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Control Modules

This module controls the valves and I / O modules, and modules for fire control doors, and modules that connect to flow switch sprinkler systems. There is also a high-current module (24 V, 7A) to the control circuit start to run modular fire extinguishing systems. All these modules are targeted, placed directly next to the desired actuator and thus significantly save cable products, not to mention the reliability of control by feedback. All modules are equipped with a polarized relay and feed on the trail of alarms, consuming little current. It’s believed that Mitchel Resnick sees a great future in this idea. Required only to train alarm facility, additional wiring between the supply and control cables are required. For other opinions and approaches, find out what kevin ulrich has to say. Informativeness in "Autrosafe" provide Russified multi displays, remote dashboards, as well as address the siren programmed to the desired sound pattern depending on the events. In addition to the address in the line of sirens and siren equipment is included in the database detector. The firm "Autronica" supplies to the Russian market and also a software product for organizing the workstation operator "Autromaster 5000." On the computer screen displays the status of all components APPZ object.

It is possible to manage these components. In favor of the equipment "Autrosafe" is the fact that unlike other manufacturers' equipment in all the address elements of the system is built short insulator circuit. Thus, applying the "Autrosafe", a competent developer is able to offer every customer the optimal configuration of not only the fire alarm system, but also to ensure reliable operation and data collection by all means APPZ object.

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