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Internet Model

The radio that now starts to integrate archives, texts, data and images becomes if expansiva. That is, a deepening in the facts becomes necessary therefore the proper listener web demands a bigger information. that is necessary to even offer material enough to fill archives and too much resources used and characteristic of the Internet. This new relation radio versus Internet even infers in the traditional model of if thinking communication: ' ' sender-message-mei-receptor' '. It now passes if to think the radiofnico process more dialeticamente. It has then what if it can call of intersection space where does not have a distance and an alarming differentiation between receiver and sender. One is about a hand of two ways, that is, this exacerbada interatividade configures a new model where it does not have borders delimited between public territory (receiving) and territory of production (emitting). The Internet and the radio: soon historical In the radio, the Internet started for being used essentially as work tool.

From its production for the hertzian waves, many stations had started to disponibilizar its contents in the Internet in proper websites without increasing nothing to the initial format. Later the stations had started to produce specific contents for the Internet, and had appeared projects to operate exclusively in this new media, being this the period of training that if develops in the present time. Elapsing in parallel, but in a lesser number of websites, the most recent operational project disponibiliza its contents exclusively in the Internet, without emission for hertzian waves and can use all the potentialities that the Internet offers, in the construction a completely different product, for which we subscribe the webradio assignment used. The model multimediticocaracteriza essentially for an use of the Internet while it has supported additional for the radio, an extension that serves of ' ' montra' ' for the station, in which its main aspects are presented.

Jackson Robert Barbosa Business

In relation to the previous year it was very rewarding, the public surpassed the waited one I also number, it of palestrantes was very expressive, the level of exploitation of the society not only of the academic as in the generality it was very rewarding, had been disponibilizados cincos audiences for mines courses and workshops the Puraqu, aa, Tucum, Cupuau, Muruci and one cine club in escolinha of the city for presentation of educative films and other purposes. The Fasol counted on 251 computers, 130 volunteers, 56 people of the NIR, 20 people of the Puraqu community, 30 professionals of the Ufopa and 250 coordinators, not forgetting to more than mensurar average of 1,000 visitors for night, the event had the support of the Municipal City hall of Santarm, of the Secretariat of the Planning and of the City department of the Education Mr. Emanuel Silva, that disponibilizou 8 buses for locomotion of the agricultural zone to the city In day 31 of August the 19:00 was carried through the opening with a gorgeous ceremony, with composed table for Antonio Oliveira de Aquino, Geraldo Vasol, Jander Gamma, Luiz Claude, Landmarks Avivai and Raquel Serique and soon after the presentation of the event with the subject Legal Aspects of the Free Software given by you Pablo Rasp, Wlken Sanches and Jader Gamma and the mediator of the event Mr. Enoque Alves, this historical fact happened to suppress the necessities of the free region how much to the software, that has the paper to take knowledge, educating through videos, text, radios and medias..

The Registrars

The total rate of display is 250 k / sec. Through hardware processing, and the Linux operating system in the early remote viewing via the network or display speed or write speed is not reduced. By separating the processes of observation and recording, users at remote the workplace can reduce the quality of “live” video without affecting the quality of the recording. This feature is extremely important for connections using low-speed networks. The second signal is fed to the first video capture card, and then to the board compression, where the hardware compression. Compressed data does not load the system resources and is easily stored on your hard drive.

The total recording speed of 400 k / s on all cameras, with resolution of the recorded video or 720h288, or 720×576. If the simultaneous recording of 32 cameras, the average speed record in each chamber is 12 k / sec. In practice, in most cases, a speed of 5 k / s allows you to make some good shots, which in later identification of the suspect will happen. The compression algorithm used by the registrars Hitechnology based on h.264-technology and has a high level of encryption. With high quality and the inability to edit frame Hitechnology company received the European certificate, and is currently recording made with registrars Hitechnology accepted as evidence in the European courts. The DVR supports 4 internal hard disks 2000Gb everyone – that is, the total internal volume of 8Tb, which, with an average activity in the frame enough to record 32 cameras for a month. Thanks to the original video at the same time the division reached High speed display and high-quality recording, the DVR Hitechnology is effectively fulfilling both tasks surveillance systems.

Working Principle CNC Machine Tools

Background. Lathes are machining the internal and external surfaces of the workpieces such as bodies of revolution. By the way, turning operations occupy the largest share of the overall complex machining. On CNC lathes vypolyayut following operations: turning, drilling, tapping chisels, etc. Classify the machines can be on the following criteria: location 1.Po spindle axis (horizontal and vertical machines); 2.Po number of instruments used in this work (one-and mnogoinstrumentalnye machines); 3.Po method of attachment tool (on the caliper, a turret, in-store instruments); 4.Po view of works (post, chuck, chuck-center, carousel, rod machines); 5.Po degree of automation (semi-automatic and automatic). Pivot machines used for machining parts such as shafts with straight and curved contours. On these machines can cut thread cutter on the program.

Cartridge machines are designed for drilling, deployment, tapping in the axial holes of parts, cog wheels, possibly a chisel cutting the inner and outer thread of the program. Chuck-center machines combine the capabilities of turning pivot cartridge and CNC machines and are used for exterior and internal processing of various parts such as bodies of revolution. Rotary machines are used for machining of complex cases. CNC lathes are fitted with turret or tool magazine. Turrets can be four, six, and dvenadtsatipozitsionnye, and at each position can be installed on two tools for external and internal machining of the workpiece. The axis of rotation of the head can be positioned in different positions relative to the spindle axis.

Fixing turret is done by using special socket joints, which provide high accuracy and rigidity of fixation of the head. In the groove turrets installed replacement power tools, which set out the size of the machine on special devices, which significantly increases productivity and accuracy. Typically, for turning processing is used no more than 7-8 instruments. Enhancing the technological capabilities lathes can be accomplished by obliterating the distinction between turning and milling machines, adding various additional operations such as milling (ie, programmed spindle rotation).

Basis Capital Construction

Our consciousness is arranged so that when he saw the structure of the "red" brick, it automatically assigns it the epithet "reliable", "beautiful", "durable." And it is true. The emergence of manufacturing technology bricks made of clay, its mass production, has allowed mankind to make strides in the construction industry. What is a ceramic brick? Brick is defined as explanatory dictionary lump of clay, fired in furnace. Then, for example, silica, or "white" brick and brick that can not be named because he is made of a special mixture in an autoclave, without being fired. Thanks to its "convenient" size 250mm x 120mm, mason convenient to take brick with one hand. Industry produces ceramic bricks and other dimensions: the "double – 250mm x 120mm x 138mm, Bastard – 88mm and the "single – 65mm thick. Standard defines a "double" as a brick – "ceramic stone." Masons often advantageous to use when building a house ceramic stones, due to lower consumption of the solution and the time for the erection of walls. It advantageous to the customer and, as a "double" brick, being more than double the usual volume, is only half the more expensive "single", while the cost of the works themselves do not increase.

Ceramic brick is divided into species, defined area of application: 1. Private (building) brick. They are laid internal or external rows of masonry, which are then applied a layer of plaster. 2. The front (facing) brick.

This brick is different from the ordinary with two flat, smooth surfaces, and has a typical uniform color. Many voids in the facing brick walls reduce heat conduction from a folded, making them more "warm". 3. Textured and shaped bricks – are also facing. Of those laid out complex forms: columns, arches, etc. 4. Occupies a special place chimney brick. Technology and materials used in its manufacture, making it the most expensive of all types of ceramic bricks. Referred to as ceramic bricks – "red." It is a consequence of the fact that in its manufacture are often used so-called "krasnozhguschiesya" clay. Roasting, rarely occurring "belozhguschihsya 'clay bricks produces yellow, apricot and even white color. The presence of voids in the "body" of the personal and ordinary brick divides it into solid brick and hollow brick. The greater the percentage of voids, the 'warmer' brick. Ceramic stones are made only hollow. Modern technology make it possible to produce porous brick (its structure resembles a sponge). This brick is very "warm" and, furthermore, has excellent sound insulation. Manufacturers today offer a wide choice of range of clay bricks, different types, sizes, shapes, colors and properties. When choosing a brick for the construction of ignorant people is best to consult a specialist. It helps to calculate the number of necessary materials, as ceramic brick product is not cheap and as a result of incorrect calculations and choice in the brick walls can "fly into a lot of money."

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