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Teachers' Influence And Participation

"The failures in corporate demand leadership qualities in each member of staff, which catalyze the enthusiasm, encourage decision making and risk-taking innovation." Warren Bennis The evil leader is he whom people despise. A good leader is one whom people praise. The great leader achieves the people say: "We did it." – Lao-Tse General is deeply concerned to note as at the universities has declined the role of teachers in many, are passive behavior, few creative, innovative and above all, unable to influence learning, exchange of ideas, which give way to new knowledge, models, solutions that work with the serious problems facing higher education as both national problems. Much of the plant, university professors are composed of persons occupying the position of teachers endorsed the selection friendship, political commitment, family role than academic excellence. This has led to a decline in teaching, looming in the formation of professionals coming out of the classroom as well as the absence of professional profiles defined according to the characteristics that the current demand scenarios. It's outrageous that many universities have not been identified with the scope, the demands of the knowledge society in the present, and no use of computers. Internet, virtual classrooms, to promote the research, collection of information sources to date, the debate, to allow more specific knowledge arise and according to the behavior of the progress of science in the present reality. It needs a new change in the dynamics of participating as a teacher in a classroom, in which the teacher must be a true facilitator, which may lead to the participant in its class to have a dynamic activity of exchange of knowledge, contributions and realities that demand solutions where the teacher influences the participant to conduct research, help of internet, computer, so as to provide data that help to initiate discussions concretize results, where he collaborated in this investigation.

The Country’s History

And perhaps, in the coming reform of education – a partial return to the old system … As it was historically in our country, universities were created from the value of the territory and the need for at least one or two institutions in each region. In addition, local concentrations of the intellectual potential of the country (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk and other) institutions of higher education created by industry basis. As a result, as reported at the meeting of the Russian Union of Rectors, Andrei Fursenko, “the Soviet Union had nearly 680 colleges and universities. Now they are five times more. ” Thus, the emergence of a large number of small high schools in Russia have resulted in a general commercial activities, rather than territorial and sectoral guidelines. Starting in the 90s., The education sector has become a source of great income, and many have decided to take advantage of it.

“In the last decade in the country, primarily in small towns, there was many universities and branches. They give lectures and classes are the same teachers, and often the quality of the educational process leaves much to be desired “, – said Minister of Education. But is consolidation of universities to help solve situation? The end justifies the means? The fact that it is necessary to improve the quality of education, no doubt. But we should not forget that the quality of education depends primarily on how competently, using modern technology, is at the bottom of the learning process at the level of teaching. Rather than deal with these issues, the Ministry of Education thinks macroeconomic categories.

Recall that, for example, in March this year, St. Petersburg Governor Valentina Matvienko suggested the Ministry of simply “did not give consent” for universities to open branches in the northern capital. Many of these branches, she said, are “paid a desk with a pre-denominated certificates.” At the same time, the question arises – whether affected thereby taking care of the quality of the education or Petersburgers is still concern about produced by public universities competition.

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