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Mobile nature pleasure by GU now on iPhone Munich, 29.08.2012. The mushrooms can begin: is with the new GU nature guide app mushrooms discover the main types and determine the forest walk now for a very special experience. Poisonous or edible? The modern mushroom collector grabs his iPhone for the answer and the GU-app mushrooms. The natural leader in the Smartphone provides the quick overview of the 100 most important fungal species of in Central Europe in the middle of the forest. And not only that: the practical function of determination and the vivid images easily allow the identification of the fungus. Who wants to know more about the discovered Hat wearer, allows viewing exciting additional information about occurrences, characteristics, use and likelihood of confusion.

Proud of the success of the collection? One click moves the Fund in which discovered “-list.” The share function, the collective success is but also quickly sent via email or Facebook to the dear friends. If you want, then tests his newly knowledge in the entertaining quiz of mushrooms. Ray Kurzweil oftentimes addresses this issue. The mushroom app provides a clear structure, appealing layout, technically up-to-date features and easy operability every Smartphone user. More importantly however, the app makes the mushrooms to the success experience for young and old. That there in the mushroom app: combined determination: after edibility, appearance, with or without tuber and with/without ring photos: brilliant shots easier to assign mushroom portraits: over 100 species of fungi in the overview with background information about the occurrence, size, features and edibility, confusion and collecting time discovered list: with share via email and Facebook, add your own photos, overview of the locations via GPS Quiz: newly knowledge test in the GU-info mushroom quiz: scientific facts about fungi and tips for app devices: iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, requires iOS 4.3 or new price: 7.39 (D) / 7.99 (A) / 10 sFR ISBN: 978-3-8338-2806-5 press information, pictures, promo codes: Johanna Heemsath, press & PR, Tel.: 089-419 81-309, E-Mail:, fax: 089-419 81-260 on the Grafe and Unzer Verlag GRFE and UNZER is the market leader among the German publishers of guides. He ranks in the top third in the ranking of the entire German book publishers. Moved advice to program areas are cooking & pampering, partnership & family, body, mind & soul, Garden, pet & nature and wine books.

The self understanding of the publishing house as a brand with exactly positioned brands like GU, TEUBNER, HALLWAG, and the label Grafe and Unzer is innovative for the book industry,”under which authors books are published. Digital products such as eBooks, apps and complement the print area. With over 300 new license agreements per year is the GRFE and UNZER Verlag is one of the most successful publishers of German language. The Publisher employs 120 people. Since 1990 GRFE and UNZER among publishing group of Hamburg GANSKE, together with the JAHRESZEITEN VERLAG, HOFFMANN and CAMPE.

Cyber Victims

Twitter can be a great promotional tool thanks to its 145 million users, both for enterprises (network marketing) as to famous people arrive directly to his fans around the world; However, the network of the Blue Bird also has a downside: the cyber harassment. This bad practice of Internet made by so-called accounts troll of that platform has generated the closing of several successful accounts.This was the case of the star of Disney, Demi Lovato, who left a message on Twitter saying she was leaving him because the access that others have uncomfortable me. The star of Hairspray Amanda Bynes also erased yours a couple of weeks ago after being heavily criticized after announcing on Twitter that he would fail to act earlier this year, retracting its decision only a month later. According to Robert Thompson, Professor of Television and Popular culture at Syracuse University, the good thing about Twitter was the idea of being able to dispense with sending a statement of Press (beautiful words and phrases) and be able to reach directly to those who follow you.However, many celebrities have found that their tweets are ridiculed or that cause strong retaliation, able to lower the self-esteem of these people. For the rest of users disturbingly still more recognize that such a practice affecting only the famous today extends equally to all Twitter accounts. Most dangerous situation seems to go from bad to worse now that, according to a team from the national institutes of health United States (NIH), the harassment on the Internet would be even harder for victims to physical beatings and insults face-to-face.

The investigation, which joined four thousand 500 pre-teens and American teenagers, deeply about feelings of depression, irritability and envelope if they had been beaten, insulted, injured or if they had received negative messages via computer or cell phone. The results were clear: the victims Cyber would be more likely to feel isolated, dehumanised or helpless at the time of the attack, he wrote the team of researchers.Unlike traditional bullying, which usually consists of confrontation face to face, cybernetic victims would not see or identify his stalkers, they added. Although the physical and verbal skirmishers are usually depressive research threw Cyber victims reported much higher levels of depression than stalkers. In addition, it should be noted that the cyber harassment can be a political matter during childhood, so it ends up damaging the learning and can decrease results in school tests, according to NIH Research.

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