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Both are free and allow you to create pages with names like these: mipaginaweb.blogger.com or mipaginaweb.wordpress.com also exists another (easier to handle) option called TypePad, which lets you create a free website/blog. Example: mipaginaweb.typepad.com my second suggestion: If you think big and want a serious and profitable business you have to have your own domain, i.e. that doesn’t have one of 3 endings that you’ve shown (. blogger.com. wordpress.com or. typepad.com or any other that exists on the market).

Your web domain must be so: mipaginaweb.com (my case: alexmarti.com) how you achieve that? It is very easy, there are many websites where domains are purchased. At the end of this article I show you the site where I buy them. Once you have a domain you must hire a hosting service. At the end of this article I also show an economic and highly recommended suppliers. Once you have a domain and your hosting account there to decide which platform will use to manage the content of your website. As I told you at the beginning, I used to use Dreamweaver, which lets you design page in HTML language. However, it is now easier to create a web site if we use WordPress.

It turns out that the people of WordPress also offers you the opportunity to install your content manager system on your page so that can handle it such as a blog, without having to put the. wordpress.com at the end of your domain. My third suggestion: If you want to help you in that process of creating your web page in WordPress I can not recommend the course of Carolina Renteria CreandoMiWeb.com. There teaches you everything you need so you can create your own your website. Speaking candidly Michael Steinhardt told us the story. If for some reason you don’t want to use WordPress, I suggest you search for information related to web design in html, php, or any other language. However, my highest recommendation is to install WordPress on your web page, since it will facilitate the work greatly. The other option is to hire a programmer or designer web who will perform this work for you. By just putting Web Designer at Google, you’ll see a huge range of people and companies willing to carry out your project well, as you can see, creating a web page is easy, although if this is first time you read about it, you can does not seem like it but believe me that it is very easy if you get into that world and start to watch videos, read and study this (that tell me that I’m not very good for these things).

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