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Modern Possibilities Of Laser Engraving

Over the past few years, lasers have become an integral part of our lives. Their scope was sufficiently high. Ranging from enterprises and ending with medicine. But the interesting thing is that everyone can encounter with this technology and become better acquainted. Detail we will focus on laser engraving. The laser beam can penetrate to the required depth and remove the layer of material goods. This allows you to create Product pictures and images of virtually any complexity, ranging from the textual information to complex geometric patterns and figur.Takim way the opportunity to make gifts and to make products individual and exclusive.

Effect of laser virtually harmless to the product. You do not need fixing, because there is no direct mechanical contact. This is one of the important advantages for laser engraving and labeling. Reliability and quality of the process due to the fact that the process is fully automated and computer controlled. The image is applied quickly and has a high resistance. and thanks to this technology of laser engraving has taken its niche in the industry.

Speed and quality make it possible serial orders cheaper, and it plays a huge role in the cost of goods and products. Thanks modern technologies of laser can cause the image to a product that is sensitive to high temperatures, such as plastic, instrument panel and souvenirs. There was the ability to engrave the surface virtually any form. If you want to emphasize your style, add originality, you can create customized products like business card holders, , watches, key rings, etc. Such souvenirs will make the perfect gift! Engraved watch and a good pen will be a surprise for your anniversary! Also in the area of Application of laser technology in manufacturing is laser cutting. This technology is used to different materiala. ac beam allows the cutting materials are of great thickness. From a number of advantages can distinguish high-speed process, narrow cuts, lower the heat affected zone. Laser cutting can produce geometric shapes large degree of complexity. Greater precision cutting and contactless this technology gives a great advantage compared with other types of cutting.

Electric Convectors

Convector – a device that converts electricity into heat without any intermediate heat. This type of hvac equipment refers to a stationary electric heating. The principle of operation reflects the name of the device – 'Convection' – the principle of natural distribution of hot air in the room. Working convector heats the air. The air becomes lighter and rises. In his place comes the cold. Thus, the cycle is formed heating.

Convector connected to the mains for general use and can be used in all types of premises. Often the system heaters serves as the main heating system. Sometimes, this type of heating is the only example where the use of central heating system is not possible (country house, cottage, shopping pavilion, a booth). Installation of convectors (or system convectors) – business simple. Existing models on the market meet all medical, fire and ecological requirements. Work convector not 'burn' oxygen (such as heating elements on the basis of a hot coil).

Heaters are aesthetic, safe and convenient. One of the main advantages of heating by electric heaters are the lowest maintenance costs. If you use a coil as the basic system heating, the costs are obtained by one of the lowest (about 5 – 10 dollars per square meter). Cheaper to just use gas. But in terms of reliability and safety of the convectors no equal. The main characteristics of the heaters are: Power, kW presence and type of thermostat Asked temperature range of Weight and dimensions figures Features (working in a group convectors centralized management, an additional safety thermostat, protection against splashes, etc.). The service life of the majority of convectors up to 15-25 years. Convectors are designed for closed heating systems in which prevented from entering the truboprovovody reactive free oxygen. Carefully designed and assembled, sealed heating system will save heat and wearing parts of the system. Leakage from pipelines require the addition of water, resulting in corroded internal steel surfaces. For the same reason do not want draining the heating system for the summer. Coolant temperature must be ranging from about 120 C, pH ranging from 7 to 9 and the concentration of free oxygen must not exceed 0.02 mg / kg.