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Spain Debt

Experts predicted a Black Monday for French banks. And so it has been. The four major banks Gallic recorded an important drop in the bag at half-time: BNP Paribas lost 13.2%; Credit Agricole 9.5% and Societe Generale 10.3%, among others. These losses are in addition to what has been a grim year. A fact: only Societe Generale has lost since January a 60%. The cause must be sought, according to French experts, in the increasingly more than likely bankruptcy Greek and its possible and fearsome effect dominated in the countries of the euro zone debt crisis. This weakens much to French banks that have money invested in public debt in those countries. According to Le Journal Du Dimanche, the French banking treasures almost EUR 50 billion billeted on sovereign debt, the majority in Italy, but also in Greece, Portugal and Spain. Source of the news:: the big French banks falls due to its exposure to the debt of Greece

Leave Without Internet

The FBI is performing an operation of cleaning and elimination of the DNSChanger Trojan virus. This kind of malware infects computers, changing your DNS settings, and redirecting the user to malicious or fraudulent pages. DNS servers are used to translate the URL entered by the user in the corresponding public IP. If the query is made to a malicious DNS server, the URL will be translated with the public IP address of a website specially designed by the attacker malicious. On March 8, the FBI will proceed at the close of the malicious DNS server that configures the virus in infected computers, so that all those users with virus in execution will remain without access to the network (not have translation of URLs to public IPs).

To rectify the problem, it must be disinfected the machine, so that we ensure that the requests go to a trusted DNS server. For this purpose, an on-demand scan, can be done using an anti-malware protection with the updated signature file. Once is disinfect equipment, may set up a public DNS in the network parameters, or obtain one through DHCP. It is necessary to reapply the network configuration, either by restarting the network driver, or making any change in settings involving the re-aplicacion of it. Do not run virus, requests will be resolved now in a truthful manner, and the problem will be solved.

It is not necessary to wait for March 8 to check if your computer is infected (will be left without navigation). Any user can check if your computer is infected from the page:. Audea Seguridad de la Informacion. Jose Francisco Londinez Security Department TIC.

3D Digital Character

They have made EP pass by one of the singers of the Japanese group AKB48. Eguchi Aimi is the fruit of the union of the features of 6 Asian youth. The complete design of Eguchi Aimi holds a total of 150 GB. The design of 3D digital character continues to improve its quality and is becoming more difficult, not to say impossible, distinguish whether a character is real or not. The latter case is Eguchi Aimi, a Japanese design that has been passing by one of the singers of the Japanese group AKB48.

Eguchi Aimi has managed to fool the thousands of fans of the group thanks to a quality never before sight. The creators have revealed that the young man is actually a digital recreation 3D fruit of the union of the features of 6 Japanese girls. In the movie Simone, directed by the writer of the show of Truman, Andrew Niccol, and starring by Al Pacino, are already exploiting the idea of a designer creates an actress so realistic that he managed to pass as a real person among the spectators. Technology continues to evolve and it seems that this idea is already a reality. Eguchi Aimi has passed as a real member of a successful Japanese band thanks to the graphic quality achieved in its design. Those responsible for the project have submitted a video that was unveiled that the young woman was not real and they showed the process of its creation. Eguchi Aimi is the fruit of the union of the features of 6 Asian youth.

Programmers have used different features of real people to create Eguchi Aimi, a girl who apparently has perfect features. In the video you can see how developers have chosen the hair of one of the models, the eyebrows of another, the nose of another, and thus give up with their own design which makes Eguchi Aimi is not playing an actress but an actress with its own identity. The quality of the design is simply spectacular and shows levels of detail and unprecedented realism. According to the news blog, the complete design of Eguchi Aimi holds a total of 150 GB, which gives an idea of the complexity of its programming and the level of detail. The design, made entirely in 3D, allows their creators play three-dimensional movements with Eguchi Aimi, which has allowed that the digital actress moves and acts like a real girl. Designs like these are a test of technological developments and the potential of the digital age. It seems that it is a reality that Simone is possible and increasingly closer. Source of the news: the story more realistic digital actress deceives the Japanese

Chinese Executive

China is characterized by a strong control over all information or opinion on the Internet. Sociologists see a most impossible mission trying to censor the flow of information in the network according to grow possibilities to publish on the Internet. Blogs, forums, microblogs, social networks multiply, grow, and are increasingly strong enemies for a Government accustomed to curb freedom of expression. China stands firm in its battle to control all the flow of information circulating in their media and Internet but is the Asian country trained to control the growing threat posed by social networks and possible cto in public opinion?. When in the year 221 BC Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor of unified China, considered began the construction of a wall that would protect him from feudal lords who threatened his power, many considered an impossible dream their aspiration. Today, more than 22 centuries later, China builds and another wall, invisible but equally effective, it maintains a barrier that slows down the freedom of expression of its more than 1,300 million inhabitants and that hinders the expansion of the Internet in the Asian giant, a project which, according to experts, trying to encompass the unfathomable.

China aims to control each and every one of the movements and views of its inhabitants. It is impossible and by much censorship that applied to the Internet always emerge new ways of communication, says Gao Feng, a sociologist who lives in Beijing. The last of these pathways cited by Gao and he has given a twist more in the pressure exerted by the Chinese Executive on the network is Weibo, the microblog most important with more than 200 million users in China, where Twitter is censored. The publication of some messages with direct accusations to the authorities in cases such as the murder of a young woman in Wuhan, capital of the central province of Hubei, or resale of blood donations from bags, led to the Executive to demand from Weibo to close those accounts that disseminate hoaxes.

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