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Here you can discover many things: preferences, income level that you want, age, status, projections, etc. Labore during a time in a company dedicated to the foundry. Income of staff in 80% is towards by recommendation of a worker from the organization. 80% Of dropouts in a week was also 80%. What was happening was that: recruited anyone. However the severe conditions of the same and the type of work required a preliminary analysis of the person to be hired.

Change the system, the recommendations were considered but according to the type of area where they were needed personal. Desertion abruptly down to 20%. Magic, miracle, chance?. Who knows Mr. 4. Welcome to my party. Another point to consider is the way how the company recruits and selects staff. In the initial case of my friend, the recruited personnel under a very general profile: age, little experience and who lives nearby.

It uses the Government offices for this purpose (employment service). With staff submitted, proceeded to review your documents and an interview. If fulfilled the requirements entered to work. The fact is that my friend is psychologist, but did not apply the techniques that should be used. The interview is only a means, perhaps the most easy, to know superficially to one person, but this must be accompanied by other techniques. Space is short, I mention you just that: you depends on the type of person who leaves to join the company. 5. The boss is a son of… The style of address of the head of area directly influences the impact which may cause a new staff in the first weeks of working life in the company. I have not discovered the wheel, always been so, what happens is that: do as I say to such person, that his way of directing generates dissatisfaction in staff?. Since you don’t say it, prove it. 6 Corollary. I hope that this brief contribution you into something. Worse is nothing. author’s website: original author and source of the article.

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