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To the Enter the url, ud was found with which the Lord that you asked reports, supposedly to fix his car, was a simple and vulgar salesman. Did not want their services, not interested in buy EA I wanted to sell you a Kit of tools for mechanics, that was all. It made him lose time, I saturate your email electronic with liars messages, becoming pass by a person interested in his services, but what ud wanted was one thing: putting your hands in your pocket to get a few hundred euros, dollars. This method of selling via the internet is of the most unpleasant of all, worse than spam. Because at least spam directly offer products, services and offers, without recourse to gangsters, Crooks, of avivata people, specific strategies as that is fashionable in the network. A friend dedicated to research private, received an email address in which you said that urgently wanted an interview, to request their services, for a research and tracking in Lima. The person posing as a senior official of the State. As well, my friend received at his Office in the center of Lima and hear it.

She said that wanted to know if I could take pictures to her husband, record videos, about his infidelity. My friend said to him, that if he could and that he was ready to start work. Sra asked showing all equipment with which worked him first. The you showed your camera, a video camera sony. The sra then told him I wanted written all what are haria, for the requested service. My friend prepare pro forma, and two days later, the sra return and the received. Said the woman who in two days you would reply and asked if I had an account Bank, to realizing the advancement of fees, for requested work is started.

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