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I received a text this week for reflection, that made really me to reflect very. Although the words are not new, therefore in the half professional, proasset and reagent, they are current terms in the direction of the companies, and all administrative manager knows well what this means. Click William Hughes Mulligan to learn more. However, the objective of the text was making to reflect in them on being proactive not alone in the material life but, also in the spiritual. Then, to be proactive is to be the cause, never the consequncia. when assuming this position, perhaps let us can stop to blame ' ' outro' ' for our misfortune, ours you distress, fears and depressions. According to Steven Covey, the essence of the proactive person is the capacity to lead its proper life. To the edge of what pass its redor, the proactive person decides as it wants to react ahead of these stimulatons and concentrates its efforts in its circle of influence, that is, if it dedicates to those things with relation which if can make something.

by means of this affirmation, to my compelled me mind to think on the mediunidade. We are today mdiuns proactive or reagents? It will be that we can affirm that today, already exists the agreement, that mdium is not in none settles (incorporation)? Or it will be that still we live a time, where mdium is a passive being that is waiting that something magical happens, and takes account of its body and its mind? Well friends, I believe that the time arrived to assume responsibility for our choices. I believe that the moment of in them becoming better people is fond each time, next to the Light, so that the entities can really fulfill its mission. Therefore, from the moment that we increase our vibration, we create a propitious mental affinity the captation of the thought of these entities, transmitting with our words its teachings.

Perpetual Life

What it is been born of the meat is meat, and what it is been born of the Spirit he is esprito.’ ‘ (id.vv.5, 6) Then, when the person, for the faith in Jesus Christ, dies for the world and is born of new, that is, it is born of the Spirit, it immediately leaves the sad reality of the death spiritual (Ef.2: 4,5), do not enter more in judgment, and pass to the Perpetual Life: ‘ ‘ In truth, in I say to truth that who hears you my Word, and believes in it sent that me, has the Perpetual Life and it does not enter in judgment, BUT ALREADY IT PASSED OF the DEATH for the Vida.’ ‘ (Jo.5: 24) When we try the New Birth, when we pass of the death for the Life, it means that God, the Father, immediately ‘ ‘ it took off in them of the power of the darknesses, and in it carried to the Kingdom of its loved Son; ‘ ‘ (Cl.1: 13). The darknesses exerted in us a power very spiritual great (Hb.2: 14), and therefore we were blind: ‘ ‘ Therefore that one in who does not have these things is blind, ‘ ‘ (2Pd.1: 9). For other opinions and approaches, find out what EXL Service has to say. E, as well as the blind person lies in the natural darknesses of its visual deficiency, us lay in the darknesses spirituals of the perpetual perdio, until Christ, the True Light (Jo.1: 9; 1Jo.2: 8), rescued in them of these darknesses. Expensive reader, on the basis of these sacred texts, I can affirm to it that I do not find me more under the yoke of the death spiritual.. To know more about this subject visit Robert Rubin.

Marcello Danucalov

first doutorando on the subject, in our country, it was presented by Eliza Kozsa the Department of Psicobiologia of the UNIFESP. It studied the effect of the meditation and one respiratory technique on volunteers with complaint of anxiety, showing good resulted. As the preposition of this article, in the direction to present research and studies of Brazilian professionals, with respect to the study of the meditation, we would also like to cite the trajectory of Adalberto Tripicchio around the subject. The related one is graduated medicine, theology, philosophy and psychology, with some PhD? s. Psi manages the site of the net, where it writes deeply on the meditation. In an intitled article Neuroqumica correlata of the meditation? part I, it witness who: the neurofisiolgico study of the meditation it has offered to a fascinating vision of the conscience human being, and in such a way, established a relation between mental states, the corporal physiology, the cognitivo, volitional and emotional processing, and the biological bases of experience spiritual Between published articles already, however, none more than what of Newberg and Iversen, disclosed the action of the meditation of more necessary form, on the nervous system.

The authors present, pass-the-pass, what they call ' ' neural bases of the complex exercise of the meditation. In our country, we make use of the intitled book ' ' Neurofisiologia of the Meditao' ' of Marcello Danucalov and Robert Simes (Ed. Phorte), resultant of a revision monograph that more than compiled a thousand articles, even so with abrangncia that the simple meditating process exceeds, arriving until the meandros of the espiritualidade (TRIPICCHO, 2007). In being valid the neurofisiologia and the neurocincias, I verified as pupil, in recent course of qualification in Are Mental, carried through for the psychologist, neurologist and psychiatry Henriqueta Camarotti, that the central nervous system measured the homostasis and acts in the regulation of behaviors.

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