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Easy Weight Loss

Vera Fischer, 8 kg per month of decent Russian women know her as a beautiful woman Elena from the "family ties". Dishonerable Russians anxiously kept in a secluded corner of your computer's folder with her nude photos of men's magazines. During the month of Faith goodbye to 8 kg on low-carb diet (Low Carb). According to nutritionist, endocrinologist star Alberto Serfaty (Alberto Serfaty), weight loss occurred due to the sharp limitations of simple carbohydrates (flour and sweet), which, incidentally, among other things provoke diabetes. Just do not think that if the sausage, eggs and bacon, not enough carbs, you can plenty of stuff.

"These foods are high in fat, but you need a" lean " protein – fish, chicken and milk, – says the doctor. – And check with your doctor about supplements to obtain all the necessary vitamins and minerals. " Allowed: vegetables, herbs, low-fat chicken and fish, especially salmon and sardines are useful (rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3), skim milk, cheese, nuts, some fruits (guava, papaya, mango, apricots, apples and oranges). It is forbidden rice, corn, pies, pasta and other flour, whole milk, sugar, sweets, pastries, ice cream. The advantages of a diet: the average leave 3 kg during the first week and then 1-2 pounds per week. No need to count calories. "This diet is particularly good for those who go to the gym and working with weights, because the proteins – the main building material for muscles, "- says Alberto Serfaty. Disadvantages of diets is contraindicated in liver and kidney diseases.

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