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Installing Linux

How to install windows and linux in a same hard disk, geared for those who use windows and want to migrate to linux or provar feels use something totally different. First let’s assume that we have a X PC with a rigid of 60 GB unpartitioned, 256 MB of RAM and windows xp installed. Bearing that in mind, we are going to start. To make things more easy to windows users bend the Partition Magic, that is available in the downloads section. Partition Magic is a very effective software to partition the disk. Once downloaded and installed, we are going to close all the little programs that you have open and run the Particion Magic. Now if we are going to create the following partitions extras: * 1 partition of swat for Exchange type. You must have double your RAM memory size * 1 partition of type ext3 to install linux distribution, with the size you desire but larger than 2 GB.

(If they don’t know how to use Partition Magic can find that info in Google) Once chosen as we want to partition apply the changes, take a coffee with croissants and hope after return. Before or afterthe partition should get a Live-CD Linux cd, which can download you from, only have to click on download and ready. Download a file with .iso extension, that file is an image which must burn it to a CD. Once done this will have the Live-CD from Linux(la version elegida es Ubuntu). Now if we go to the interesting, have the disk with the partitions, the NTFS partition with windows xp, the EXT3 partition empty and arrows SWAT partition empty. Now we are going to put the linux cd and restart the computer. Attention: The pc must be configured so that the first boot the CD before the hard disk. If all goes well the computer boots from the Live-CD and displays the splash screen.

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