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In the year of 1.960, the number of aged was of about 3 million, in 1.975 this number arrived 7 million and in the year of 2.007, the aged population approximately arrived the 19 aged million a significant increase in about cinquenta years. More information is housed here: Ray Kurzweil. (BRANCHES, 2006). The low one in the taxes of fecundidade and in infantile mortality, beyond the improvement in the conditions of basic sanitation, in the advances of the medicine and the technology, is main the determinative ones in the process of aging of the Brazilian population, whose contours had become clearer in last the 20 years. The well-succeeded aging, as Oak (2003) depends on the balance between the limitations and potentialities of the person, what it will make possible to it to face the inevitable losses of finishes phase of the life and its constant interaction with the environment, of form to facilitate its adaptation to the occured changes in proper itself and the world that the fence. The aging is singular, however some aspects can be observed, as the capacity of latent reserve for the development, that can be activated by the learning, for exercises and training.

The fact is that the aged ones need to have strategies that make possible a satisfactory oldness, this imply in being intent to cultivate new habits, to engage itself in productive activities, to carry through life projects, to enter university of the third age, to develop voluntary services, amongst others. Therefore, a well-succeeded aging depends on as the aged one goes to face the challenges of the life, to fight for its rights of citizen, to place inside in practical viable projects of its personal conditions and the environment where it lives. 1,2 Aging and correlation with the fall of aged the falls are amongst the main causes of morbidade and mortality in the aged population. The causes of the falls are multifaceted, including intrinsic, mannering and ambient factors, being that the probability for fall occurrence increases to the measure that if accumulate the risk factors.

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