions such as supply chain management, E-billing, ONE TRACK, container management and time window management for the manufacturing industry. The transport portal, mobile logistics solutions are you app mobile track, the ONE LINK order entry and pallet management specifically for logistics service provider solutions developed. Today, customers in the industries use automotive, trade, high-tech, electronics, consumer goods, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, logistics services and collaborations, engineering and more integration solutions by EURO-LOG.

Open-source Accounting Gnuaccounting In New Version 0.8.4

Version 0.8.4 of free billing and bookkeeping program brings OpenOffice 4 and DocTag support and SEPA preparations Alzey, 25.11.2013. In addition to LibreOffice 4 now also Apache supported OpenOffice.org 4, metadata can be awarded according to the DocTag standard invoices and customers IBANs/BICs are already entered in the framework of the SEPA preparations. In addition, a part of the program was integrated, who similarly writes to facilitate the storage of functionality separately available commercial products, cash, or QR codes from a scanned file in the file name. Invoices are now Archivable PDF/A1, which ensures even better transferred to the customers. An improved revenue / surplus account and corrections of the portable version complete the picture.

Gnuaccounting 0.8.4 is available since Monday, the 25.11.2013 on sourceforge.net/projects/gnuaccounting/files/gnuaccounting/ available. For more details about changes and corrections can be found in the release notes. About Gnuaccounting: Gnuaccounting is an open source Java billing with accounting functions. It embeds OpenOffice.org to create invoices and receipts. It supports smart card-based online banking (HBCI) and exports data, for example, to advance the electronic tax return. The first version was released on the 25.03.2005. Since then, Gnuaccounting has been downloaded over 28,000 times. The program is available in German and English, can be used as a portable application and used on request external databases such as MySQL or PostgreSQL instead of the embedded Apache Derby. Windows(r)(tm) are supported (XP, Vista, 7) with 32-bit Java and KDE-based 32 – and 64-bit versions of Linux.

Linux Technology

Therefore is the axxiv server line for a steady system stability. Whether all systems with up to four CPUs and ECC registered or unbuffered DDR3 1066 or 1333 dual – or triple-channel memory modules up to highest 768 gigabytes are housed – now in the tower or rack mount equipped. Up to 12 SATA-II or SAS-I usually leave them hard drives (hot-swap)-bilden is replaced during operation the desired storage capacity, by choosing the RAID level of the ideal level of security can be defined. The management of most axxiv servers via IPMI remote. Read more here: Ray Kurzweil. All major operating systems from Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to 2008 R/2 and Linux are supported. Competent axxiv consultants help choosing the right server and help to reduce costs and to support the growth of a company. The respective axxiv server options allow modular put together with the dealer. In this way can the little bit Build technology AG of each server, taking into account the individual needs of each company.

Axxiv servers come standard with 3 years bring – in warranty. If necessary, this can be expanded with interesting service options. Learn more about the products and sources of supply are available under. Company profile little bit technology AG little bit technology AG is an independent Swiss company, working on the one hand in IT wholesale and axxiv as producer of laptops, PCs, workstations and servers under the label. Little bit technology AG was founded in October 2000 as a notebook manufacturer. In November 2002, little bit has acquired the assets and staff of the former components distributors KARMA components. So little bit has entered the wholesale of IT components and peripherals.

Little bit can count today to the leading Swiss distributors for hard disks, optical drives, graphic cards, and other products. In addition to leader products from manufacturers such as Samsung, ASUS, NEC, WD, Seagate,. Corsair offered many exclusive products, for example, of Ramu, HIS, Thermaltake, etc the Swiss trade. As a Swiss computer producer is little bit the Swiss user demands committed. The products of the brand axxiv are built with components from leading manufacturers. The products of the label is characterized by quality, a good price / performance ratio, a wide and versatile range, as well as a customer-oriented service. Little bit technology AG is the Swiss retailers online available. On the online platform the entire offer and lots of information around the clock available. For more information: Little bit technology AG Luzia Warrior Bosch 83 CH-6331 Hunenberg Tel.

XML System

This has the advantage that the author must be bedaten only the exceptions. The display in the editor is so much clearer. Simplifications for dealing with multilingual documents. The users of the standard software COSIMA go! can create with the 3.4 release now also multilingual documents by simply pressing a button. Different language versions of a framework document can be published together in a document. Where any sublanguage contains its own content directory. Additionally is an own title page, Supplement directives and master “-generated content directory.” Usability enhancements make even easier to operate numerous usability improvements in the new release COSIMA. XML attributes in the structure view displays, the Declaration of filtering of validity of has been improved, the insertion of texts from foreign programmes”is possible, via the Clipboard with correct transposition into valid XML Cross-references can be taken out by drag & drop from the outline view, etc.

basically applies to the COSIMA 3.4 release: the software provides maximum flexibility in the application to meet the individual needs, but relies on standards, where these are appropriate. About the software COSIMA COSIMA is a comprehensive and efficient standard software for technical documentation. Its special strength developed COSIMA, if a complete XML system with a high degree of automation is required. While it proved in the various applications of the two-man editorial staff up to large systems with several hundred users. Futurist usually is spot on. The simple and intuitive operation via a graphical user interface (RichClient) with the XML editor.

Interface can be adapted easily and flexibly to your needs. The server can be accessed via the local network, the extranet, or the Internet. Tailored to the use of Internet communication between RichClient and server allows liquid works even at low bandwidths. The OfflineClient allows the checkout modules and documents and their subsequent processing without network access. For the administration of the system and specific tasks, E.g. the hamradio documents, is a browser-based Web client available. COSIMA fits flexibly into existing IT environments. As a server operating system supports Windows, UNIX, and Linux. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or DB2 can be used as database system. DOCUFY DOCUFY is a specialist for professional technical content management systems. Especially companies from the machine and plant engineering, the software industry and apparatus and device construction offers DOCUFY with COSIMA go! a standardized software for fast, efficient, and legally compliant creating technical documentation. COSIMA can operate as standard solution be immediately productive and requires no lengthy introductory phase and individual programming. The company employs headquartered in Bamberg about 35 employees. Through a network of partners, DOCUFY sells its multilingual designed software worldwide. Contact: DOCUFY GmbH Judith Will Kapuziner Street 32, 96047 Bamberg Tel.: + 49 951 20859-6 fax: + 49 951 20859-777 email: contact person for journalists: Petra Erner Tel.: + 49 8806-957238 & + 49-176-24126502 email:

Newsroom Asset

tvbrussel opts for in the future fully Step2e. The Flemish news station in the Belgian capital, all departments with Step2e will work in the future. tvbrussel opts for in the future fully Step2e. The Flemish news station in the Belgian capital, all departments with Step2e will work in the future. Step2e provides integrated workflow from a database with Werbedispo, scheduling, media asset management, resource planning, Newsroom Director control. Step2e AVID iNews replaces in the newsroom. The 1-man Director control Freeflow”controls at tvbrussel including K2 video server from GrassValley, Chyron hyper X m graphics systems and a video mixer from Sony. Traffic and scheduling are integrated into the extant SGT automation.

The media asset management controlled process in the digital life cycle the video server, nearline storage, and tape library. The contract was won by the system Department of the Brussels-based AV group, represents the Step2e as a reseller in Belgium. Peter Rampp, CEO Step2e broadcast AG: we are pleased always especially if we fully equip a station can. Thus we can provide our customers the full potential of the integrated Step2e workflows available. So our customers can reach payback periods of less than one year often.” About the Step2e broadcast AG, the Step2e broadcast AG covers all processes in a modern broadcasters with their TV-company software. All modules (advertising planning, scheduling, Newsroom, media asset management, resource planning and direction control) rely on a database and so interface-free, efficient work. Step2e in Windows, Mac and Linux environments can be used due to the use of Java technology. Step2e has won numerous prestigious Software Awards, including the Duke’s choice award, as well as the best of IBC2010 Editor’s award.