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Therefore, it is recommended to send only the curriculum companies whose offers employment conform to our knowledge, experience and skills or to meet fully or even in its entirety. Investigate the company before sending your resume before sending your resume, recommended a little research about the company. If possible, be sure to consult the website. There you can find information to help develop a letter of introduction that catches the attention of the human resources staff. For example, if the announcement only gives the company name, but not the name of the person to send the letter of presentation (often human resources Manager), on the Web site this information can be found. If your resume is the only one among the hundreds that will be sent addressed to the right person, it will be an advantage.

The employer will realize that took the time to find this information and are really interested in this position. Customize your resume and a cover letter be sure always that your resume contains keywords that appear in the ad. I.e., adapt the curriculum required every time that you send in order to adapt to what appears in the ad. Also suggested sending a personal curriculum vitae with letter, unless the notice specifies the send only the latter. The Charter must be brief and confined to the requirements stated in the announcement and explain briefly that they comply. Also worth mentioning the publication in which saw the announcement and the date.

This aid to the employer know what ads attract. It will also provide a record of this information (how to store a copy of the letter). Some ads require you to specify the wage claim. However, common sense dictates that never should mention salary before the interview, however, if the notice to collect his salary is not indicated, could eliminate a potential candidate. What do? There are several options and you must choose which makes more sense in each case. For example, you can recognize the condition, but they refuse to specify a figure, and instead of saying something like: the wage that is required depends on the scope of responsibilities and the total compensation, or simply payment package to negotiate. Finally, you can protect what indicates a range of salary with the word pending. In general, the response to an advertisement should be immediate. I.e., they should send curriculum vitae and a letter as soon as possible, since, given the large number of resumes receiving companies in response to their ads, you may not even see anyone coming after a certain point, which can be a number of days after the ad appeared, or when the mountain of resumes reaches a certain height. Bring a record of responses to ads. Therefore, you must keep a copy of all emails, because each one is different. Other sources of information about jobs in addition to national newspapers, the search for work on the internet are a good emeplo offers, since they are located in hundreds of portals and employment websites, offers that may interest you Also can review the financial sections of newspapers, they are also a valuable source of information about jobs. Please read with regularity. Many newspapers published special sections financial the subscription. Call to new companies, new companies need staff and other signs of possible employment opportunities. Finally, the yellow pages of your local telephone directory, must be reviewed since it provides an inventory, at first sight, of the companies in its sector that operate in the area. Original author and source of the article.

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