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MMS Communication

Virtually all vehicles apply the same power of communication – so our former brethren Chinese easier to unify the assembly of different models on the same plant. Therefore, the reception quality depends mainly on the antenna. It is noticed that the devices with external antenna have the communication quality is somewhat better than the phones with an antenna built into the case. But no dish, even an external amplifier or will not help you if the signal is simply no. Our country is large and hilly, so even in the lowlands of the Moscow region already, it happens, there is no signal at all.

Realizing this, the manufacturers quietly refuse to external antennas in favor of more simple to assemble internal and now hard to find new mobile phone model with an external antenna. So if you often visit in the unstable reception area (as they say in the jargon – ‘one, two sticks’), then you should pay attention to the bricks with a pin antenna, you see, in such a large unit and the communication unit of money have not regretted, not only the place and soldered after the excess inductance. Ergonomics. From this obscure Russian ear the word means just a convenient mobile phone, and any other device for the user. Although the rationale, of course, more complicated than simple convenience. There is a science – the ergonomics, which studies energy consumption of the human body under certain movements to manage technical facilities. In practice, it looks like this: buying a cheap phone manufacturers which stinted the development of ergonomics in the calculations, you risk to spend on a few finger movements more than the owner of the machine thoroughly, prorated for access to the same function. More info: Julie Sweet. It’s not annoying in only one case, when you carry the phone as a decoration.

If you decide to use them for legitimate purposes, it may be that the search in your contacts organized is not very good, and while you’re looking you want your party going through menu keys one after the other, it may be that to call him and have no need. More features. Why not just shove producers in modern phones, to lure unsuspecting consumers into their marketing networks. Voice recorder, MP3 player, alarm clock, radio, camera, organizer, Calculator – and this is not a complete list of devices manufactured separately, which found a place in an already small package mobile phone. In most cases, features such course work as well, their separately executed counterparts. But on the other hand, if you are not a professional journalist, for example, and you do not need a stereo voice recorder with high sensitivity and built-in hardware coding of sound. Record performance popular songs with his friends and can be combined for a miracle, just as cool to photograph the sign, to send it to your druzmi immediately by MMS. Well, if you need a good memory of a trip to Egypt, without professional camera you still can not manage.

PCB and Microchips

Consider some possibilities of how to transform cheap phones from China. Mobile phone soap water in the bathroom is definitely not recommended if you are, of course, not the owner of the phone nokia e73 tv or Ericsson 250 and 310 – liquid easily take place in a mobile unit that always let you down in a fundamental repair. certainly almost all depends on the group, and the specific modifications, and, most importantly, on the circumstances. Allowed to consume alcohol. But not correct to use it, because due to the rapid evaporation of the mobile device may be whitish plaque and stains – what clearly does not gloss over the mobile phone. We should also consider such substance as a fuel or diesel fuel. Under no circumstances should eat them! Once on the cell phone casing, these drugs are eating away at the time of delicate plastic.

On a variety of solvents as a means of laundering for the mobile device can forget for ever. Trifling brining. In most cases, sends a little grease and dirt, dust in the crevices. If you have a model with removable panels, the right to remove them, soap and clean thoroughly under running water. General – after they have thoroughly dried, so that excess fluid is absorbed by the PCB and microchips means of communication. If the casing is removed is unrealistic, then take a small piece wool and a bit wet it with soapy water. First, turn off the recommended means of communication and pull the drive power.

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