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Harry Potter

In general, all of this, of course, we must look. But where? In the cinema, by itself, but always there in 3D? You know, I think it is not necessary. I can not explain clearly what it was, perhaps, that was originally filmed for cinema experience and the usual 3D made in haste. Whatever it was, but the effect of the presence and much less than in made just below the 3D Avatar" or popular science films about the underwater world. Moreover, I had the persistent impression that the copy that shows in traditional cinemas, more vivid and clear than the 3D version.

Well special effects look equally good in both versions. Visualized the entire story is good. Although it is still sharper than you understand, if he saw the first version of "The Battle of the Titans", filmed in 1981, the present – a remake of that film. The script was significantly redesigned, something added, something taken away. In particular, the mechanical owl was removed, companion of the goddess Athena. Looked like the dream of Harry Potter is really strange in today's "Battle" before going to Perseus extracts the exact copy of her from the chest and pulling the wings. The other characters and do not compare.

Saddled jinn scorpions, Medusa, the snake gently on the columns of his lair (in the hall heard a couple of times terrified screams: "Do not you see there, do not look!"), a stunning Charon, merged and grown into his boat, and nightmarish Stygian witches, not to be remembered the night, and he Kraken … However, it is a bit like Alien, but it's better this way than if he looked like his namesake from the "Pirates of the Caribbean." Another pleasant surprise moment: even such a poor actor to play the material for the most part looked decent. Perseus so generally did the impossible: brings to his role some dramatic moments. For example, when the whole quest to give up their opportunities at the end, though he grew up, realize that you can use the divine attributes, and gadgets and at the same time be yourself. So in the beginning, of course, when a family loses and finds himself in Argos. And in the middle of the movie once – manage to turn the viewer is not bored. So go to the movies, appreciate the efforts! Collect company more, but do not make noise in the hall: the rest of the audience too interesting!


Of course, the movie will be interesting skyline in the 1st place fiction lovers, as well as disaster films. Let me remind you that the authors are the creators of the movie '2012 '. The film's budget – 10 million dollars. This film tells the viewer that humanity as a sudden visit "something" other reason, unknown civilizations. And pays a visit to this very unknown reason not to shake the man's hand and invited to a friendly conversation, that is, very clearly set aggressive! Naturally this is not the first film on a similar theme. BP will not settle for partial explanations. Before him were all the famous "Independence Day", not the worst, "War of the Worlds," as topic is touched upon in a rather interesting film "Cloverfield." After party group of friends wake up to what the window hits the bright lights. They see how people on the street pulls a pillar of light, and they rise up somewhere.

Shortly thereafter, the planet begins cleanup the remaining people. Survivors have to fight for life with alien creatures. In general theme of the attack and highly aggressive aliens, with their sophisticated technology has recently become incredibly relevant. In this vein can be an insane amount of time to philosophize, recalling the history of mankind and drawing an analogy with it. In view of this we will see, and lucky enough, and read a lot of, hopefully, quality material. And a little bit about what some blurry viewing experience. Unfortunately it was the ending, which seemed to me a chur fantastic.

But this is, as they say, someone like. And I would have to place the writers would think of her better. Unbanal story plus stunning special effects – that's what first attracted to this film. Plus, the dynamics of the thriller-action does not stop for a second. Pleasant watch a movie!

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