The Depths

When you do this you are allowing the divine energy to circulate in our world. Educate yourself with thoughts from Eliot Horowitz. Do this without falling into judgements about it. It is human to err and wise rectify. We must repair any errors from the depths of our heart and forgiving to others just as we do with ourselves. With this step we complete a necessary cleaning for the soul.

There are those who believe that when you forgive makes a favor to others, but We get the most benefit. We sometimes discussed with someone and we were thinking us in the incident for a long time even when the other person has already forgotten it. When we feel animosity by others block the energy that we can use to our advantage, and when we sent negativity into space, that we receive, because we are putting against our law of cause and effect. When you want to attract spiritual things and/or materials, you must create them in your mind until they become a reality. If you don’t know what you want to you can not bring it to this level.

When you decide what you want and view it, put in action the creative act of the Prosperidad.Nuestro brain is the perfect computer in the universe and is going to help make your most incredible dreams a reality. Many scientists have been impressed over the years to discover how hypnotized people do not tend to differentiate the reality of what they perceive as real. If you put a cold coin in someone’s hand under hypnotic trance and tell him: this coin It is red hot. The patient will drop the coin and a burn will appear in your hand, even when the currency was cold. The subconscious mind works in strange ways. There is no difference for this mind when you have a car when you dream that you have it.

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