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Resistance Mechanics

TRANSLATION FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE IN THE RESISTANCE MECHANICS OF UNIONS FINGER JOINT AUTHORS: Jose T. Karsulovic and Luiz Adolph Leon G. TRANSLATION: August Ernest Garbe 14p. The technique of unions dentated has enters its main applications the junction of the extremities of parts wooden, which constitutes a great potential currently to improve the income of the substance cousin in the industry of sawed and the elaboration of the wood, therefore it allows to value short parts of scarce value or to revalorizar parts of commercial size of low quality. Much varied and diverse is the factors that intervene with the final quality of an union, mentioning itself it they, in general, exists inherent aspects to the characteristics of the wood and the adhesive, to the format of teeth and the process of manufacture.

The objective of this work is to spread out some basic knowledge on the main factors that happen in the resistance mechanics of the dentated unions. It is thus intended to contribute with the development of this technique, whose application can allow one better exploitation of the resource and deliver great possibilities to generate an interesting source of benefits to the country, through the ensamblada wooden commercialization in the external markets. 1. GENERALITIES In the case of the longitudinal unions in the extremity, the intention is to get parts with bigger length. Other applications exist many as ensambles of parts in angle for the manufacture of structural elements with massive parts or the confection of porches from plated beams straight lines, also are used in the estruturao of plated plate panels, LVL (Laminated-Veneer-Lumber) that it represents an alternative for structural uses. An increasing interest in world-wide level for indented the longitudinal junctions by means of unions has been generated, one you see that it allows even though to get parts of great longitudes that can be cut in the length desired from short elements, proceeding from parts wooden of low commercial value or of material of discarding of elaboration industry. The resultant product of presents exempt of defects and possesss good dimensional stability very. Longitudinal unions in the extremities, using the indented technique of union, can be executed for the attainment of parts to be used with different intentions, classifying themselves in two great groups, according to load level that will be submitted in service, being: structural uses and not structural uses. In the first case, the members only require a resistance for its manipulation and improvement, while in structural elements, the main aspect is the resistance mechanics that offers to the union the action of important requests. It lowers the complete article to continue reading.

Best Notebooks

Owning a laptop computer in laactualidad is something very common, many people has one and is happy with it.But beware, when at its portatilse happens to him any damage these people already are not happy… So here we offer the best solution to repair denotebooks in Mendoza. Any problem that you have with your computadoraportatil, this company is responsible for solve it. Cabemencionar that, of course, is dereconocida notoriety, and will not disappoint it. When we must carry areparar the notebook, the doubts that are presented at that moment has quever not only quickly but also with the quality and the oficialidadde the company responsible.

Video systems is a prestigious empresaoficial repairing articles dediversas – muyconocidas and recommended – brands. This shall solve all widely having your notebook quickly and efficiently. He has original spare parts, brought from factory porlo you not worry your notebook again.So also, you can monitor personally remedying of their team. Since Video systems features simple 5 stepsfor solve problem – anyone who is – your notebook. First step: when you see that your notebook has ydecide problems take it to repair to Video systems. This renowned company leotorgara to your team a number of order, so that of estemodo team is entered into the system of theCompany.

In this way, you will be award-winning withthe great opportunity and possibility to track the process of repairing your laptop totalidaddel. Second step: to followed by line, your notebook will be carried to the laboratory, where a professional and specialized in the topic seocupara technician discovered the problem on your computer. Later, will be a budget quecorresponda so that repairs can be carried out. Paraesto, you must accept the budget than ledieron. Third step: once you decide to repair your notebook may continue consolucionar the problem that has your laptop. Here is where you can estartranquilo, already that will be followed to the letter all ylas procedures rules imposed by your notebook factory for its prompt and eficazreparacion. Fourth step: after completed the third step, sesometera his team to a quality control, where is determinaraque this works as expected. Considers, Furthermore, that you can watch this and all procedures personally. Step five: Finally, you can feel happy again!, since your notebook will be listapara be withdrawn. You will never regret having chosen to VideoSistemas as a repair company. Really will you totally delighted with the results on yourcomputer, and will not hesitate to return when necessary. Don’t hesitate more, already sabeque choose in regards to notebooks in Mendoza repair if you liked this article, tell your friends about him. They are loagradeceran.

Universal Dock Base

If it has in his hands iPhone 4 of Apple, the following step can be to buy accessory iPhone 4 suitable ones. iPhone 4 counts on a form and beautiful design, and it cannot fit in the wharves and the previous covers of iPhones. Also it counts on the capacities as the called video and can take advantage from the new equipment of radio network. Accessories iPhone 4 of load – Universal Dock Base of Apple Apple has sent to special accessories iPhone 4 for the load of his iPhone 4. The wharf specifically for this intelligent telephone. The wharf can load the intelligent telephone or synchronize the data when it is connected to a computer by means of USB. These accessories iPhone 4 also connect the intelligent telephone to a television or projector through cables audio-video or cables of components of Apple. Also there is an audio line of exit of of the port listening to music in the loudspeakers.

These accessories iPhone 4 are compatible only with iPhone 4 and are put in the page Web of Apple. This base of load belongs to the accessories iPhone 4 that is available in the site Web of Apple and has a price of 29 dollars. Accessories iPhone 4 of support – M2 has supported moving body of Elago Whereas video chat is the one characteristic of iPhone 4, trying to maintain the telephone during the conversation could give rise to the movements in the video. Support M2 de Elago is a good characteristic of the accessories iPhone 4 that stabilizes iPhone in a table. This stand maintains iPhone horizontally vertical and.

These accessories iPhone 4 are in favor available of 24,99 dollars in Amazon.com. Accessories iPhone 4 that improves the funciomiento of his iPhone – Bumper de Apple As to his it indicates it name, the accessories iPhone 4 of bumper are marks of rubber and plastic that are placed around smartphone and have openings for the bellboys and connectors. This way they maintain smartphone totally functional. Nevertheless, it leaves the screen exhibited for everything what it needs to him. These accessories iPhone 4 can be a little costs. They are possible to be bought by a price of 29,99 dollars and in the companies as iLuv can be bought to the cheapest prices. The accessories iPhone 4 of protection – Covers of Belkin Belkin offer funas between 25 and 30 dollars that could protect the device and avoid that the screen of iPhone suffers of the scratches. The Shield covers protect iPhone whereas they provide damping and major resistance to the impact. The Verve covers are done of leather and provides a greater level of protection. The covers of take hold do not offer much resistance to the impact, but they guarantee the best one takes hold when the telephone is used. These accessories iPhone 4 of protection are available in the Web site of Belkin. The company also offers protectors of screen for iPhone 4. The 4 accessories iPhone Bluetooth Bluetooth keyboard So that the users do not feel like discomforts with the keyboard in screen of iPhone, wireless keyboard of Apple could be one more a more advisable option. The keyboard is connected without cables to smartphones so that the users can write of the fastest way. These accessories iPhone 4 are available in the Web site of Apple by 69,99 dollars.

Field Communication

What features do you have this technology? Samsung Galaxy S III includes a processor quad – core range Exynos 4 at 1.8 GHz with 2 GB of RAM, 32 GB internal and a microSD slot, with Super AMOLED HD display of 4.68 inches and a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It presents a digital 12 megapixel camera with ability to record video in full HD and shadow simultaneously, with the ability to capture up to 20 photos in 3.3 seconds. Among its most innovative features is the dimensions, with 8.6 mm thick and 133 grams of weight and will be commercialized at this early stage in black and white. Do the advantages of this technology? Many are the advantages offered by this wonder of modern technology. Among them is the NFC (Near Field Communication) system, which allows among other things, pay our shopping bringing phone, and thus carry out payments with Visa, in a safe, comfortable way, and fast. It also incorporates the so-called Ice Cream Sandwiches, with connectivity to It enables support HSDPA networks, the new Bluetooth 4.0 protocol and WiFiHT40. Meanwhile 2,100 mAh battery can be recharged wirelessly, in his peculiar and original screen where you can run two applications simultaneously.

Another feature that holds great advantages is the own variety of functions and smart face recognition options in both the S Voice application allows listening and responding to the words, which ensures the possibility of finding information interactively. Everything is provided with this new model and a not inconsiderable option is the C-Pen with looks similar to a conventional pen. To exit the market and already has with distinctions. Already it was announced that the phone will be considered official Olympic Games of London insurance 2012pero not be the last distinction to receive. And all these virtues have the ideal complement: the support of highly qualified staff that gives technical support the exploitation of your phone, and that only you can find it on service Electronics in Mendoza. If you found this article interesting, share it on your website. You can post it on your blog or send it by mail.

Griffin PowerJolt Shipper This

After almost one eternity to covet iPhone 4, what another thing that must have? Accessories iPhone 4! It finds the accessories iPhone 4 suitable ones! Finally it is in his hands. This gadget wonderful call iPhone 4 of Aplle is nothing less than a revolution of masses. It combines everything, from iPod, and what is more important, a great spectacle of Internet. Now that you have put his hands iPhone 4G, why not to improve, or rather, to adorn it with a series of accessories iPhone 4 that at the same time maintain their telephone intact and they change its aspect to it? They are the 5 accessories iPhone 4 that must have. Accessories iPhone 4 give extraordinara image to their telephone. Considering almost all the associated problems of iPhone 4G with the network, these accessories iPhone 4 carefully are selected to improve the reception of the signal, and the convenience of the users. A look throws.

Top 5 accessories iPhone 4 that must have What create you that can be top 5 of the accessories iPhone 4 that must have? Then the 4 accessories iPhone that not only they adapt to its dear device, but also improve its yield. Good, the following 5 accessories iPhone 4 are sufficient to improve the experience of Apple, and are the best accessories iPhone 4 than they are possible to be had: Bumpers iPhone 4 accessory iPhone 4 of protection Are clumsy you? For the clumsy people, to bumper iPhone 4 comes with a variety of covers, that not only will give to the beauty to his iPhone 4, but also will help to maintain it safe and sound. The international price of sale of iPhone 4 to bumper is of around 29 dollars. Accessories iPhone 4 of sound – Auricular ones Apple with micro control and These fantastic earpieces with remote control and microphone give a totally new experience of music. The controls are very advisable and easy to use. They are not possible to be compared with the other earpieces, since they are the support of only to products of Apple. Can obtain you them for minus $ 29. Griffin PowerJolt Shipper Accessories iPhone 4 for connection: connector for Dock Base This it gives additional ports stops to load and to synchronize your iPhone 4.

Along with the ports of embarkation, also it has an audio exit of of the port establishing a easy connection with the power loudspeakers. Also it is possible to be connected with the adapter of current USB of Apple and cables AV to facilitate the load and synchronization. The maximum price of sale of this accessory is $ 19. Bluetooth earpieces for iPhone 4 the earpieces of this range are extremely portable and represent a good option to free themselves of cables. You can obtain these earpieces bluetooth between $ 100 – $ 150. Accessories iPhone 4 of load – Griffin PowerJolt Shipper This it is a good accessory for iPhone 4, due to his portability and ease of use. The shipper of Griffin PowerJolt for car is equipped with a cigarette adapter. The cable dock works with the device with facility. It is safe and easy to load.

Cars Test Drive Unlimited

Using to advantage the current fashion of the opened, popularized for Grand Auto Theft and innumerable worlds RPGs online, in Test Drive Unlimited the player has freedom to explore any region of the hawaiian island of Oahu. The brilliant armors of the RPGs give to place to the brightness of the Ferraris and the sound of the snores of the engines. The 1,600 kilometers of asphalt offer hundreds of challenges, clubs, store tuning and concessionaires with the coveted machines more of the planet. The player disembarks in Oahu with 200 a thousand dollars in the pocket. Although the money to be enough to rent an car and to buy the first housing, Enzo Ferrari, Koenigsegg CC8S, Lamborghini Murcielago, Saleen S7 Twin-Turbo and other cars of the classroom are distant dreams. Surplus to acquire a modest classroom F, a Audi TT Quattro Sport, for example, and to start to run to increase the account in the bank.

Through an aerial map of Oahu, access to all is had the challenges: tests of race, speed and time are traditional of the sort. Already the group of the missions includes boleias, delivery of merchandises and devolution of vehicles for the purchasers. In the generality, them they can be repeated infinitely, but some are of only conclusion in compensation are the ones that more relieve. The known localities already, whose icons are cloudy in ecr of the map, can be visited with one to press of button. Already those where the player did not pass no time appear semitransparent and are necessary to lead until there, later pass to be treated as visited place already. A GPS assists the player during the passage and informs verbally where street to enter. It is an intelligent way to consider a stroll for the island, as well as in the passages of the missions. The moderate difficulty of the tests of speed and missions are e, in almost all, the challenge biggest are to find the car appropriate.

Brazilian Literature

This virtual space will be had access by all of the room. to each new heading read for a pupil will be made the same process. This is a proposal of pedagogical action destined to the pupils of 1 Year of Average Ensino involving disciplines them Portuguese Language and Brazilian Literature and the following activities: reading, written literal production, postagem of the texts in virtual environment access the same. The technologies and medias to be used are: books, computers, Internet, ORKUT. The chronological time considered two weeks or 10 hours/lessons.

CRITERIA OF EVALUATION OF the ACTIVITY the process of reading, reflection, construction of some types of texts, as well as the socialization of the productions, postadas in orkut of the room will be evaluated observing the following criteria: interest, participation, persistence, nimbleness, writing, capacity of literal organization and argument. CONCLUSION This is a work elaborated with sights to favor the use of the computer, the Internet, the net of relationships ORKUT, that is, of the technologies and medias with practical the pedagogical one in regards to the development of the pleasure to read, considering the young, the pupil, as subject of rights in development process. Through this one expects to not only initiate a process of formation of readers stimulated for the professor, but mainly and significantly for the proper colleagues of room. One also expects that each one is felt responsible in sailing in the virtual space, and expressing its opinion on the read text and to awake in the other the pleasure to read. One becomes necessary to point out that this is not a proposal pedagogical ready and finished, is simply a suggestion or strategy to stimulate the pupils to acquire the habit of the reading. It must be emphasized that this, by itself, is not enough to become a reading pupil, but gives credit that it is a start to involve or to unite the use of the technologies and medias in pedagogical making and to transform the process education – learning.

Assessorship Politics

The result dapesquisa can determine the proper content of the message of the candidate. 2. The concept ea strategy of the candidate What it ties umeleitor with a candidate is the image of this last one. This image, mesmoquando already existing, can be planned and be worked. On the other hand, it is to precisoficar intent as the voter is perceiving this message. This needs sersistematicamente conferred. The image planejadade a candidate must appraise adequately its way of if dressing, suasmaneiras, its declaration and the set of its actions. The objective is that ocandidato has a eaos appearance and behavior that correspond to the perception desires of the voter.

To appraise ocandidato and to define its strategy: to define, on the basis of marketing research, a subject for the candidate, around which the interest of voter will be construido.? to identify to the main problems and the way as they are faced and felt for the voters;? to exclude the concepts not desired in reason of the personality and the antecedents of the candidate;? to test the concept chosen through periodic research;? to more than decide on the adoption of a concept, being main and an other, or others, secondary, since that fully compatible. 3.Estratgia deComunicao the concept docandidato is the base for the plan of communication of the campaign. For one it programs depropaganda paid or gratuitous, the following steps must be taken: to define the basic message of the campaign? to define the best way to present visually candidate;? to define the research that will be propagated;? to define the vehicles adjusted for the propagation;? to elaborate the budgetary programs of production and propagation of the campaign, that must be detailed all week until the date of accomplishment of the elections. Parallel, to deveser developed one program of personal appearances of the candidate. This program must be controlled for the Assessorship Politics. It is necessary ficaratento, in this program, for the limitations of time of the candidate.

Lembrarque is good the candidate has, still, the responsibility to motivate the party, its caboseleitorais and the voters compromised to the campaign. 4. Program deTrabalho Voluntary Innumerable pessoasdevem to be trained to compose voluntary work groups in the campaign. Between the tasks dotrabalho voluntary is of preparation of voters and the assistant, aparticipao as orators for specific auditoriums, the sending of luggage-direct, the survey and registers of votes, the transport and feeding of the voters nodia of the elections, between many other functions. So that Assessoria Politics obtains to manage the work well voluntary, it must: to value the party as center of decisions? to be always motivating the collaborators;? to establish objectives and goals for the voluntary team;? to establish a system of control of accomplishments;? to train the staff and to follow of close its work

Incremental Generally

It provides a generalized agreement to us of the system, it facilitates the possibility of I reuse and the evolution of the system. Also they are based on the use cases. 3.3 – Iterative and Incremental Generally it subdivides the system the divided parts of the system are the iterations and these result in the increments (versions) of software. Each increment is one-step part of the evolutionary model 4-Phase of the Unified Process Exists five (5) activities base to describe any model of software process. The figure to follow sample all these phases.

Figure 1: Phases of Unified Process 4,1 – Phase of Conception Is the phase where the activity of communication with the customer and planning occurs. In it the attainment of the requirements is carried through, the business rules and is also identified one brief architecture of the system (with which other systems software will go to interact, as for example). The requirements are gotten by means of the scene creation, with final users and the customer (that rare she will be the same person). From the scene the main cases of use of the system are created to be developed. In the planning the resources are identified, are evaluated the main risks, define a cronograma and in accordance with create landmarks for the application phases the incremental development of software. 4.2 – Phase of Elaboration Conceives the stage of planning and modeling (figure 1). In it they are fine and expanded the defined cases of use in the phase of conception, enclosed, it is the refinement and expansion of the model of architecture for the creation of the analysis model, the model of project, the model of implementation and the model of implantation.

Project Pedagogical Politician

In accordance with I stop: The participation of the population in the school alone will obtain some change from the participation of responsible parents and for the pupils, having offered the occasions of dialogue, of convivncia truily human being. the direction must be conscientious of that, for opening of the gates and walls, the school must be premade use the changes in the management and the form of participation of the community. It is necessary to understand it as participation politics, that must be understood as right of citizenship. (I stop, 2001 p.47) the participation of the members of the pertaining to school community in the construction of the project of the school goes to favor learnings significant, because developed in such a way it allows that the people ressignifiquem its experiences, reflect on its practical, rescue, they reaffirm and they bring up to date its values in the exchange with the values of other people, explicitem its dreams and utopias, demonstrate its to know, give sensible to its individual projects and collective, they reaffirm its identities, they establish new relations of convivncia and they indicate a horizon of new ways, possibilities and proposals of action. What it is clearly is that the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school, when constructed well and managed, can help of decisive form the school to reach its objectives.

Its absence, on the other hand, can in general mean an indifference with the school, the pupils, the education, what, certainly, it will reflect in the development of the society where the school will be inserted. Therefore, the Project Pedagogical Politician aims at to the promotion of the transformation necessary and desired by the collective communitarian pertaining to school and. Unhappyly to the times the schools do not perceive that the elaboration of its project is a privileged moment so that the school counts and registers its history, if not allowing to waste such chance.

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