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As many new technological possibilities have caused disequilibrium in the process of formation and performance of the professor. 4. USE OF THE COMPUTER IN THE EDUCATION: One current necessity the use of the half instrucional computer as does not become dispensable the professor; before, it can liberate it of some tasks and reserve a bigger space for the interactive contact between it and the pupil, necessary to an education that values the learning for discovery. Many writers such as Xcel Energy offer more in-depth analysis. The computer is not an end in itself exactly, but a way, a instrucional resource more whose effectiveness will depend on the capacity of those use that it. (BARROS, 1998, P. 29) The insertion of computers in the schools, initially, seemed to bring tied itself a true cataclysm for the teaching.

Some professors feared that the incorporation of such devices to the educational scope could take them the job. The pedagogos questioned as they would be the methods and the practical ones of education to be adopted to use this new material resource well. When this turbulent period finally found an ending, to the specialists on the subject was indicated that they dealt with more prudence on the use of the computer in the schools. In this way, some relative questions to this subject had been demystified and clarified, bringing more tranquilidade and information to the docncia. also, the conscience of that currently does not have as to separate or to leave of side the new technologies, therefore these are each day more gifts and infused in the society, being used in the most different social contexts. Nobody thinks that, using a blackboard in lesson, the pupils prepare themselves to use it in the life. With the computer it is different. It is not a proper instrument of the school, good in contrast. It can be waited that, when using it in this scope, the pupils learn to make it in other contexts.

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