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Rotation of the message of knowledge and memory to independent search and co-operation efforts. Turn from the work of more than achievers to work with all students. Turn to the significant increase in the activity of students. Project-based learning and co-operation significantly increases the activity of each student of his employment, the degree of comprehension of the material. Rotation of mastering all students the same material to different students' mastery of different material. Training in creative : development through creativity, learning through discovery.

Involving children in creative activities in the learning process: discussion, self-creating products of labor, imagination, writing and speaking, work on teaching and research projects, and others. The method of empathy (personal method of analogy). The ability to put yourself in the shoes of the hero or heroine Problem-solving training. Based on the creation of a teacher of problem situations and self-seeking options for their solutions: 1.Creation problem situations; 2.formirovanie hypotheses permit; 3. solutions to the systematization of the information received. The main condition – the presence of motivation of students. Turn from traditional lessons to non-traditional forms and methods of the lesson.

This may be a lesson: the auction, an essay on the biology, business game, press conference, debate, public review of knowledge, tournament, relay race, a seminar, debate, travel, set-off game, and others. Of particular interest are ways to work with the textbook: reproductive-Bot (a plan, plans, notes, the text), Comparative (tables, charts, drawings) and creative (text with errors, tests, crossword puzzles, ). Given set of conditions for the proper organization of responsible and active forms of learning methods, in particular gaming. Game – is an activity in situations designed to reconstruction of social experience, which develops and improves self-management behavior. Applying game as a form of (methodological procedure) learning, the teacher must be sure whether it use. He defines the problem the game, according to the educational process, its content, constitutes a plan of its reference, implying a specific sequence and the gradual complication of the game. At the same time should recognize the group playing a whole and its individual members. Every training game solves a specific task feasible for its participants. I often spend my lessons in the form of intellectual casinos. Develop ability to apply knowledge in a precarious situation, the ability to highlight the main theme in the study, students go to the blackboard, and finally – a break away from the notebook. Finally, the active form of training is really stepping up independent thinking of students. To do this in a certain direction to restructure the learning process, training methodology, so that commonly engage students in independent cognitive activity assimilation of new knowledge and apply them in practice. Classes in the traditional scheme of "explanation – the consolidation of" limit the ability of the successful preparation of students for life, the formation of their creativity, initiative, skills of self-enhancing their knowledge and focus in the rapid flow of information.

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