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GLP Technology

Packaging industry relies on self-explanatory displays and easy menus Bonn/Dusseldorf – graphic designer John Maeda had in his youth a key experience, which became a cornerstone of his work on the laws of simplicity: our instructor used unorthodox methods: he taught us not swimming, but most of the time we should learn, to sit back and to gain confidence in the water. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger has much experience in this field. Then came the decisive moment: he urged us to go forward and to paddle – with arms and legs and suddenly I swam. The Professor for media art at the Media Lab of the Massachusetts explains I realized that I could always swim – I had just no confidence to the water”, Institute of technology in Cambridge. Vision of Maeda: just like at the swimming human technical devices should rely on his intuition. Devices with self explanatory displays woke up the user confidence and put him in a State of relaxation. Simplicity – Maeda’s Guide to the Simplicity in the digital age makes it clear how this concept can be the cornerstone of organisations and their products, and why it will prove as a driving force for economy and technology. This idea pursued the technology manufacturer Bizerba from Balingen in the development of the GT-12 c.

The latest generation of operator terminals controls price labellers as well as Logistiketikettierer of the GLP and GLM series and has a lot on the box. The touch screen with colour display to the user-friendly user interface: the operator Terminal is clearly structured and easy to use. It is more or less self explanatory. This is nowadays necessary, because no one has more time with complicated technology to fight”, Dieter Conzelmann, explained responsible for the worldwide product and application management for Bizerba industrial systems, at the Dusseldorf trade fair Interpack. Information conveyed with simple graphical representation. Soft keys can use self explanatory pictures or pictograms deposited be. Thus, the user is familiar with all functions quickly and intuitively. By the Fund of the color in the background to the company logo: In conjunction with the user interface GT-softControl can be configured to custom design the screen.

About so-called quick buttons, the operation can be speeded up considerably. After calling the number of the article, the label containing the data on the screen can be displayed. Thus, a further review before the actual award process is possible and also for the positioning of the labels on the packaging. The GT is packed-12C in a rugged stainless steel case.

Kingdom Computer

The British citizens who have history of bad credit can apply for computer finance bad credit. Computer finance bad credit is available in secured and unsecured form. Computer is one of the most common and important electronic gadgets of the modern world. A modern man without a computer with him is just what one cannot imagine. It is easy to comprehend the overwhelming popularity of the computer just following the recent record of the turnover achieved by the producing and selling companies of the computer. Nevertheless, it is not always possible for most of the men and women to have a computer of their choice. The reason behind this is that the price tag of a standard computer having the latest provisions is enough to create tremors in the wallet.

Hence, a section of the people considers securing the finance from any lender. True it is still that many of them have messed up their history of credit. Against this scenario, computer finance bad credit appears to be the perfect choice for the ones who want to own a computer. The phrase ‘computer finance bad credit’ clearly indicates that the lender would not consider the history of credit or would not bother to check it When he advances any loan amount to any borrower of this child. The fact it is still that computer finance bad credit is available in the market in two categories: secured and unsecured.

The loan seeker aiming at securing computer finance bad credit in secured must have valuable property which he would pledge against form the amount of loan to be offered by the lender. The lender wants to enjoy a right to grab the collateral assets if the borrower fails to pay back the borrowed amount. Of course, the lender wants to warn him more than once before taking possession of the said property. Collateral property is not asked from the borrower when the lender offers computer finance bad credit in unsecured form. Stricter form are the terms and conditions in the unsecured. The comparatively high Council of interest are and the period for reimbursement is shorter. The amount of loan to be offered is fixed by the lender. The lender takes a decision assessing the financial potency of the loan-seeker. The borrower must be a citizen of United Kingdom and he must be over 18 he must have on annual income of about 12,000. it is important that he must be working in any officially accepted establishment. He got so have checking account. The borrower is allowed to apply online and online of submission of loan application is comfortable. Thomas Traint is author of laptops no credit Check.For more information about no.

Heiko Wenzel PressService

The pocket – book consists of real photo prints on heavy cardboard. The 22 up to 98 pages for up to 100 photos in place. Photo bags The even designable photo bags in two formats not only for young people are trendy, young, dynamic and flexible, to show their photos and creative graphic ideas in everyday life. The high-quality durable nylon bags with intelligent compartments are free on the photo bag XXL with a pressure range of 38.2 x 28.5 cm and on the photo bag with 23.6 x 19.6 cm. All photo books can be completed in a few minutes without any software installation and thus directly on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers.

Availability and prices is the real photo photo book from Euro 6.99 at photo book/real photo taschenbuch.html available. Pricing and volume discounts are offered by posterXXL for users. The photo bag XXL is available for EUR 24.99 and the camera bag for euro 19,99 under photo gifts/photo taschen.html now. About posterXXL – the poster specialists to the full-range supplier up to the year 2008 the Munich posterXXL AG with in-house production had its focus on the establishment of Large-format printing in the consumer and B2B market segment. Focused on quality, the use of latest technologies and effective marketing was awarded posterXXL several times for its economic success as well as for its high-quality printed products.

The acquired know-how was worked with in the last two years intensively on the integration of new print products. The product portfolio was so since 2008 more than doubled. With the classification of the product worlds “Your photo in large”, photo book, photos/maps, individual calendars, photo gifts, as well as the motif database with millions of images to select posterXXL is one of the largest providers for photo printing products in the market.

PlanB And The Pension Provision

You want after a long working life not almost empty-handed there is known you the difference between plan A and plan B? Probably not, because otherwise you would use have plan B. Plan A is the kind and way in which most people work and you make money. Most people invest in their 40-year working life 80,000 hours of their personal time of life to a salary to get. And entering the legal retirement age there is on top for this paid 80,000 hours still average about 1,200, 00 pension a month: from today’s perspective, this is something more than a Hartz 4-receiver receives monthly. Plan B is another way. He gives the Termini with a to be determined by you even weekly working hours, but at least 8 hours per week, an annual income of 70,000, achieving 00 and more. At the same time you provide for a pension at least as high. That sounds for you to “too good to be true”? Yes! I was thinking the same thing! Until I the Courage had to start…

My wife has also started yet for three months intensive the hook at the thing wanted… She is …dann. “It is just too awesome to not start it” was your result. You’re brave! Go new ways! Know that you want to stand there after a long working life with almost empty-handed! You begin to think as most people already now differently with a pension of 1,200, 00 per month deal must, because you read this information on the website plan B. planb/index.htm Corsicareiki seminars & coaching Andreas may residence Clos des Orangers F-20138 Porticcio


Hartlauer for Fotoworld can in Hartlauer, there are Fotoworld waiting with many new features around the photo book always new to discover the photo range around on the photo book and co is regularly to news expanded and adapted the software and the online shop to the customer wishes. From February, Hartlauer goes but a whole step further and makes the site a relaunch, which will offer a better orientation and menu guide the customers in addition to an attractive graphic design. The user interface and usability in the Center stood during the current revision of the online shops and photo software. As the biggest innovation a completely new software developed for the creation of photo books and photo products, which is easier to use and also more features to the design. You are available free on the website and can be downloaded as both Windows, Mac and Linux version.

The creation of professional individual photo books and articles is now more intuitive, allowing more freedom in the design and succeed in the blink of an eye. Who has still not enough time to make one or several photo books, can take now the new CEWE photo book design service. Trained designers assume the professional design of the book according to the specifications of the customer, who must set a style and format for his photobook and uploads his photos. The design is finished, the photo book will be made available online and may be inspected. It pleases the customer, he simply clicks on order”and it also already done the work for him. Still new to the Hartlauer Fotoworld: new product editors, Gallery function, improved help pages and a detailed FAQ section. And also in the range of photo books and photo products, there are new features: new features for photo book, calendar formats, and gift items.

German Employer Day

The marketing initiative ‘ boost your sales’ occurs on German employers day on 19 November 2013 the major decision makers of the German economy. Represented with its own stand the boost marketing initiative is your sales”on German employers day on November 19, 2013 in Berlin. The most important meeting of the German economy as a whole for the first time held in the former building of airport Berlin-Tempelhof. Organizer is the Federal Association of German employers associations. During the event, the initiative informs on their stand on new challenges and potential for value creation in the field of trade fairs and events. Three specialized companies, which have set itself the goal, with a cross-disciplinary approach to generate more sales success per exhibition stand behind the catchy slogan boost your sales”. The Hamburg-based company step is one in the triad of the solution provider for holistic Enterprise presentations at trade fairs and events.

Also, the experts come from the Hanseatic City of in’ concept. You are the forge of ideas for sales communication and implement a targeted implementation. Last but not least the Wuppertal brings the digital expertise company guest-one in subscriber management and guest organization in the initiative. “” Boost your sales “has done the math: an average 11 per cent of the annual turnover lost through misunderstandings and friction at the interface between marketing and sales”, Oliver Maitre, Managing Director of guest-one reported. A fact the even Achim Schmitzer and Gerd Wutzler, Managing Director of in’ concept and step one, do not want to accept. Therefore the marketing initiative against resource waste with a manifest.

For the goal of boost your sales”, to generate more leads per square metre, should cooperate in future close and coordinated the divisions marketing and sales. A total of eight points, the program, which can be requested free of charge from the website against a registry is strong. With the core demand for seamless connections and the marketing initiative boost occurs the link of all resources your sales”at the German employers tag to the appropriate target group. In addition to the President of the employers, including Federal President Joachim Gauck to the participants of the German employer day will speak.

Bad Credit Loans: Helping The People With Bad Credit!

People who are in need of money, despite of having poor credit record can avail the loans bad credit. In the tough financial situation, people look for options that can help them to tackle the situation. Generally, they go for loans that can help them instantly. To get the loan approved is itself a very hard task. It needs lot of paper work done.

This consumes much time in the urgent needs. Moreover, people with good credit history can avail the loans very easily. But the people with bad credit record have to make large efforts to get the loan from lenders or financial institutions. Now, the people with credit bad record need not to get tensed in the urgent financial needs. There are loans that help them in financial urgencies. Bad credit loans are one of the loans that are helping the poor credit people in their financial emergencies. You can meet all your needs instantly by availing the loans for bad credit. In the when all other doors to get the financial help time are of urgencies, closed, bad credit loans are real help.

Borrowers can avail these loans as secured and unsecured loans bad credit. Both the loans are easily available. In the secured loans, the borrower will place collateral against the loan amount. Of interest rate is lower in this case. On the other hand, unsecured bad credit loans are available. Here, no collateral is placed as security against the loan amount. Thus, the rate of interest is higher in the unsecured loans. In secured loans, the loan amount that can be availed ranges from 5000 75000. repayment of the loan can be done in 5-25 years. In the unsecured loans, the borrower can avail the amount ranging from 1000 25000. repayment of the loan can be done in 1-10 years. Bad credit holders can avail the loan online. Just fill up on easy application form with all the details. Once the loan is approved, the entire loan amount will be transferred in to the borrower’s bank account. This loan gives the chance to bad credit people to improve their bad credit history. If you are so looking for financial help and having bad credit history, go for easily available bad credit loans. Ella Trant is financial advisor of Long Term Loans For bad credit People.For more information about no. credit loan long term, long term loans, loans for the unemployed unemployment visit

The Dolomitenmann 2010: The Team Of Detectives Ulm

“Rafting, kayaking & mountain running, paragliding – the hardest relay race of the world Dolomites man held in early September in the Lienz Dolomites” extreme sports experts say is surely one of the toughest sports events around the world. 110 teams consisting of fight out of 4 athletes – a mountain runner, a para-glider, a canoeist and a mountain biking – in the relay race against rugged mountain slopes, unpredictable weather conditions, breakneck downhill and ice-cold whitewater. The Dolomitenmann 2010 competition is divided into a professional and amateur class, where each team is free to start in the Pro class. For the applicant, it comes to prize money and material assets the equivalent of 40.000,-. But rather is one of the common competition with the World Elite – fractions of seconds and of course fame and glory. Sponsor: economic detective agency Ulm stamina and fighting spirit of the participants have the entrepreneur Martin Ulm moved the sponsorship for the team to take over Hannes Kanade. The team of detectives Ulm: diedetektive.at Kloiber Hannes, -Mountain runner Wansch Bernhard, AUT – AUT paragliding Hornhofer Kevin, AUT – canoeist Engleitner Martin, AUT – mountain bikers agency Martin Ulm – sponsor – the company which Ulm is detective agency Martin is a State-licensed private detective agency that handles investigations, research, observations, evidence assurance and reporting in Vienna, Austria and in all EU countries for private and corporate customers. Contact: Detective Agency Martin Ulm Laimgrubengasse 6/10 A-1060 Vienna Austria phone: + 431 91 388 74 fax: + 431 96 685 96 email:

No. Equity Home Loan: Truly Beneficial!

When the loan amount is unsecured by the equity of the borrower s home, the loan is known as no equity home loan. The the no equity home loans are loans in which the home owner-borrower will get the loan amount equal or more than the value of property through mortgage. People can avail the loan easily as there are number of lenders and financial institutions that are providing these loans. People are more opting for the method of online applying for these loans in order to save their valuable time and energy. There are number of online lenders that are making this home loan available in the short period of time. As happens in other cases of the loans, there are some conditions that are required by to applicant to apply for this home loan.

These loans are provided at high rate of interest by the calendar and the financial institution. The loan is provided at 2% – 5% higher Council of than the Council of the loan availed through traditional home equity loans. The borrowers should avail the loan amount from the no equity home loans only in case of desperate needs. Number of charges and fees are applied to the borrower in the case of no-equity home loans. Thus, people should’nt avoid taking these home loans as much as they can.

There are different charges and fees by different lenders applied loans in thesis. Thus, valuable information should be collected before availing the loan through any lender or financial institution. It is always better to look for the lender that proved the loan at low rate of interest. Easier lot he should be having easy terms and conditions that makes the repayment of the loan. The loan amount that a borrower can avail using the no equity home loan depends upon the market value of his home. Most calendar offers the loan more than 20-25% of the value of the borrower’s home. If the person requires money urgently and there is no other source for him to avail other loan, then he should’nt go for no. equity home loans. They are one of the risky and expensive loans. People who are suffering from bad credit history can thus avail the no equity home loan. Aaden Marsh is Advisor of home equity loans Australia.For any information regarding home equity loans, seniors home equity loans visit

Bonner Software House

The Bonner Software House concrete logic GmbH and the Munich software company Baker Park GmbH agreed the partnership with a common SaS solution is offered to the clients on the 25.3.2010. Bonn, April 20, 2010 – creates the successful integration of the interface WITAmin concrete logic in the AgorGate order platform of bi taro a powerful SaS solution, a cheap way of shopping without their own investment in infrastructure allows the small and medium-sized carriers. The common order platform AgorGate is constantly evolving and with new products and solutions adapted to the customer needs and market requirements. Customers benefit by the presence at two locations in Munich and Bonn through shorter transportation routes, which allows better communication with the customer. WITAmin covers all functions of the WITA interface as a standard product and is easily expandable with little effort due to its flexibility.

It supports the current WITA specifications and in addition the Standard WBCI”for the exchange of porting requests and the so-called 3 process. AgorGate offers telecommunications services out of the box, re seller products and the automation of business processes. The WITA interface one of these telecommunications services to Deutsche Telekom. The cooperation aims to present the platform of AgorGate together with WITAmin WITA-SaS model. About bi taro: BI taro supports companies in the development work in all phases of software development and optimized business processes. Software engineering is one of your core competencies. BI Taro’s strength lies in the creation of sophisticated and innovative solutions. You achieve this by combining the systematic approach of engineers and the pragmatic application of concepts of software engineering.

BI taro combines the advantages of the classical methods of software development with the lean methods of light-weight processes. This allows you a wide range of applications internally within the company and externally as a consulting and development instance. The usage of BI taro make proven technologies and modern concepts with appropriate skills and experience to the reliable consultants and development partner with short induction and development times. About concrete logic: Concrete logic is a specialist for complex software projects, especially with modern Java technologies. To highlight is the integrated approach with a particular focus on methodically supported project and quality management in the implementation of individual solutions. Thematic focal points are commercial applications of the customer and inventory management to accounting systems and sales management (CRM). The service-oriented interface solutions for telecommunications providers deserve special attention here. Concrete logic with its partners covers the range from business process analysis to development, integrating solutions to quality assurance and commissioning. Marco Moers

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