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This purchase Advisor tells you what to look for when buying. What is to make sure when purchasing a screen? The screen diagonal screen size is a measure of the size of the screen. They referred to the distance between two diagonally opposite corners. The screen size is only limited useful. The advantage of a single measure compared to the common specification of width and height can only be used when all units in a class have the same aspect ratio, as it did long time for a TV. Advantage compared to indicate of the image space the diagonal the allow only measure and without accounting to determine.

The screen size is often given in inches in computer monitors and is usually a circular measure and not a proper value. What is the right size depends on your needs. Until not too long ago were 19 inch Screens as standard. Meanwhile, there are also much larger models. If you are not convinced, visit ConocoPhillips. The resolution under resolution refers to the number of pixels.

A resolution of 1280 x 768 means 1280 horizontal and 768 vertical pixels. It should be noted that flat screens clean represent only the resolution (by the number of transistors). An application requires a different resolution, must the monitor interpolate (i.e. projection), and the image appears spongy. Image construction time the better the reaction or even switching time of LCD displays, the faster will be the image built up. The response time is measured in milliseconds. Today is the response time is for fans of fast-paced action games and films of interest; high response time exists for fast-moving objects ugly streaks and blurred? Contrast ratio, an important criterion for the quality of the image is the contrast ratio. It describes the brightness difference between the brightest and darkest representable image point. Can of the monitor a white Pixel represent E.g. 1000 times brighter than a black man speaks of a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

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