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The Advances

In the year of 1.960, the number of aged was of about 3 million, in 1.975 this number arrived 7 million and in the year of 2.007, the aged population approximately arrived the 19 aged million a significant increase in about cinquenta years. More information is housed here: Ray Kurzweil. (BRANCHES, 2006). The low one in the taxes of fecundidade and in infantile mortality, beyond the improvement in the conditions of basic sanitation, in the advances of the medicine and the technology, is main the determinative ones in the process of aging of the Brazilian population, whose contours had become clearer in last the 20 years. The well-succeeded aging, as Oak (2003) depends on the balance between the limitations and potentialities of the person, what it will make possible to it to face the inevitable losses of finishes phase of the life and its constant interaction with the environment, of form to facilitate its adaptation to the occured changes in proper itself and the world that the fence. The aging is singular, however some aspects can be observed, as the capacity of latent reserve for the development, that can be activated by the learning, for exercises and training.

The fact is that the aged ones need to have strategies that make possible a satisfactory oldness, this imply in being intent to cultivate new habits, to engage itself in productive activities, to carry through life projects, to enter university of the third age, to develop voluntary services, amongst others. Therefore, a well-succeeded aging depends on as the aged one goes to face the challenges of the life, to fight for its rights of citizen, to place inside in practical viable projects of its personal conditions and the environment where it lives. 1,2 Aging and correlation with the fall of aged the falls are amongst the main causes of morbidade and mortality in the aged population. The causes of the falls are multifaceted, including intrinsic, mannering and ambient factors, being that the probability for fall occurrence increases to the measure that if accumulate the risk factors.

Portuguese Activity

But, however they do not take off its value as educational tool. – Maturity – In 12 executions of software no serious imperfection was observed; the maturity if extends some tools that do not present any type of error or inconvenience, when being set in motion, them answers its objectives accurately. – Tolerance the imperfections software is passive in relation to the treatment of imperfections. – Recuperabilidade During the imperfections in the system as an energy fall or the applicatory one to be closed for accident, can be noticed that the not safe Gcompris the information during the processing of the game and recoups so little them, it to the executed being and later interrupted, the user will have that to initiate it again. 3.1.3 How much to the usability the Gcompris displays an interface sufficiently intuitiva and practical, it brings support about 60 languages including the Brazil Portuguese for interaction between user and software.

Beyond the written menus to be all in Portuguese, the narration of the games and exercises also is made in our language. Although to be told in Portuguese of Portugal, it is very easy of being understood by who is using. The adaptations in the effect, the size of the screen, music and the time of execution of the activities are offered in the configuration menu, being able to be modified at any time. – Inteligibilidade – the agreement on the functionality of the Gcompris is in the understanding on the grouping of the activities proposals, the icons and its perception, the buttons and the names attributed to the windows are representative. The interface of the Gcompris is composed of a main menu. To the left, the main sessions are all, each icon represent an activity. When mouse of locates on it, the activity, the icon and the objective of the activity appears in the viewfinder.

The Cities

With the existence of this excess, some people had been able to dedicate to it other activities, being the city, predominantly, place of activities not-agriculturists. The city renasce, therefore of certain form, this already existed before exactly of the feudalismo, the first ones is formed for return of 3500C, at the moment at which if it knows a movement sufficiently intense of exchanges. The discoveries of America, the intensification of the commercial relations, with Asia and Africa, make to grow the cities. The city congregates a considerable number of the calls cultured professions, making possible the interchange between them, being that the creation and the transmission of the knowledge have in it privileged place. Of this form, the city is an element booster of the development and perfectioning of the techniques. The city is said, then, that place of permanent boiling. In this transistion of the feudalismo for the capitalism, with the reinforcement of the cities (burgos), the bourgeoisie was the revolutionary classroom; it was opposed the aristocracy (detainer of lands).

Some authors, between which proper Marx, affirms that, in its primrdios, the capitalism is revolutionary in the history of the humanity, therefore, among others things, increased the number of people who inhabit the cities, that have then transforming character and make the free work. New relations city-field During some centuries, field and city interacted mutually, but with the process that if it initiates with the great navigations and it is consolidated with the industrial revolution, are not more possible to be immune to the changes and to continue with the same concepts and hierarchic classifications. (p.55) New urban hierarchy the transports and the communications had known great advances in the underdeveloped countries the processes biggest are gotten, through the bus and of the automobile and the flows they can be intensified thanks to its bigger flexibility, what it could not be reached with the train, much more rigid and inflexible way.

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