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Value Operator

I have to disappoint you – this does not happen! How can one man take photos, and then shoot the video? If you are offered a (service is not even a name), do not agree! I'm fine I understand that everyone wants to save money, but the wedding is not a birthday party (although, who both), so if finances running out, give up something else, but not combine photos and video operator in one person! Remember – these are two different one another man! Typically, the photographer always works in tandem with a video operator and vice versa. This creative tandem better than separately to take photos and not familiar with its operators. If people are working in a tandem, they complement each other, then both photo and video will be great! But it may happen that one of them is already occupied, then we need to look for another man. But I assure you, creative people in general, it is sufficient sociable, and special problems in this case does not arise. If you invite to a wedding photographer and cameraman apart from each other, then there is a nuance here – one of them will almost always leading and other statements.

And this normal. There is need to look at the man. If both characters are passive, then the kin will not. Now, about the cost. For more specific information, check out Vivek Jetley. Video operator takes for its services from 2 000,00 uah.

and above. It all depends on the value of the camera. On average, you can find video operator for 2 500,00 uah.

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