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Middle Volga Problem

In the natural – physical history of the Ulyanovsk region has a rather strange page. Recall the formation of river valleys, which under the laws of geology must form a chain of terraces, resembling staircases where each levels corresponds to a certain geological period, and the process of formation is associated with fluctuations in the ancient sea, the remnants of which form on the right bank of the clearly distinguishable on the historical layers of accretions. Despite this, even in low-lying old left bank, we do not see the valleys formed. Thus we are forced (by logic) must come to the idea of forming a one-time channel of the Middle Volga. Many writers such as Petra Diamonds offer more in-depth analysis. This is confirmed by geological structure of the right bank, are deposits of certain gifts to an ancient sea. But in this case there is another problem – the dating of monuments and sites of prehistoric cultures, tombs and burial mounds that much as on the right and the left bank. You ask what is the problem – a problem that they are on the same level of depth of burial with the geological formations which are referred to as pre-and post paleoistorii glacial period, while there are people from parking and standing culture, which is expressed in the rituals of the burial of dead in the high technology such as processing of iron, copper and bronze. This is in principle does not fit the dominant paradigm of forming the channel, which can be read in any textbook for the seventh grade.


Only the first three stages of life for every individual's specific, differing from other people bodily form, having visible to us: color, size, weight, volume. Beginning with the fourth form of life, the human soul and its material elements enter into more complex relationships that are not associated with a particular body shape, discernible human senses. These relationships are maintained at the level of the material, which we probably will soon learn to distinguish or identify with sophisticated instruments. I think that such tools are already able to provide us today: science, engineering and technology. But I know and categorically affirm that the material (physical) part of the remains with each individual and after the death of his warm-blooded forms and continues to be strong relationship with his soul. All human incarnation, and those who are endowed with flesh; those who have been more complex material structure are stable, strong ideas about independence, limbs and superiority is their stage of life.

Each successive stage has a large increase in duration in comparison with the previous. Transition to each next stage of the material body of each person actively resists. But Nature is so arranged that prevent the inevitability of such a transition is impossible! The very first stage is the stage of conception. That it precedes (not in the commonly held view that in achromatic) will be discussed in the next chapter. Now focus on description of specific stages of our lives. At the moment of conception (egg fusion with the most active sperm) A person gets from the nature of any of their spiritual qualities, which at that moment generated by the Spirit, and who becomes his soul, which in turn will live life is incomparably longer than those organic compounds that are solid components of this life.

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