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The Decision

Help may be granted for the relatively short time of arranging back in any necessary form of mother. As far as this money required would have made the adoptive parents should be sure like this cost, it would be free for the society so even all, who rather chose the merciless killings. As mental performance, it would be necessary that you not wanting to, generally can accept the decision of a mother, her child and objectionable classifies this not wanting in the smallest way. It said that a mother would mental strain this giveaway. Why load a happy, just somewhere else growing child? And: must be killed to prevent a corresponding grief because necessarily? Don’t you think that just this killing could trigger a much worse sorrow? If a man mentally cannot keep out the progress of his lover, then he may not kill Yes also them. The argument was largely correct that an unwanted child possibly without love in a bad life would go, but there would be yes the solution an easy giveaway. Murder a very peculiar service, as you do, to protect a child from a sad life remains regardless.

You may not know whether there was not yet the force to get happy in this child, there are also countless unhappy adults and teenagers who were once completely wanted. “You shall not kill” the argument of benevolent murder belongs in the lying sack of the morally taped justifications in their production, this failed humanity has become a true master. In this case is the argument that as a result it Yes would be better to put a kid in this kinderfeindliche world. But instead of reducing the actual hostility to children this bad condition is made then the hostility to children even become an argument for the absolute peak, probably must be identified in the killing of children.

LAME Chico THE MIRROR Of Brazil (1)

MIRROR of Brazil, lies, corruption, theft, Executive or speak, inss, detran, spprev, “Brazil”, where the social inequality, corruption, theft, lies, injustice, there is all the time is the Capuchin monkey named Chico LAME. Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. Where the authorities very dishonest and corrupt are, as many of the judiciary, the Executive, or speak, not counting the legislator already corrupted by congenital hereditary relationships. Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. Where the bodies of INSS should the poor and elderly patients, to shift the use of sadistic political support, naming “medical experts” as a “Front” for a patient of at the wrong physical health well-being, patients die from lack of support and without any protection, yet the funds. Medical experts love, when a patient dies of recipients as well, think: “INSS will no longer head of the costs. There are so something? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. Where to buy the poor sick workers or elderly – drugs, and without money for food, or vice versa.

A large part of the judiciary, judges, judges, and others represented by the, not even condescend to reading the leaves of throughout the procedure to judge “for the thinking.” Simply read the entire process if they are interested in the topic or “substantial” have a return. Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. If the legislature no doubt the second most corrupt in the world is. Its members for the improvement and development of legislation of “Pocket”, not about everything, except how to make money to obtain care, and also now part of the culture and of the people as something normal accepted. Is there such a thing? I don’t think so, and have lost hope. Where they pay more taxes when compared to most countries, with the exception that in these countries the money used, the population, which is not happens here will benefit.

The Reform Of Seizure Protection In Germany

Sometimes unsuccessful the great Wurf…oder what it was not! Now, it’s been so almost three and a half months that the reform to the seizure protection was introduced. Do we assess look small. Clearly, not everyone interested, why, why should you concentrate on other people’s problems. There is no reason to me go all right. NA,…

we forget that time and speak plainly. Since the 01.07.2010 there also for kronisch indebted or who even want to be there, a so-called protection program, the P account or also pledging protection account. So, what you want to tell us? This is for people who are in debt, so to have more people than we think are in the debt and have a seizure of account in Vista or already exist. Again emphasises, for people who are in debt and have no money! NO MONEY! Now, it seems now that the banks require at least most, already a sometimes too small fee for the use of the account, but it gets better. Because the overhead involved in a seizure quite larger, does it cost “slightly” more just, if you umnwandeln his account in a P account. Something??? H. eich said something? No, of course not.

I meant a lot more! There are banks, which take up to 25 Euro per month per account. Ask yourself now, 25 euro? Oh no… No, no bullshit! Why was this created actually set? It is still so, that the people who are bankrupt or have already an account garnishment underway, now more exploited, than others. How a person can afford that? He has two choices. Either he just accept it, that will be the case most often because confidence already flutes is gone or it is him the account is terminated. Basta. And then? Who then gives the customer a new account, what is with the commitment of banks from 1995? This is a purely voluntary basis and no obligation. After all account termination, no new account and it threatens the complete inability to pay. What is that for a law, times again, to clarify is not capable of what really matters? Someone did actually ever thought about it?? No people interested in it so to speak. And once again you must asking and begging to get just an account regardless whether conscious or subconsciously in debt. Maybe Uncle Sam should worry there again. Or if you have problems and no solution found, then just go to and get information, help, runaway or afraid to audition at the Bank.

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