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Educational Courses Online

ImasterD is the new website on the bet MASTERD to offer services using the Internet in full training as a channel to conduct the training. IMasterD begins offering online courses on the main office software market (such as Word, Excel or Access), which is necessary to know both personally and professionally. New technologies are present in our lives for what they know how to use a secured computer and its applications is essential to finding a job. 97.8% of Spanish companies with more than 10 employees have computers, according to the report published by ONTSI in 2008. Learn office and use a computer is necessary both personally and professionally. IMasterD is aware of it so it fits the needs of today's market offering in its online training portal simple and useful to users. The training offer has launched this portal is focused on office automation courses (word processors, spreadsheets, email or Internet) as well as use of personal computers.

These online courses offer all the benefits of training through the Internet: Available 24 hours a day. The schedule is marked by the student. Not depend on any schedule. Courses can be done when you want. The pace of the course is the student.

Everyone progresses at their pace. You only need a computer and an Internet connection no matter where the student. The course can be from any country in the world. You only need to speak Spanish. The courses are purchased and developed from the website imasterd. com, guided in simple steps and using a secure system. There are several levels of the most popular courses, which is essential for each student receives the kind of training you really need. The training offer creceraa IMasterD along this year because the demand for training exists. IMasterD offers as introductory offer their products a summer promotion with discounts in the prices of all their courses. We encourage you to visit this new service that gives you MASTERD scope.

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