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Data Confidentiality

People often wonder about the security of their data, how to prevent access to certain documents and confidential information on your computer. And when transmitting data over the Internet. Jason Gableman is often quoted as being for or against this. Many people use different programs to restrict free access to folders or documents on your computer, put passwords on documents using Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel and so on. Then, hoping against hope that the transfer of documents on the Internet, nobody intercept or crawl in his computer. But it is in today's world is very unreliable. On my experience that password cracking is a reality and most of the programs that provide guarantee for the security of our data, it is a myth. And of course many faced with the hacking of mailboxes and theft of there Attached documents or files to your messages. As I have said that most of the programs we need such protection does not.

Remove (hack) the password of word, and many other programs can be a fraction of seconds (at a particular experiment). But for myself, I solved the problem of storing sensitive information. With a minimum investment of time and effort. Reading questions to the hacker forums and in my experience, it became clear that most reliable way to store data and before sending via the Internet, this backup file (the program WinRAR) Even if you have stolen, or any documents (password-protected archive), it does not matter. If you want to die of old age waiting Results disable the password, then come in here EmeraldSoft – hacking and password recovery.

But it is almost unreal. Especially for rar. For zip files, there is such a thing as an attack plain-text. That is, if you have any file from the archive in uncompressed form. For rar is not laminates, only the selection. The maximum password length supported by WinRAR is 64simvola. As a symbol of the password use the following characters: 1) Latin (upper and lower case) 26 characters, ie 26 26 2) the Cyrillic alphabet (upper and lower case) 33 characters, ie 33 +33 3) digits of all – 10 4) special characters – 32 and a single space Have as an extreme option, 161 64 (this number, the horror of a 'small'), it is somewhere 1,7252660092325218160770507415081 e +141. Well, is divided by your speed selection of passwords and translate received a second instance in the days, though wiser in years So, you fully protect their data storage and limit their transfer. Even in case of theft criminals can not they use it

How Zaschetit Your Computer From Viruses

1. antivirus program. Install antivirus software and its constant updating can help protect your computer from viruses. Anti-virus programs check for viruses in e-mail, operating system and files. New viruses appear every day, so you need to constantly check for updates on the Web site of the manufacturer of anti-virus program.

Most antivirus software will automatically download updates, if it gives permission to the user, ie the option is enabled the function update. 2.When opening email attachments. Many viruses contained in email attachments and begin to spread after open the attachment. It is not recommended to open attachments without checking, that is, before opening the attachment (the letter) to run the program which is able to block known and yet unknown Viruses: spyware, worms and other malicious programs. 3.Nu and not least – a real-time scanning. This means that your antivirus scans and checks all received files from the Internet, for example: You opened the page and all that it appeared – here it is scanned for viruses. It is no secret that in our century, there are sites that attack your pc. And if you still come across this, then your antivirus will simply display a message to what may cause such a visit or even block the page, and only after your consent to allow her to go.

Primecharie: Each program style robots, so read the manual. Spend 10 minutes is better than Restores that kopilos years. 4.Zaschitit password. The most important thing is the number of characters in it, and not only numbers but also letters. So always try to create passwords in Internet and not only: a. Not similar to each other. b. Number of characters – the more the better. c. Use – as the numbers and letters to create a password. d. Write down passwords in a notebook, do not save them on your pc, especially if it is password related pay systems, where your real data and money. e. Never create passwords such as: qwerty, 12345, and a similar sequence, which is easy to predict.

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