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Arnold Schwarzenegger

But even as a candidate you do a lot, of course, if you keep these commandments. It's easy, especially since some of them apply only to the preservation of hermetically sealed container. For example, not always you need to know the rules of the sterilization or pasteurization of canned food banks, but the fact that all raw materials, regardless of method of preservation must be carefully and properly prepared, it's the law. Rather, one of the ten commandments, which you will have to comply to raise their status and move to a new level for you an exciting game in the true conservatives. After all, at all stages this game you are waiting for new discoveries, and most importantly, great prizes – a delicious pickles, pickles, preserves, jams – in short, everything that you want to preserve with me. first commandment. Armed with the bare essentials! I hope Do not you think that in order to become a true conservative, you have to arm themselves, like Arnold Schwarzenegger before his first date with a predator? At the beginning of your career in the ranks of conservatives you can do a small set of utensils essentials, which will surely find you in the kitchen. So, prepare a bucket, enamel bowls and pots of various sizes, including the largest for the sterilization or pasteurization cans canned food; pan or skillet, a large colander and a fine sieve and sharp knives, metal and wooden spoons; dimensional cup and a pair of glasses, a grater and grinder or blender.

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