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Over the years, when I teach graduate students, workshops, seminars in various parts of the world touches me the fact that I was financially very successful men talk about their physical illness, his family failures, especially with their children express my problems are related their emotional state by situations that have faced for driving the wrong time. Any man or woman who wants to conquer the steps of real leadership, has to face sooner or later, with oneself and develop the ability to properly coordinate their time in the four areas that make up the life. The essence of good living is to reach self-realization, and as a result get the power to do, taking this simple equation to the ability to have. Many want, without having done so, and many want to do, without having been. Sadly the universal laws of matter, time, energy, and space do not operate in a different guideline, one must first be, to do, and then have. many human beings who exercise executive wonderful profession do not realize that his life was not aligned in the right place, no matter how many professional accomplishments conquer, if not learn to master the art of managing time properly at the end of his life experience pain and regret not having done the right thing. I want you to think about the following: What are the actions that determine a higher priority in your life? Personal development, family, your company, your executive position, physical health, money, etc.

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