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The drugs many times appear in the life of an adolescent as a bridge that allows to the establishment of bows partners, providing to the individual the belonging of one determined group of equal, with the time who search new ideas and new I tie, different of its familiar group of origin. (NERY SON AND TOWERS, 2002, P. 31) They are you vary the drugs that are sample of the adolescents between them can be cited the one whom currently prominence in the media and anabolizantes the called society of crack and esterides has gained. Being thus this research it has as objective to look possible causes of the problems that can take an adolescent to the use of drugs, argue and analyze the familiar relation and to clarify doubts. 2 ADOLESCENCE AND 2,1 DRUGS Adolescence and the period of transformations. Each word possesss one meaning and its origin, them can is inserted in the dictionary to facilitate a search and to better knowledge of the words, to dolecer comes apropriamente of the Latin and means ' ' to crecer, to engressar, become bigger, to reach maturidade' '.

The adolescence is a turbulent phase of transistion of the infantile life for the adult life, is varies the changes and biological and psychological transformations are a moment where they search its identity not only if guiding with the parents more in the relations that construct in groups of convivncia that they are the friends of the school or the quarter. The adolescent yearns for new pleasures and sensations and has a natural feeling of onipotncia, makes that it to adopt behaviors of risk without taking in consideration the involved perigos. He is common, therefore, that in this phase, for curiosity or the search of an immediate pleasure it, if said compelled to try substantiates psychoactive. Also the adolescent is common, in the anxiety of if to become an adult, to imitate the behavior of oldest, venturing itself with sex, alcohol and of the dolos are very great.

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