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Linux Multiplatform

A micro-enterprise needs like minimum that is guaranteed to him that accessible data that it generated today will be morning. (A valuable related resource: Ray Kurzweil). A company cannot be allowed totally unnecessary expenses being able to enjoy software that it guarantees to him that it happens what always happens will be to its disposition the source code so that this one does not depend on a company for its maintenance but on an increasing community of programmers and users all over the world that works in the development and maintenance of that piece of software. Kevin ulrich follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The importance of a TPV frees and multiplatform One tpv multiplatform offers the simple guarantee that the user does not have to depend on a manufacturer of hardware by more infallible than this can seem and it does not need to put in risk the data of his company. The user can change hardware in all the organization if therefore he considers it advisable and without the disadvantage of licenses of software privative that can stop this type of developments retiring the support of software when it migrates to other platforms of hardware. A TPV frees generally is programmed on lenguages multiplatform like java, Perl or php what tpv of portable free software to almost any type of hardware platform does to one. Ejemplode a TPV frees and multiplatform is OPENBRAVO that is in openbravo. org Andres Hispanic Directory Sanchez I have evolved for more than 6 years like system adiniatrator programmer Linux and. I am a fanatic apacionado by free software and the new technologies generally, the extreme sports and the languages. I practice a diciplina of bicicross well-known like flatland. At the moment recido in Bogota Colombia from where development projects based on free software.

Environmental Monitoring

– An enormous polluting cloud drowns to the metropolitan Monterrey and disappeared, practically, the mountains that surround the city less than lowering the visibility until 500 meters. The situation is alarming. But by no side it is seen or ecological alternatives are listened to that involve all the citizens. More of million 600 thousand automobiles they are polluting factor, but the ecological damage that causes the Refinery of Cadereyta, to the east of the great metropolis is more serious. According to the Secretariat of the federal Environment, the enormous polluting cloud of the refinery of Cadereyta crosses 150 kilometers pushed by ls winds of east the west and it parks in Santa Catarina, blocked by the Mountain range Eastern Mother and enormous and wonderful mountains of the Huasteca. There the industrialists more conoticed and the families live on great economic power who soon will raise the roof.

Fifteen years ago five stations of environmental monitoring settled that are on hills and in places considered by the ecologists as nonstrategic and it is created correctly do not take the reading in microns from pollution. But while environmentalist they denounce the little thing of preventive actions, the state authorities recognize that no longer there are projects nor estimated for public work, that mainly has relation with communication channels that make agile the traffic. To all hour it is common to see in the seven municipalities that conform the metropolitan Monterrey, enormous rows of automobiles that advance slowly. The spending power of the regiomontanos and a transport that does not finish or modernizing itself is part of a formula that it causes that hundreds of new cars go out in whose tracks circulates or the collapse. In addition, given to the proximity with the United States the import of cars of 1995 for back it is already a branch of the commerce and of the million 600 thousand automobiles in circulation, a 20 percent is scrap iron. Thus, the view of the City of Mountains has been opacada by the enormous polluting cream that it covers the metropolis as a result of endebles, political policies environmental incompetent and a population that it does not cooperate because there is no collective strategy. To the Carrier. Soon we will not see nor our nose, tiznada and woman who hides herself with mantel in this enormous pot of smoke that is our city.

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