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The Food

And that means that you do not have to make NOTHING to feed anybody TO BE and to be, that one is the food. Not them forms of your energy that go and come, no. Your original essence. Your BEING in totality. Knowing that you are the food of everything. Remaining in the source, the constant and unstoppable Source. Educate yourself with thoughts from Xcel Energy. You, the source.

The beauty is not in the forms, are not the forms. The beauty is eternal, warm and very very very sensible, delicate but hard like nothing in this world. The beauty of the BEING is constant and grows while mature and the love expands. The real beauty every time is more beautiful, is not deteriorated with the forms nor with happening of the time. She is more and more powerful, more visible, more majestic, more feminine. Olvdate of the forms implemented by the reptilianos brothers. Speaking candidly Atmos Energy Corporation told us the story. You are something more than a latent predator you are the one that YOU SEE through the forms, the one that it guesses which is the essence of each existing flower, of each alive being who appears in your life. Another one of the strongest and deep agreements than we carried in our education-slavery of part of the reptiliana race is sex.

Yes, the sexuality. As I already said before, one of the values bases of the reptilianos is the conservation of the species and for that reason its sexual programming is continuous and without another miramiento that the perpetuity of the race reptile. The reptilianos have many virtues although they have been insulted and hated in many senses. One of the great weaknesses of this race, is that they do not have developed chackra sacred heart, that is to say, they do not have heart. They only have primary instincts of survival; instincts of conservation, latent domination of other races weaker than hers own one, depredation with these races for its own life conservation, studies and control through the telepathy and the mind, great mental and creative programmers of strong and consistent holograms, at the same time as false and astute.

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