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At a time when almost everyone has a home PC, some users have access to internet, everyone has a cell phone, some people still do drawings with pencil and eraser and a ruler. Although available to purchase the licensed version of AutoCAD or the same compass and do drawings faster and easier. During the digital must fulfill all the drawings on the computer, instead of doing all the hands and wear a tube stack of drawings. Drawings 'by hand' inferior electronic drawings of the practicality and convenience. Here are some major benefits not paper drawings: 1. Easy adjustment.

To fix this blot on the paper drawing must be erased pencil and redraw, and the appearance of such a document is much suffering. Electronic drawings can be adjusted arbitrarily and at times the type of document is not affected. 2. The high dimensional accuracy. Any size parts, the weight can be set straight up of a millimeter, and be absolutely sure that it is of such dimensions and details are after the printout.

3. Practicality. You can forget about the big long tube. Now your tube – a small fleshechka. On the Flesh-drive fit Binder drawing very different sizes. And the most convenient, that your drawing can be forwarded anywhere in the world for tens of seconds! This is the main but not the full benefit of the drawings in Compass. But what if the pile is often used drawing paper and all of them? How to convert them into electronic form? The answer will be forthcoming. Will help you manually vectorized drawings. Vectorized drawing (digitizing drawings) – the process of transformation Raster drawing in the form of scans, photos, etc. in numerical form. There is a bend in the sale, through which you can automatically transfer pictures to a vector, but they do not give the desired result. Personal time spent on editing improper recognition of automatic digitizing almost always higher than for manual tracing. How not to automatically digitize a document? It's quite easy to perform yourself. First we need to scan raster document with high quality. After receiving the pictures you want to import AutoCAD drawing in the environment. How would you not carefully scanned paper drawing of the segments are not absolutely vertical and absolutely horizontal. To rotate a bitmap image at a small angle and to overlay the horizontal lines in the raster image and vector in AutoCAD. Well, after a technical matter. You should draw a diagram, that is circled figure. The accuracy is 0.5 mm at the exact contours. The matter of five minutes? No, this is not the case. I have verified that the drawing medium intensity A1 obvedesh for 4-5 hours. Complex and highly saturated drawings are enclosed to A1 10 (!) Hours. And this despite the fact that I was drawing professionally translated, it means you'll spend even more time. You can simply order plans from the pros. Professionals who are 'stuffed arm' for computerization paper drawings. They are short and cheap vectorized everything from drawing any detail, ending with topographical plans and maps. The choice is yours, do yourself vectoring or order from the pros.

PVC Repair

Repair of windows – a service that requires a rapid and high quality professional performance. Repair of plastic windows can in no case be postponed, because the plastic windows without repair may reduce the level of home security. Another reason to hurry the repair is to increase the power consumption, resulting in increased amounts in the accounts for payment. When all of the same glass needs repair? deformation of wood window frame from moisture, blow glass, scratches, tightness of PVC windows, window hardware depreciation, freezing windows double-glazed window to the constant formation of condensate, an error during installation plastic and wooden windows, a violation of the geometry of the windows. Insufficient attention to the damage to the window may result in the need to replace them, which is much more expensive than repair. Depending on the complexity of repair windows professionals make it at home or in the client's own repair shop. To make a decision about where to do the work appropriately, specialists must make a thorough inspection of the windows, make diagnosis breakage. Repair of windows may be to replace the rubber seals, eliminating gaps and cracks in the additional sealing, which eliminates the causes of freezing windows.

With sagging shutters, which leads to violation of the geometry of the windows, repair work is to regulate the valves, install seals, adjusting the window fittings. If the damage is at least one glass of glass to replace all the windows. However, these professionals perform the action for only a quarter of an hour. If the repair windows caused by problems with furniture, then it can be either repaired or replaced by higher quality. With the replacement of furniture should not be long pull, as the operation of the window system is dependent on it. To avoid problems with the furniture, you should perform maintenance work, either alone or inviting it to a specialist. To solve this problem, there are many different companies involved in repairing plastic windows. But not every company can give you the guarantee of quality rekmontu windows, because both want to merchants today is growing, so trust your home to professionals metal-plastic windows repair order in Kiev

Kitchen Hoods

Choosing and buying a kitchen hood, you have acquired an indispensable aide in the clean air of odors and kitchen furniture of fat droplets. Now the process of cooking becomes more enjoyable and comfortable, with no will have to carefully lock the door to the kitchen for fear of penetration of flavors prepared meals in the room. New exhaust from a serious manufacturer will allow you to feel comfortable at any time while you're in the kitchen. But do not forget that in this kind of technology, as well as for any other required maintenance. In this case, cleaning the surface and replacement of filters, absorbing dirt and odors. As a rule, care for foreign surface of the hood does not cause problems, especially if you choose a built model. Open items are treated with a sponge zhirorastvoryayuschim dish detergent, then wipe dry.

If you do this regularly, but not from case to case, taking care of hood not give you any problems. But apart from the outer surface of the hood needs to care for the internal elements, namely, for the filters. If they do not change for a long time or do not flush, the effective clean air have to forget. All types of filters, hoods, working in two modes – removal and recycling – have filters of two types: the fat to protect against fumes, grease and miscellaneous debris, and carbon, absorbing odors. Grease filters are made, usually of metal or acrylic.

Much more practical synthetic metal, and the replacement is not needed. They must be removed and cleaned – once a month manually or every two months in dishwasher. Of course, if you use the latter to choose the correct mode. And it concerns, first of all, the water temperature. If a filter made of stainless steel, this parameter is not important, then the aluminum at high temperatures darken.

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