The Bundesliga On starts the League Countdown: great products for all fans of football it still not so long has been that they named the new master in Wolfsburg. But football fans desire nothing more than that their leather rolls again. Especially in years in which the team denies a big tournament, the hunger is stronger than ever after thrilling battles, technical sophistication and spectacular dream goals. The clubs attacked during the summer break deep into the Pocket and committed some European top star. Who best put on his money, who comes best from the preparation out and who is at the top at the end, that will be seen.

But for die-hard fans’s online shop has the perfect highlight now with the DVD to the goalkeepers of 2008/09, to tune in to the next few weeks. With a bite to the success a lot of surprises kept ready last season for us. There is a, for many still unknown Club with even lesser-known players that to shake up the League. On the other hand Coach his hat had to take one or two years before bejubelter from all sides, and at the end of a team held the Cup in the hands across considered the gray mouse in the League over the years. The recipe for success of the VFL Wolfsburg was clearly in the attack because the congenial pair of storm shot Grafite and Dzeko with 54 goals the team from the Autostadt singlehandedly to the title. A masterpiece, which has a huge amount of Felix Magath immigrant to Schalke. Armin Veh has approached as a new coach while a difficult legacy, can access but in contrast to other surprise champions continue to all service providers. How you created a unit in Lower Saxony from rather limited possibilities, which could clinch the title at the end, can check 08/09 everyone in the official book of the season.

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